2 Simple Ways To Frame Women As Just A Pretty Face

As strange as it may sound sometimes the best approach is one that shows a woman she is just another pretty face.  We all want to be desirable and have the opposite sex swooning at our feet and for beautiful women that happens a lot. What happens when just the opposite happens, does she lose her mind, will she have problems coping with the idea someone might not worship her?

Amazingly enough, the answer to these questions is yes this type of behavior will absolutely drive her crazy, almost crazy enough to confront whoever is ignoring her and have her shouting “Look at me”  in an embarrassing way. With that in mind, the next question is simply how do we accomplish this feat and how will we know when we have gone too far?

Talk to the Hand

It might be a bit childish to actually put your hand up in front of someone’s face and tell them to talk to it, but you get the idea.  The idea here is simply to ignore her and show no interest in anything she has said. If she is in a group, validate then entire group except her.

At first glance this might sound a bit harsh or mean spirited, but remember it is all in how you play this game in order to get the girl to be interested in you at all. What we are trying to accomplish is having her actually chasing you down to have a conversation, in a way turning the table on her.

Picture yourself at the party or event and while you are engaging the entire group, you don’t even acknowledge she is there nor has any existence at all, what do you think she will be feeling? Most likely she is going to wonder why you didn’t talk to her too; she got showered, dressed up, did her hair, spent probably many more hours on her appearance than you did, so why do you get to decide if she is worth your time or not?

Really you don’t, because you are really trying to win this woman’s affection or at least have her want to engage in a conversation with you, and not talking to her and telling her your great stories you have ready to tell is killing you inside, but you must continue to exude confidence on the outside. Even though you want to talk to her and pay her a nice compliment, you need to stand firm by excluding her for a bit.

The Tear Down

Another way you can show some disinterest and exclude her from your favor would be to make negative comments about her to someone else in the group. Again, this might seem a bit mean or nasty, but it really does help to gain her interest, and if she has any self-worth at all there is a good chance she might just come over and tell you off.

Don’t be afraid when dishing out the insults to give them fully, the prettier the girl is you are after, the harsher your insult should be. If the girl is really that pretty, she already knows it, she has been told so all her life by her parents, friends, teachers, and most certainly other guys, so when one comes along that directly shows he isn’t impressed, she will have to come after you to find out what is so special about you that makes you think you can treat her that way.

Try to avoid making the comments so awful she won’t have any choice but to feel embarrassed, but a few simple insults won’t hurt. You could easily start off with saying something negative about how she looks, that will absolutely hit her where she wants to fight because she probably did spend quite a bit of time getting herself dolled up for this party.

Another negative comment you could make would be to state you can’t believe how she is acting. Saying things like “she must really think she is better than everyone else to be acting the way she is” or “does she think she is too good for the rest of us” will certainly get the grumblings started and the comment will make its way back to her soon enough.

Of course if you are speaking to her directly, you can make these comments directly to her and see what her reaction is immediately. If you were to ask her if her tan was real, or tells her the nails she has on look cheap, that is going to cause her to get pretty upset, but also get her thinking exactly along the lines you want her to.

Remember the goal here is to have her thinking that you must feel she isn’t good enough for your attention, so the comment you make whether it is directly to her or to her friends needs to be quick and allow no response. Simply make the negative remark and walk away, leaving the fog of confidence in your wake.

Another option would be to tease her just a bit while you are having a conversation with her. If she has a high pitched or soft voice you can rib her a bit about it. If she happens to have big feet, or like to twirl her hair a bit, tease her just a little, enough to make her realize you think that you can do better than her for a date.

Hopefully, if you did this correctly, she will at some point in the evening decide she needs to confront you regarding your comment and set you straight. If so, take the opportunity to smile, set up your posture and ask her in your now perfect voice if she would like to dance or join you somewhere for a conversation, which most likely she will at this point since you have made yourself a target of interest for her.

Know the Limit

Just like anything else in life, there is a limit to everything. Even though I told you to dish it out pretty good, especially if your target is so blindingly and obviously pretty you can’t help but stop and stare at her, however everyone has a breaking point as well.

The goal here is to get her to be interested in you, not ruin the party for everyone because you decided to come in and be a jerk by insulting a pretty girl, so make sure you keep your charm and wits about you when passing out the insult or ignoring her. Because you need to read the reactions to your words you will have to be fully armed with the ability to read the body language of others.

Your comments will absolutely gain some form of disdain from whoever you say them to, but you don’t want them to give you the scowl of death. If that happens, you have failed to accomplish your goal here and will need to do some damage control which might include groveling and a good flogging from the lady you were after.

In fact if you have to perform damage control in too extreme a way you are going to have to leave the party. Why did I ask you to deliver negative comments or insults then if there is the risk of having to grovel, maybe get beaten or even asked to leave, because there is a huge reward in taking the right risk, her attention? I certainly hope no one would get beaten over a few negative comments, and I absolve myself of any responsibility for such a situation.

Remember the entire trick here is to simply turn the tables on her, not to drive her into the ground, besides you are attracted to her to start with, so try and read what the reactions are to your comments so you know when you have gone too far.