2 Types Of Women Attraction Triggers

So-called dating experts have fed you a line for years. They’d like you to believe that they have some kind of inside track on how women operate. The kind of advice that they give you stems along the lines of telling you that you need to watch for certain clues from a woman.

They tell you that these clues will let you know if a woman’s interested in you or not. But what these experts don’t tell you is what you need to do if the woman is not interested and therefore, not giving off any clues at all.

You’re just sort of left to your own devices. What really sucks about that is when that hot girl you really want isn’t giving off these clues except the one that says she doesn’t seem to want you the way that you want her.

All of those experts can’t help you make a “no” response a “yes” response because the truth is that they don’t know how, either. And so what happens next is a shame.

Most men, when faced with a woman who gives them the “not interested” vibe – is that they walk away. They fail to close the deal, feel bad about themselves, call it a night and they go home alone, frustrated and unfulfilled.

That’s not the kind of sexual life you want and quite frankly, it’s not one that you have to put up with. Not when there are techniques available that can change all of that for every man who wants it.

To get the women that you want as often as you want, your first step is to forget all that crap you might have picked up from dating experts or relationship gurus that clearly haven’t worked for you.

If you keep at the same thing, you get the same results, so just stop what’s not working and go after what does. Here’s something that you might not have realized yet about women – and this fact is one of the keys to getting what you want.

Women everywhere in the entire world have two kinds of triggers. These triggers can be tripped to get her to sleep with you. These two triggers are her emotional and her psychological triggers.

These are very important because these triggers are the key that will get her to open her legs and let you in where you want to be. But, you have to know how to trip these triggers to get what you want.

If you don’t know the technique, then for you, the trigger stays untripped and you stay frustrated. Now this part might sound bad, but it’s the truth. If you want to have all the sex that you deserve from whichever woman you want, you have to know the techniques that are used to play the mind games.

This doesn’t mean that you need to act in a way that makes women see you as a jerk. It’s not about being a jerk. It’s about beating those psychological and emotional triggers, which can be a road block for you if you don’t get them out of the way.

These mind games help you move them out of your way. What these mind games are referring to is you knowing how to understand the way that a woman’s psychological trigger must be approached.

If you don’t approach a woman’s trigger the right way, you get shut down after talking to her for just a few seconds. Half the time, a guy doesn’t even know what went wrong – only that something did.

But if you use the right techniques that help you with a woman’s triggers, not only can you make a woman want to sleep with you, but you can also get her to fall for you emotionally and a woman that cares is more apt to put out.

She starts chasing you

Rejection sucks. There’s no if, ands or buts about that. If you’ve ever asked a girl on a date or tried to get one into bed and you’ve been shot down, then you know exactly how much that stings the ego.

Have you ever seen a rock star and the guy is as ugly as hell? Long hair, scrawny body, and no muscle tone whatsoever. It’s obvious that the guy is a tool, but thousands upon thousands of women are screaming his name, throwing their underwear up on the stage.

It sure as hell isn’t because he’s good looking and it’s not because he’s in a band. Believe it or not, that’s not what makes women want him. What makes women want him is because other women have decided that he’s worth wanting.

It’s the herd mentality. This is one of the key techniques that will unlock legs everywhere you go. You need to know the tools that make you the kind of man that women seek.

These tools make a woman look at you for your approval. They want to impress you. They behave like lovestruck teenagers around you because they want you. That means no more chasing on your part.

No more rejections, no more having to spend a lot of cash or try to figure out a way to impress a woman. Instead, you’ve become the one that’s being chased. This elevates your status in the eyes of other women.

Once a few women decide that you’re worth wanting, you’ll be getting laid every time you want to have sex. When you learn the techniques to making women want you, it sets off their internal triggers.

They quiver with the anticipation of just spending time in your presence and they get to a point where they’re so ready to have sex that they’re asking you to put out for them.