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She Says She Has A Boyfriend – Second Guessing The Truth

When you talk to a beautiful woman even if it is just a casual conversation, hearing her say that she has a boyfriend is as anti-climax as any guy can imagine. Just when you are having the most interesting and sensual conversation, a sudden flash of facts can really affect you game. While experienced seducers will intuitively know how to get around this, a newbie can let this revelation screw up his game totally.

While the honourable thing to do as a man is to stop advancing on women who are attached, there are many instances that hot women blurt this information out because it is their defence mechanism activating when they feel attraction for you. They feel something for you and being afraid that things are going too fast, the quickest way to slow it down is to say that they have boyfriends. If you are lucky to be in such a situation, here are some tips on how to manage this unwanted awkward situation and turn up on top.

Firstly, you have to understand what does it really mean when she says that she has a boyfriend. It is so easy to take her words literally. Because men tend to say things in a straight forward way without beating about the bushies, we also tend to take what women says literally word-for-word. The thing is, women very often say things with hidden meanings and agendas. One word out of women’s mouths can contain a thousand unsaid words. read more

Getting Her Used To Your Touch Is Critical For Success With Wowmen

For lack of a more clever title for this section, we will just call it what it is, touch. If our hide, tease, show technique from the previous sections has worked, you should be engaged in a fun and interesting conversation with this lovely lady. The next way you are going to show interest in her is going to be to touch her.

The touch section is set up so you can get to the next section so it’s really important you get a positive reception when trying to touch this beautiful young woman. If you reach for her hand and she pulls it away like you were a crocodile about to snatch it off, well, you didn’t read her correctly and timing wasn’t right, so make sure you know the timing is right to get her to let you touch her.

Of course you can employ the tactic used during the first portion of the book, if you took the time to learn how to read palms, there is nothing wrong with telling her you know how to read palms and would like to show her your skill. It is at the very lease more mature than asking her to engage in a game of rock, paper, scissors, and you get to hold her hand, not so in the rock, paper, scissors game. read more