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Definitive Guide On Getting Her Phone Number

As one of the oldest and still most important goals when trying to get a woman to go out with you on a date, getting her phone number requires some information, finesse, timing, and all around good luck as well. What I have told you a couple times already is you really don’t know when or who is going to strike your fancy, so you need to be ready when the time comes.

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we can often miss the opportune moment to actually connect with a woman. If you remember in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the Jack Sparrow character informed the Will Turner character more than once when he had missed this moment, he obviously knew the importance of taking advantage of timing and after you read this part of the book you will too.

We are always out and about, taking part in activities, working, running errands, or any variety of tasks, and often we do these while trapped inside our heads and don’t pay any attention to the world around us. Well no more of that for you, it’s time to realize what is going on around you and be aware so you don’t miss your chance to make that connection. read more

She Flirts Constantly With You Even Though She Has A Boyfriend

So you go to work or class everyday looking forward to see her again. Her flirtatious smile and seductive eyes just turns you on like a switch. The intuition is that you can tell that she is intentionally flirting with you. Although this does not mean that she will sleep with you, you just get that feeling that she is into you. It’s now a little matter of her having a boyfriend that is not you!

Well unless you have the gift of reading minds, you really cannot know for sure what is her agenda. It could be that she is trying to get a look at your million dollar report, she likes you, or just that she has a flirtatious nature. Sometimes women give out all sorts of positive signals just for the fun of it fully knowing that she can go back to her cosy corner in her boyfriend’s arms at night. It is at times like this that you find out whether you are just another man that women amuse themselves with or you are a seduction machine that plays in the big league.

The good thing that you should realise is that she is already flirting with you. Sometimes women unconsciously flirt with other men as they are ready to leave their boyfriends. Whether she knows it or not, it does not matter. Almost all of the time they are aware of what they are doing. And when you call them out on it, they will deny it saying that you think too much. When a girl is flirting with you, she has given herself the self image of a flirt and will take actions to be consistent with their self image. It does not matter if she has a boyfriend. In fact, it is good that she has a boyfriend. This is so that you can flirt back with her on the pretense that you are totally not interested in her as she is attached. This will only charge up her attraction for you. read more

How To Get Girlfriend Back When She Has A New Boyfriend

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You know the drill. If your ex-girlfriend is just that little hotter than average women, the odds are that she will have a new boyfriend within weeks of breaking up. Sometimes it can even be just a matter of days or hours.

Yes you can bet that there were guys trying to seduce her even when she was your girlfriend. It’s just the way it is with hotter women.

A huge line of men are waiting in line anticipating that you will screw up. And these men will pounce the moment there is even a slight sign of trouble in your relationship. read more