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30 Things Happy Couples Never Do To Each Other

Having a strong, long-lasting relationship takes a lot of work and cooperation between two people who come from differing backgrounds. Each partner brings to their marriage different expectations and ideas that must merge as the relationship grows and matures into one that will withstand time and trials that will surely come. The couple must work together and avoid bad habits that are a detriment to the formation of a healthy alliance. By avoiding the traps mentioned in this article, yours can be a relationship that lasts for many years to come.

1. Avoid the blame game. This game can ruin a wonderful relationship that is beginning to grow and develop. Men usually excel at this game when they are caught doing something their partner would not like. Women tend to blame men when they are upset. A bad mood, a stressful day, or an illness can cause her to blame the man for something that he is clueless about.

2. Don’t run out of things to talk about. Conversation is the key to a happy and comfortable relationship. Begin the day by asking how your mate slept. If possible, share conversations by phone. At the end of the day, ask how the day went and again share the events of the day. Communication is a must in a happy relationship. read more

26 Quick Tips On Reigniting Your Relationship

1. Begin to think like a couple thinks. You want to be an effective team during this rebuilding process so you must begin to think like an efficient team. You can’t be selfish nor can you be so independent that you won’t give up ideas that an individual would use in problem solving or other situations that might arise. You want to approach everything as a couple so together you can reap double the rewards.

2. You have to give your spouse space. You can’t smother them and control their every move. You must encourage them to seek hobbies and interests that will strengthen their self-confidence and self-esteem. Let them develop as a person and they will respond favorably to you and your development as an individual.

3. Be patient. Not one of us is perfect and in your relationship rebuilding process, you must be patient and love your mate with compassion and caring. Be flexible in your reactions and responses. Take time to think before you speak something that might cause a backset in what you have worked so hard to rebuild. Don’t be in a hurry; rebuilding a relationship will take time. read more