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Learn To Read Body Language When Approaching Women

How you approach a woman or a group of women is almost as important as what you have to say to them. Women can generally read body language better much better than men and will have a pretty good idea what you are thinking when you approach them, even more than what you are already thinking.

I know that last paragraph sounds a bit crazy and by now you might think I am crazy with all the odd references I make, but the fact is women read body language very well. Men on the other hand usually have only a few intentions when at parties meeting women, and have a hard time picking up on subtle clues given off that women will easily pick up on.

For this reason alone, if for no other reason at all, is why it is so hard for most men to be able to approach a woman they don’t know or have never met and actually start a conversation. It usually comes out sounding like a gorilla trying to communicate and ends with the man leaving the area with his tail between his legs. read more

What Is Missing That Is Causing You To Fail With Women

If you are reading this article, chances are you are not very confident about your skills, techniques and ability to meet and pick up women. And now it has happened on that one woman that you really want. You’re not alone. Almost every guy that has lived a normal life will run into this situation one way or another.

But there are a few men who easily walk into a bar, spot a hot, sexy woman – and are able to walk right up to her, make her laugh, and drive off with her at the end of the night (and they aren’t someone you’d consider an alpha male, either).

The difference between them and you is one thing – confidence. You’re going into there assuming you have nothing to offer a woman who you consider out of your league – and he’s going into there with a mindset that exudes self assurance – something she (and every other woman on the face of the planet) finds really sexy and attractive. read more