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Preparation Is Essential Whether You Are A Newbie Or Dating God

Preparation in any facet of our lives is really the key to success. Great athletes are born with talent and gifts, but most work tirelessly long hours in a gym or on the practice field to hone their skills so when game day arrives, they can perform at their very best. The same goes for businessmen, they have to work for years, trial and error, deals that work and don’t work to learn what the best approach is so they can get the big deals and make more money.

Just as the athlete isn’t born great, and the businessman isn’t born successful, neither is anyone else just born ready for any part of their lives. We all must work at every part of life in order to find the success or dream we are trying to accomplish. In the case of our subject today, that is simply winning the favor and desire of a beautiful woman.

As the old saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but the reality is there are some people who simply stand out with physical beauty and confidence in their appearance and personality more than others. Those people are a small minority of the world and believe me, they have serious insecurities just the same as you and I do. read more

Simple Techniques To Improve Your Conversational Voice

Now that we know there is a problem with how you speak, and you have identified, and you understand how important it is for you to have a pleasant voice with good rhythm and tone showing confidence in your words and yourself, how do you actually achieve this goal? What are the best steps to correcting a voice problem?

This again sounds pretty easy, but you will have to catch yourself both doing it right, and doing it wrong. If you have the help of friends and family, that can be easy to pick up on because you need to ask them to tell you when you slip up. Almost like an intervention for a substance abuse, your friends will be there for you, but how are you going to take it when they tell you what you did wrong?

In order to take the criticism the best, you will have to constantly be mindful the friends and family are there to help you, not to hurt you. If they truly are your friends, they want to see you succeed in having a conversation with a woman as much as you do, especially if they want you to move out of their apartment or home and venture out on your own. read more

What Does Women Don’t Want?

I hate to tell you this, because you might have always thought something was true – ever since you hit puberty. This belief is made up of four lies. Not that this is your fault for believing any of these lies because the media hypes it in almost every magazine that you’ll see.

This lie is also taught in movies, and in television shows. Since seeing is believing, the majority of men have fallen for it and in turn have cut their chances of closing the deal with the hot women they want.

The first thing that women don’t require is a man with money. You’ll see this lie almost everywhere you turn. There’s an unspoken belief that money equals success with women. read more