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7 Keys To Using Conversations In Seducing Women

There are seven keys to the success of being able to have a conversation with a woman, especially a woman you find very attractive it’s time to put them all into action. Let’s go through each one to keep them in your mind.


Work on your voice so it is more appealing to others you are around, especially women. If your voice is too loud they are going to be turned away with a ringing in their ears. If your voice is too soft, you will never be heard by others and they won’t be taking you seriously at all. read more

How To Work On Your Body Language At Home Without Anyone Watching

Have you ever given your Mother “that look” or gotten the always hated stink eye from a girlfriend or your mother?  That is simply body language.   That same look you gave your Mother that earned you a punishment worthy of a serial killer, is a great example of how women will respond to body language in another person.

Body language is simply speaking with your facial expressions, posture, stance, or any other part of your body that is not your mouth saying actual words.  Why on earth is it so important?  Why can’t we just say what we need to say without using our body?  Simply because we are creatures that use expression and posture to assist in expressing ourselves and we always will be.

Listen to Me read more