7 Keys To Using Conversations In Seducing Women

There are seven keys to the success of being able to have a conversation with a woman, especially a woman you find very attractive it’s time to put them all into action. Let’s go through each one to keep them in your mind.


Work on your voice so it is more appealing to others you are around, especially women. If your voice is too loud they are going to be turned away with a ringing in their ears. If your voice is too soft, you will never be heard by others and they won’t be taking you seriously at all.

Just as important is the tempo of your voice. If you talk too fast, others can’t keep up and start running for the medicine cabinet to get rid of the headache you have just caused. On the other hand, if your voice is too slow you run the risk of boring your audience into a coma, a medical tragedy you don’t want to be responsible for.

Try very hard to work on your voice and get it right, you need to use family or friends to help you do this if you can and remember they are providing the necessary constructive criticism that you need to hear to improve so work on your voice without being offended by their observation.

Body Language

This is where your full length mirror comes in and becomes one of your best friends for a while. See what your posture looks like in the mirror and make adjustments to have the correct posture and stance when speaking with people.

Addressing your posture is the first part of fixing your body language. You need to be able to stand up straight with your head up, chest out and shoulders back. No slouching is the name of the game when it comes to your posture.

Your stance is next when looking at body language. You need to stand with one foot slightly in front of the other and your body leaned back just a bit. If you stand this way it invites others into your area where if you lean forward you are invading their space.

Making sure your hands are quiet will be one of the hardest parts of getting your body language under control. Plan and practice to either fold them in front of you or to hold something in them, but remember the downfall to holding something when you get to the party is you are either always going to have a drink or food in your hand which doesn’t make a great impression.

Keep in mind when you do get to the party you will need to stand just to the side and place yourself so you are not directly in front of the woman you want to speak with, so practice this a lot. Again utilize your friends and family to allow them to help you get your body language set up correctly so you can be comfortable with your new body set up.

Starting Line

This particular key had four combinations to use to make it work, think, imagine, practice and act. All were very important when it comes to having the right starting lines ready and knowing what you might come across at the party.

The combination called think allows you to think about what you are going to come across at the party. By asking questions of your host or hostess, knowing the theme and attire of the party you will have the knowledge you need to think about what kind of opening lines will be appropriate at the party.

With the imagine combination, you get to fantasize about the different combination of situation you might run into at the party. Use your imagination to figure out how best to handle any and all situations that might arise and how you will respond so you can come out looking your very best to all the party guests, but especially the woman you have your eye on.

Our third combination called practice is just that. Once you have made your list of starting lines, icebreakers if you will, you need to give them a try on other people. You can do this by trying them first in the mirror with a recording device so you can figure out how you sound delivering your lines and then move on to friends and family. If you are brave enough it would be a great idea to try the lines at a bar or club where no one knows you just to see how they work or don’t work.

The fourth combination was act, meaning it’s now time to take action and take your icebreakers to the party and work them on the crowd there, especially the woman you are after. Make sure you do this once you are armed with the rest of the seven keys to success when getting to a real conversation with the woman you have had your eye on for some time now.


Our fourth key to success is value. What value do you bring to the crowd, and now we aren’t discussing money. The value here is in stories and entertainment value which you bring to the party. The best way to achieve this is to be armed to the teeth with some great stories to tell that contain embarrassing moments, travel you have taken, and stories where you have been the hero.

You will be able to come up with some of these stories yourself, but this is another great opportunity to lean on friends and family to see what their perspective of some of the stories would be. It will probably give you a good idea of how other see the events of your life, and with the friends and family at your side, you might find they remember some significant events from your childhood for you that you might have forgotten.


With the next key to success, which was to exclude the girl you are after we learn how and how much you need to exclude her. The entire purpose in this direct and deliberate exclusion was to have her wanting to come after you, thus flipping the table on her, not literally, that might hurt a bit.

Remember though with the exclude portion you need to do your homework first which was covered in our sponsor note; like I really have a sponsor. Anyway, ensuring you have worked the room first and figured out what her personality is about and read her body language a bit, you will have a chance to pass along some negative comments, tell her directly some form of insult, or be able to completely ignore her in a group setting.

By taking this action you are forcing her to be interested in you and most likely a little perturbed that you think you are too good to pay attention to her or give her the same homage all the other men at the party already given to her. With this line of action you have her coming to you to basically ask you what your problem is, which leads into our sixth key to success.


In this key to success, you will have a slightly irritated woman of your dreams approaching you and asking why you would insult her or ignore her altogether. This is your opportunity to let her know you did not mean the mean comment or to ignore her and take the time to pay her a very nice character based compliment.

Once you get her to allow you to compliment her and she accepts the compliment you have given her you will go back and forth with some light teasing and continued compliments. This of course is simply flirting with each other and hopefully she will join in with you and allow you to flirt with her.

If you did your homework during your time when you were working the room and checking out her mannerisms and personality the character based compliment will be the best and most meaningful compliment she will receive all night. Make sure you again make the most of this time prior to entering your game so you can actually come out on top and not back at home with hurt feeling and a hurt manhood.


This is the last of our seven keys to success and a sure sign you have done your homework and done exactly what you wanted to do by being allowed to have a private conversation with the woman you have had your eye on. Remember with this key you will need to leave her company after having a nice flirtation for a while and go talk to some other people for a few minutes.

After spending a few minutes with someone else or in another group you simply go back to her and ask to have a quiet conversation with her somewhere somewhat private so you two can get to know each other better. Remember there is a protocol if she has rejoined a group setting so be sure to pay attention to that part when reading the booklet again.

Once again, when you were on your reconnaissance mission from earlier you were supposed to find a good place to take her when the time is right, and the back of a white van with no markings was not the right answer. In fact I warned that you need to ensure the place you choose is still in view of the party and maybe even still where the party can be heard at a lower volume.

By selecting a location where she can be seen or heard, or at the very least situating yourself in a position to allow her to escape quickly and easily if she feels she needs to, you are taking her safety and security at a high priority. This will go a long way to her being very relaxed and keeping her guard down with you while you two engage in a long conversation full of your great stories.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have been armed with the seven keys to success in the area of going from a bumbling idiot to actually having the woman of your dreams interested in your as much as you are in her it’s truly time to get your newly formed self and confidence out there and let her fall in love with you.

Even if you find out that this particular woman really isn’t the one you want to be with because when you get to the conversation part your values or ideals don’t match up, all this work is not to be forgotten. There will be another beautiful woman out there who will share your values, interests, and ideals so keep yourself improved by what you have learned here.

On the other hand, if she turns out to be a great as you originally thought, congratulations to both of you. I certainly hope you will have a lot of fun together and provided a relationship comes out of the conversation and maybe even something more serious, you will continue to remember how much this booklet has helped you.

How To Work On Your Body Language At Home Without Anyone Watching

Have you ever given your Mother “that look” or gotten the always hated stink eye from a girlfriend or your mother?  That is simply body language.   That same look you gave your Mother that earned you a punishment worthy of a serial killer, is a great example of how women will respond to body language in another person.

Body language is simply speaking with your facial expressions, posture, stance, or any other part of your body that is not your mouth saying actual words.  Why on earth is it so important?  Why can’t we just say what we need to say without using our body?  Simply because we are creatures that use expression and posture to assist in expressing ourselves and we always will be.

Listen to Me

What you first need to be aware of when thinking about body language is what does your body language says to someone else.  Are you slouching, are you leaning in, do you stand with your arms crossed, or do you have a disinterested look on your face; all of these things tell another person, especially a woman more about what you are trying to say than the words that actually come out.

You might simply have meant to ask a woman where the restroom is, but your body language being forward and directly toward her said to her, “I have a white van outside and I’m not afraid to use it”, maybe not quite that extreme, but you get the point.  The way you present yourself before any words come out of your mouth is so much more important than what you actually say it is mind boggling, so pay attention.

The best body language you can have will be relaxed, easy going, but also appearing ready to leave the group or conversation because you don’t want to be a bother.  How in the world are you going to achieve this?  With some steps to success and practice, you can create the correct body language so women will find you inviting and charming before you ever speak a word in your new and improved voice.

Mirror, Mirror

Remember that full length mirror you practiced making your voice a bit louder in?  If not, then you need to get one for this next exercise, it will be the best tool to correcting your body language you ever invested in and as you already know body language is our second key to success.

Once you have your mirror, and assuming you were able to hang it on the wall without much of an issue, you will need to start practicing what good body language is for being in a group, especially at a party, and then when alone with just one person.  The two types of body language used are a bit different from each other.

First practice your general body language whenever speaking with someone.  It might be a good idea to get that friend or family member who helped you work on your voice to help you with this as well.  Stand looking in the mirror however you normally stand when speaking with someone else, whether alone or in a group, what do you see?

Do you see a person who stands up straight or someone who slouches, do you stand forward, or leaning back a little, what do you typically do with your hands?  If you have a hard time doing this in the mirror, and reading your hands will be next to impossible in the mirror, have a video camera set up and watch yourself have a conversation with someone else.

If you see that you do actually stand up straight, and the person you have bribed into helping you agrees then you are off to a great start, but most of us do slouch a bit.  The correction for your slouching will be to stand with your shoulders back, your head up, and your chest out.  Just picture yourself as a proud peacock strutting around trying to attract the female with your robust feathers, now stop being a peacock and pay attention to your posture.

Once you get the hang of walking around straight and tall, take it for a test drive.  Tomorrow at work, make sure you stand with great posture and see how your coworkers react.  Most likely the men won’t say anything, but the women will notice and some may even say something to you about how you look.  If that is the type of reaction you get, then you are on your way to success.

Now that you have the hang of standing up straight, so much so you have carpenters calling you so they can make sure their boards are straight by placing them next to your posture, it’s time to examine your lean.  Do you lean in when speaking with someone or do you lean back just a little?

Another important question here is, do you generally get too close to another person, where they can smell what you had for dinner last night, or are you so far away they feel a phone call would be a more efficient way to have a conversation?  Either way, there again are corrections you can take and you must start in your now beloved or loathed mirror.

Starting with your lean, if you typically lean in toward someone, you have to stop.  In reality you are constantly invading their space, which immediately tells a woman you are a threat, not the impression we want to start off with.  What you really do want to do is to lean back just slightly.  Place one foot a little ahead of the other, keep your new straight as an arrow posture and that is how you should stand when speaking to someone else.

Again practice this posture and take it out on the road for a test, especially at work.  If you used to lean forward and now lean back, you will simply be amazed at how much more positively people, especially women will respond to you.  No longer are you a threat to their lives or sexuality, now you see them as equals and they will give you a much better response than ever before.

One word of caution, if you are construction worker, garbage collector, or work in any other male dominated career don’t expect a whole lot of reaction.  In fact it’s even more likely you will get a lot of teasing and ribbing over the fact that you now look weird compared to before.  This also is the proper reaction so be happy with it and enjoy the hard time you are getting from your coworkers.

Now we have you standing up straight with a slight backward lean, but what do you do with your hands?  They are all over the place when you talk to others and you really need to get them under control before someone loses and eye.  Not really, but if you do talk a lot with your hands, you will need to have them calmed down so the woman you are trying to talk to can focus on the words coming out of your mouth.

In order to accomplish this task, first check the mirror again, if you can’t get a good read on your hands in the mirror then get out the video recorder and have that conversation.  Once you review the tape, see what exactly you are doing with your hands.  If your hands are up and down a lot or all over the place, we have to get them under control.

Two ways you are going to get your hands under control in a social setting will be to have something in them, and to fold them together.  Having something in your hands could turn into a problem, especially at a party, if you always have food or a drink in your hands, you might be seen as a glutton, so being able to keep your hands calm without an object in them is important.

Practice in your handy dandy mirror being able to keep your hands just folded in front of you, not in your pockets, and for heaven’s sake don’t cross your arms either, just relaxed and folded in front of your body.  This will be the best place for your hands, and if one hand is keeping the other from being all over the place you will appear calm, confident and not threatening.