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What To Do When Talking To A Group Of Women

This might sound scary, but now you have learned to talk to all kinds of strangers, so it really isn’t that much different from before. If you have a work setting that affords you the opportunity to engage in conversation with several women find a way to utilize this setting first.

Maybe there is a group of women who eat lunch together, try and join in, maybe another group likes to take a smoke break together, I’m not telling you to light up, but you can talk to them while they smoke, maybe another group of women head off to the restroom together….well, you better leave that group alone. No reason to get pepper spray in your eyes if you can avoid it and it’s probably frowned upon at work anyway.

The point is, start with something that is inside your comfort zone. Your work environment is simple, should be people you know at least a little bit, and easy for a practice. The next part though, what do you say when you get up to the group so you don’t come off looking like a stalker or a retard? read more

Body Language Techniques In A Group Setting

Now that you have your posture down, and your hands under control how do you actually work your body language out in public, especially at a party.  It won’t be enough to just be able to stand correctly, you must understand the small movements to make and what they will mean.
If you are standing in a group with the woman you are interested in having a conversation with, make sure you don’t stand directly face to face with her.  Instead stand at a bit of an angle as if you are getting ready to go talk to someone else.  This helps add to the fact that you are not a threat to her, why would you be when you are about to go talk to someone else?

The next step, when in a group is to make sure you include the entire group.  In order to do this you must face away from the woman you are after and actually talk to other people, just make sure you don’t face directly to them either.  The best way to start this is to turn your back to the woman you are interested in to start with just to start including the group.  By doing this you can work your way around back to her after speaking with everyone.

A trick you can employ is the step back in move.  To accomplish this you will need to actually step as if you are leaving the group, make sure the conversations are over before doing this, and step away from the group, but step back as if you just noticed something.  Make sure you have noticed something nice, like her shoes or a bracelet that the woman you are after is wearing; then compliment her. read more