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Build Confidence In The Presence Of Women By Getting Rid Of Anxiety

Confidence is such an important factor in being able to talk to a person of the opposite sex, or anyone whom we are attracted to.  Some people naturally have confidence and exude it and others don’t. I’m not sure I agree with that statement at all, I have known many a person who in certain situations have a ton of confidence while in others act like they have no clue or no faith whatsoever.

How do you gain confidence? Remember the first time you tried to do the job you are now so good at? You had no idea where anything was or how it was supposed to be placed, how one part worked with another, what happens when a problem arises, it was so overwhelming, and the orientation didn’t help either.

During the orientation the instructional videos were dull and boring and threw so much information at you all at once there was no hope of you keeping up. Then you were expected to go on the job and perform flawlessly right? Wrong, didn’t you have a mentor, a guide, a foreman, or someone who helped teach you the job? read more

Talking and Flirting To Get Laid – Is it just theory?

We’ve all seen an example of the smooth operator who can bang any girl he wants. He’s got them all panting after him. Homely girls, hot girls – they all want him.

These kinds of guys seem to have been born with the ability of knowing exactly how to talk to women. They know what to say to have a never-ending line of girls to have sex with.

The rest of us are pretty inept when it comes to women. We don’t know the right way to talk to them or flirt with them much less get them to want to jump into bed with us. read more

How To Frame Your Own Mind Before Making An Approach

When you get ready to have a conversation with a beautiful woman you are going to be best served not only by your new and improved voice and body language, but also by being prepared.  Having a planned way to start you conversation with a woman will bring you ever closer to actually speaking with her.

How should you plan the beginning of your conversation?  What do you need to know and be ready to say when you have the conversation starters ready to go?   You need to figure this out way ahead of time because you certainly don’t want to be the fool who approached the group and went away stuttering and wetting his pants.
Let’s just hope it wouldn’t come to that anyway, but some of the best advice I can give as far as starting and conversation and being prepared is to think, imagine, practice, and act.  These will be the four combinations to open this particular lock; yes in this case you need more than just the one key.

What’s in Your Head? read more