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What To Say When You First Approach A Woman?

There really is nothing wrong with some idle daydreaming when you are trying to come up with some great conversations starters for the event or function you are about to attend.  We all have lost ourselves in our dreams at times, only to be brought out of them by the scalding hot water pouring over our hand or some other task we were involved in prior to getting lost in a dream.

What would it be to be able to walk up to a group of people and immediately know what to say and how to be comfortable?  This is the case only if everyone in the group is someone you know and are familiar with, but not always the case.  In fact, my job here is to try and prepare you for the party, function, or event you are about to attend so you can comfortably have a conversation with a certain lovely lady.

You are going to need to find different ways to get yourself lost in thought.  This means this particular combination is worthless without the previous one, so allow the two to work together for you.  Not unlike a cheesy flashback from a TV sitcom you can absolutely think and wonder what the situation you are going to find yourself in will present you with. read more

Basics Of Phone Gaming

It happens time after time. You’re out at the bar with your buddies and across the room, you spot a knockout hot chick. You know that you want to end up in that woman’s bed, but you’ve also learned enough to know it’s not only stupid, but downright creepy to walk up to her and tell her you’d like to sleep with her.

That’s moving way too fast for a woman. So, you have to follow a few unspoken dating rules. Topping off these rules is that when you want to get to know a woman – even if to you that purpose is just to get into her bed – you have to ask her for her phone number.

Most women will gladly scribble down their number on a napkin or write it down for you and hand it over. This is where it can get really confusing for a guy. Hey, she gave you her number. read more

Frame Your Intentions To Go Under The Radar

It is extremely important you make your intentions clear to any woman, especially in a social setting with everyone dressed up and looking their best; you don’t want to come on too strong. Remember you are a stranger to this woman; she is going to have her guard up and think your entire intention in meeting her is to get her into bed as quickly as possible, so it really is important you put her worries to rest.

Because you have your goofy, crazy, or just funny prop with you at the party, hopefully this might help to break the ice and get your conversation started, but until you actually let her know your intentions are honorable, she will not trust your motives at all. There are a few ways to make this an easy part of your conversation with her and ease her worries.

Again, this is going to depend on the situation, if it’s a party with lots of dancing and you notice she is sitting by herself while most people are dancing, you can simply introduce yourself and ask her to dance. Don’t start by asking during a slow song, this screams “I want to take you to bed” rather, pick something with a fast beat and maybe even a group dance, such as a line dance. read more