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Basic Stuff With Men Versus Women

Like most men, you want to meet attractive women that rank high on the hotness scale. You want to interact with a minimal of fuss on your part that leads to her accompanying you back your place. Or, leads to her inviting you to her place.

But to your dismay and frustration, you end up striking out more times than you hit a home run. That’s because you haven’t yet learned the scoring techniques taught in proven systems.

When it comes to getting what you want from women, you have to know what you’re up against. It’s not good looks or money that makes a man capable of picking up women – it’s much more than that. And no, women aren’t looking for jerks. That’s a big myth. But sometimes, the jerk does get the girl! read more

What You Wear Can Create A Huge Impression On Women Without Any Effort

If your idea of a dress shirt has the words flannel or polo in the title, you need serious help. Also, if you think khakis are dress pants, and ok to wear with sneakers, seek a counselor now. I’m just kidding about the counselor, but you do need help. So let’s think, what did you wear to the last party, yeah the one where your palms were all sweaty and there was no way you could get up the nerve to talk to the woman having so much fun, what did you wear then?

If you weren’t wearing a dress shirt, one specifically designed to go with a suit, and slacks, along with a stylish belt, nice dress socks, and some polished shoes, you were completely wrong. Now it is high time to fix that problem. It doesn’t matter that you are a farmer and work the fields, or a builder on the roof or hanging drywall all day, what matters is when you go to a party how do you dress?

One thing any woman is going to notice when you are at an event or function is how everyone is dressed. It happens, they do it, and you can’t stop them, so why not be the one they notice in a positive way rather than a negative. Many women spend hours getting ready for a party, the preparation for them is extremely important and they notice how every man and woman is looking at the party, it’s just in their nature to do so. read more

Make It A Habit In Improving Your Conversational Skills

“What habit” you say, “what is this fool trying to have me try out now?  I already talk funny as far as I’m concerned and stand really strange, but what else is he going to have me doing?”  Let me tell you, it is time for you to practice what you have written down.  This is going to be the third combination to go along with our key of being prepared with conversation starters.

You need to take your conversation starters out for a test run and see how they do with other people.  You are going to quickly know which ones worked well and which ones were awful and maybe even laughed at.  Without trying them out at work, or even by going to a club or bar and seeing how they work you aren’t going to have any idea what to say when you get to that all important event.

Don’t worry if you have a line or two that doesn’t work at all, remember it really is trial and error.  If you remember the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character got to relive the same day over and over until he finally got it right and won over the affection of the character played by Andie MacDowell.  Let’s hope it doesn’t take this extreme for you to be successful, so get out there and see how your lines work. read more