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Use Your Memory To Add Value To Your Conversations With Women

As we approach our next key to success we see this one is called value. I am certainly not at all talking about money, but rather what do you actually bring to the conversation.  How are you going add your part of the conversation in and what do you think you should be saying to the other person?

Sometimes it is really hard to find value that you can bring to the group, have you ever felt that awkward silence when no one has anything else to say? That can be the absolute downfall of what was shaping up to be a very nice evening.

What you are going to have to do in order to add the value you want to bring to the conversation will be to have some topics you want to discuss prepared ahead of time. This is a whole lot different from your one liner to open up the conversation that we covered in the area of a starting line, which was just to get your foot in the door, now you have to perform. Similar to being a professional athlete, just because you have made it to the pros does not mean you have succeeded as a pro yet, that is what we are after. read more

What Is It About Pre-Selection That You Have To Work On?

Pre-selection is a term that means women want you. They want to have sex with you. But the principle is based similar to the way that dominoes work. You know how when you push one domino and they all start to fall over?

That’s the same way pre-selection works. With dominoes, one block always follows another when it’s given a push. With pre-selection, one woman wants the man that another woman already has.

And this is not an occasional thing. This is an always factor. This is why that you’ll see short, ugly, out of shape men be able to cheat on their wives or girlfriends with a hot girl who’s willing to give it up any time of the day. read more