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Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In The Game Of Dating

You know what a lot of systems that don’t work to get you laid have in common? They all talk about how to approach a woman. In fact, they give you lines to memorize that you’re supposed to parrot back to a woman.

These lines backfire and you end up going home alone – yet again. In fact, you should throw out any lines that you’ve learned about approaching women. They’re not working for you and you need something that works that’s a natural method.

The most natural method in the world is important because women accept or reject a man based on how he conducts his approach. Pick up lines don’t work because you can bet that she’s heard it all before – especially if she’s on the hot end of the scale. read more

Tips To Improve Your Skills In Storytelling

We now have an arsenal of killer stories that have had your friends, family and coworkers laughing and asking you to tell and retell. The local bookstore has offered you a regular story telling hour for a small bit of extra money and you are ready to go, but how will you use these stories at the party.

What you need to know is the old adage, always leave them wanting more, which is used a lot in theater and other show business is so very true.  You are going to need to have your stories ready to tell, but just like a commercial break during your favorite TV show, you are going to stop before you get to the good part.

This is why you need to have several stories to tell. In order to be entertaining and somewhat the life of the party, at least the life of the conversation, you need to be able to tell a story, stop before you get to the funny, sad, or heroic part and start another story. By doing this, you will leave your audience wanting to know the ending of the first story and not really ready for the next story. read more