What Do I Do If I Can Tell She Likes Me?

Now, I am going to ask you to do a few things to have you trying to manipulate the situation in your favor, put certain feelings into the woman’s head and make it seem to her like you are more in control of the situation than you really are. Everything you have read so far will be extremely useful as you go down the road to exclude, notice, and isolate as your last keys to success.

If at this point you don’t feel you have mastered body language, go back and read that part again, because you are going to be asked to read the body language of the people around you more than yourself going forward.

Also, make sure you are very aware of what the feelings you will be trying to create will be as you work your way from the shadow in the corner to the life of the group and eventually having the ability to engage the woman you want to talk to in a conversation between just the two of you.

In addition to creating a certain set of feelings in the woman, you will need to spend some time with other groups just observing prior to engaging in the next three parts of the booklet so you know when the timing will be right.

I say this because when you are about to exclude the woman from your interests or conversation, your goal is to get her chasing after you, when she does this the next move is to show her you have noticed her. How are you going to be able to pull that off if you haven’t spent any time doing it yet?

What you need to do prior to ever going into the exclude portion of the evening is to work the room. You have to arrive, thank your hosts, get a couple drinks, maybe a few light snacks, and engage in conversation with several groups of people. While you are doing all this meeting and greeting you need to notice the woman you have your eye on and see what she is like.

Does she seem to lead a conversation in her group, does she seem to have lots of people migrating toward her, or is she a bit more shy and maybe seems to be a quiet person who listens to others but doesn’t necessarily say a lot unless she feels she needs to input?

After your careful observation, and having a good character based compliment ready to give to her, it is time to get on with the exclusion part of the evening, so let’s press on and learn a bit more about how else to make this conversation get going.

Actually, I do have one more bit of information while you are working the room. Remember the last key to success is called isolate, meaning you are going to need to get the woman alone with you to have the conversation you have so much desired since arrival. In order to do this smoothly and without having to find a ton of different places to do this you need to scope out the surroundings while you work the room.

Are there a lot of tables away from the main area where you could sit and talk and get to know one another without being bothered, or are there some quiet rooms not too far away from the crowd to take her as well? As a last option, how would about if you go outside, can you still see the party from outside and be able to continue to feel like part of the group?

Answer these questions and figure out where you plan to isolate the two of you for your conversation so you can be completely prepared when the time comes.

Is Having My Own Car Essential In Dating Successfully?

I would imagine if you are able to go to events, functions, and parties you own a vehicle of some sort. If not, you can skip this part for now, but if you do, I am not going to tell you to go buy a sports car to impress the young lady, but I am going to tell you it is very important to have a clean vehicle.

Any woman, although if you have a sports car it helps, is not so much going to be impressed by what kind of car you drive, but more by how you take care of that car. Think of it this way, if you take care of yourself, you show pride in your own appearance, but can you take care of something else or someone else?

Many women, whether they want to admit it or not, would love to have a man who can take care of them, not only financially, but also have pride in the woman and who she is, what she does, help maintain her a bit, and they can see this in your vehicle. In this case it truly does not matter if the only vehicle you have is your work truck for your construction job, what matters is, how does it run, and is it clean.

This should be easy enough for you to take care of, part of the preparation for this event needs to include a good wash and clean out of the vehicle prior to heading to the party. Make sure along the way you have kept up with the maintenance and it sounds like it is running very nicely.

Obviously we are assuming your intended target has agreed to ride in your vehicle, so really do you want her riding in a mess?  Simply get it clean, keep in maintained, and make sure the gas tank is full. All three of these things will help show her you can take care of something other than just yourself, and this will make her feel a bit more secure with you.

Now you are physically ready to go to your party, event, function, or whatever has been planned where you can hopefully make a connection with the lady who caught your eye at the first party, or maybe a different lady, who knows. Either way, you are ready, you have a fresh haircut, have shaved or trimmed your beard, the suit is in the closet ready to go with your new ring or watch on the dresser, you found your crazy item to start the conversation, and you have a clean car with a full tank of gas, so let’s get to that party.

Hold on a bit there, just wait a minute. Just because you are prepared to go to the party doesn’t mean you know what to do. Remember last time, you were that wall flower with sweaty palms, how are you going to make sure that doesn’t happen again? What can you do to ensure your will come off confident and charming instead of stupid and babbling?

2 Types Of Women Attraction Triggers

So-called dating experts have fed you a line for years. They’d like you to believe that they have some kind of inside track on how women operate. The kind of advice that they give you stems along the lines of telling you that you need to watch for certain clues from a woman.

They tell you that these clues will let you know if a woman’s interested in you or not. But what these experts don’t tell you is what you need to do if the woman is not interested and therefore, not giving off any clues at all.

You’re just sort of left to your own devices. What really sucks about that is when that hot girl you really want isn’t giving off these clues except the one that says she doesn’t seem to want you the way that you want her.

All of those experts can’t help you make a “no” response a “yes” response because the truth is that they don’t know how, either. And so what happens next is a shame.

Most men, when faced with a woman who gives them the “not interested” vibe – is that they walk away. They fail to close the deal, feel bad about themselves, call it a night and they go home alone, frustrated and unfulfilled.

That’s not the kind of sexual life you want and quite frankly, it’s not one that you have to put up with. Not when there are techniques available that can change all of that for every man who wants it.

To get the women that you want as often as you want, your first step is to forget all that crap you might have picked up from dating experts or relationship gurus that clearly haven’t worked for you.

If you keep at the same thing, you get the same results, so just stop what’s not working and go after what does. Here’s something that you might not have realized yet about women – and this fact is one of the keys to getting what you want.

Women everywhere in the entire world have two kinds of triggers. These triggers can be tripped to get her to sleep with you. These two triggers are her emotional and her psychological triggers.

These are very important because these triggers are the key that will get her to open her legs and let you in where you want to be. But, you have to know how to trip these triggers to get what you want.

If you don’t know the technique, then for you, the trigger stays untripped and you stay frustrated. Now this part might sound bad, but it’s the truth. If you want to have all the sex that you deserve from whichever woman you want, you have to know the techniques that are used to play the mind games.

This doesn’t mean that you need to act in a way that makes women see you as a jerk. It’s not about being a jerk. It’s about beating those psychological and emotional triggers, which can be a road block for you if you don’t get them out of the way.

These mind games help you move them out of your way. What these mind games are referring to is you knowing how to understand the way that a woman’s psychological trigger must be approached.

If you don’t approach a woman’s trigger the right way, you get shut down after talking to her for just a few seconds. Half the time, a guy doesn’t even know what went wrong – only that something did.

But if you use the right techniques that help you with a woman’s triggers, not only can you make a woman want to sleep with you, but you can also get her to fall for you emotionally and a woman that cares is more apt to put out.

She starts chasing you

Rejection sucks. There’s no if, ands or buts about that. If you’ve ever asked a girl on a date or tried to get one into bed and you’ve been shot down, then you know exactly how much that stings the ego.

Have you ever seen a rock star and the guy is as ugly as hell? Long hair, scrawny body, and no muscle tone whatsoever. It’s obvious that the guy is a tool, but thousands upon thousands of women are screaming his name, throwing their underwear up on the stage.

It sure as hell isn’t because he’s good looking and it’s not because he’s in a band. Believe it or not, that’s not what makes women want him. What makes women want him is because other women have decided that he’s worth wanting.

It’s the herd mentality. This is one of the key techniques that will unlock legs everywhere you go. You need to know the tools that make you the kind of man that women seek.

These tools make a woman look at you for your approval. They want to impress you. They behave like lovestruck teenagers around you because they want you. That means no more chasing on your part.

No more rejections, no more having to spend a lot of cash or try to figure out a way to impress a woman. Instead, you’ve become the one that’s being chased. This elevates your status in the eyes of other women.

Once a few women decide that you’re worth wanting, you’ll be getting laid every time you want to have sex. When you learn the techniques to making women want you, it sets off their internal triggers.

They quiver with the anticipation of just spending time in your presence and they get to a point where they’re so ready to have sex that they’re asking you to put out for them.

Are Pickup And Flirting About Tricking Women Into Bed?

Are you tired of all the so-called dating advice experts telling you what you should do in order to “trick” a woman into spending time with you? Have you spent a ton of your hard earned money buying books, video, and cd’s that are supposed to help you find “the one” woman out there for you? Have you had to put frozen vegetables on your face or your more tender regions so many times you have lost count?

If all or any of the above is true of you, it’s time to throw away all that garbage those “love doctors” have fed you in so many different ways and actually focus on what you should be focused on; you. You actually are the most important part of the equation between the two of you getting together, and quite honestly, you are the only part that you can have any control over.

Certainly taking certain actions and having confidence and caring for your appearance are important. You wouldn’t find yourself attracted to a woman who was unkempt. If she strolled around town with last Thursday’s makeup on, a hair so messy birds are mistaking it for their next, and wearing dirty sweat pants and t-shirts with so many stains that you can tell what she had for dinner the past four nights, you and most men would not find this an attractive site at all.

However, even if this woman were to dress herself up and look absolutely beautiful to you, there is no guarantee she is who you would be looking for anyway, but, you on the other hand can make yourself be more attractive to women, and that is what you should be working on. If you find a way to work on yourself, when you do find a woman who is worth your time and possesses qualities that are attractive to you, then the work you put in to making yourself more attractive will pay off.

I am not talking about tricking a woman either. I am talking about doing things for you to ensure self-improvement. During the course of this booklet we are going to talk a lot about scenarios and how you should react to what is going on in them as well and what you can do to help make sure you can find yourself in a positive scenario.

What we are not going to talk about is doing the things our “expert” friends want us to do. You are not going to shower her with gifts, do some crazy things that are only going to backfire and embarrass you, and you are absolutely not going to pine over one woman without ever actually meeting her.

It’s time to allow the beauties out there to see the beauty that is within you. It does not matter what size man you are on the outside, what does matter is what size heart you have on the inside. What are you going to bring to the table that offers any woman the opportunity to get to know you better?  Can you bring it with confidence that you are fun, interesting, worth it and desirable? That is our aim in the book today.

Make Your Move And Go For The Close Or You Will Be Filled With Regret

The final step to playing the game and by now I certainly hope you can see how much of a game this really is will be to close the deal. If this game has so far gotten your head spinning and in need of some headache medicine, maybe you should consider setting your bar much lower, like maybe you need to stay home and watch game shows with your mother on TV.

However, if that does not sound appealing to you at all, there are couple different ways you are going to be able to close the deal and at the very least set a date to go out with this lovely young woman who you have had your eye on for so long. The first possibility is you will approach her to have a second conversation with her.

In this instance, if your first conversation was a one on one interaction, or you simply spent some time dancing on the dance floor with her, you can invite her to sit down at a table with you, or to a quieter place at the party and start to have a great conversation. Now it is time to allow her to get to know you, talk about your interests, ask her about hers, and be certain not to monopolize the conversation.

If she wants to do a lot of the talking, let her, the fact that a woman wants to talk and let you know a lot about her is great, that means she trusts you and feels comfortable with you at this point. Make sure you pay close attention to what she is saying so you can properly respond to her questions or comments, and have a great time enjoying the conversation.

On the other hand, if your first conversation with her was in a group setting, wait until the group has disbanded so you can speak with her alone. The same rules apply, invite her to sit down or go somewhere a little quieter to talk, and have a great time talking and getting to know each other.

One word of caution though, when I say somewhere a bit quieter, doesn’t mean take her into a room all by herself. When you do this all of a sudden all her guards will go up and she might think you are only there to get her alone and do vile things to her, not a thought you want in her head at all.

Be sure when you do go somewhere a little quieter, or to a table with just the two of you, that you are still within view of other party guests, and make sure your body language is very relaxed and comfortable. If there is dancing, you can at this point ask her to dance to a slow or face paced song, it really doesn’t matter at this point, she is already trusting you enough to be somewhat alone with you.

The ideal scenario for starting the second conversation with the gorgeous young lady would be if she actually pursued you. This really isn’t quite as likely as the first two, however still very much a possibility. If she does come after you to spend more time with you, approach this the same way as before, but allow her to take the lead.

Many times it is very difficult for a woman to be forward with a man, especially beautiful women are used to having men pursue them and being the object of attraction, but if you have made such a great impression she wants to come after you, let her do so. It can actually be a lot of fun to be the one that is chased and not doing the chasing for once as well, so enjoy it.

Finally, once you have both enjoyed each other’s company, make sure you try to set a date to go out on later in the week or month. Once a date has been set, it is ok to part ways and enjoy your friends and group, or it may even be time to go home for the evening, but either way you have found a way to gain the attention and an actual date with the woman you have had your eye on.

In only a few cases and this is something you will have to play by feel or listen to her carefully, she might ask you to give her a ride home after the party, good thing you had the car cleaned before coming out. She might otherwise ask you to escort her to her home if she lives in walking distance, which can be very nice and romantic.

Not matter what, if either scenario a ride or walk home, takes place, it really needs to be her idea and up to her to initiate. It is very important to a woman to feel as if she is in control of what is taking place and not feel coerced or forced into any actions at all. Because of this, you must continue to read her body language, and listen carefully to whatever she says to you so you can properly respond to her.

Once again, you can obviously see why this section was called Playing the Game, it has been a game of cat and mouse played together with one goal in mind for you and that was to get her attention and hopefully a date.