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What Do I Do If I Can Tell She Likes Me?

Now, I am going to ask you to do a few things to have you trying to manipulate the situation in your favor, put certain feelings into the woman’s head and make it seem to her like you are more in control of the situation than you really are. Everything you have read so far will be extremely useful as you go down the road to exclude, notice, and isolate as your last keys to success.

If at this point you don’t feel you have mastered body language, go back and read that part again, because you are going to be asked to read the body language of the people around you more than yourself going forward.

Also, make sure you are very aware of what the feelings you will be trying to create will be as you work your way from the shadow in the corner to the life of the group and eventually having the ability to engage the woman you want to talk to in a conversation between just the two of you. read more

Is Having My Own Car Essential In Dating Successfully?

I would imagine if you are able to go to events, functions, and parties you own a vehicle of some sort. If not, you can skip this part for now, but if you do, I am not going to tell you to go buy a sports car to impress the young lady, but I am going to tell you it is very important to have a clean vehicle.

Any woman, although if you have a sports car it helps, is not so much going to be impressed by what kind of car you drive, but more by how you take care of that car. Think of it this way, if you take care of yourself, you show pride in your own appearance, but can you take care of something else or someone else?

Many women, whether they want to admit it or not, would love to have a man who can take care of them, not only financially, but also have pride in the woman and who she is, what she does, help maintain her a bit, and they can see this in your vehicle. In this case it truly does not matter if the only vehicle you have is your work truck for your construction job, what matters is, how does it run, and is it clean. read more

2 Types Of Women Attraction Triggers

So-called dating experts have fed you a line for years. They’d like you to believe that they have some kind of inside track on how women operate. The kind of advice that they give you stems along the lines of telling you that you need to watch for certain clues from a woman.

They tell you that these clues will let you know if a woman’s interested in you or not. But what these experts don’t tell you is what you need to do if the woman is not interested and therefore, not giving off any clues at all.

You’re just sort of left to your own devices. What really sucks about that is when that hot girl you really want isn’t giving off these clues except the one that says she doesn’t seem to want you the way that you want her. read more

Are Pickup And Flirting About Tricking Women Into Bed?

Are you tired of all the so-called dating advice experts telling you what you should do in order to “trick” a woman into spending time with you? Have you spent a ton of your hard earned money buying books, video, and cd’s that are supposed to help you find “the one” woman out there for you? Have you had to put frozen vegetables on your face or your more tender regions so many times you have lost count?

If all or any of the above is true of you, it’s time to throw away all that garbage those “love doctors” have fed you in so many different ways and actually focus on what you should be focused on; you. You actually are the most important part of the equation between the two of you getting together, and quite honestly, you are the only part that you can have any control over.

Certainly taking certain actions and having confidence and caring for your appearance are important. You wouldn’t find yourself attracted to a woman who was unkempt. If she strolled around town with last Thursday’s makeup on, a hair so messy birds are mistaking it for their next, and wearing dirty sweat pants and t-shirts with so many stains that you can tell what she had for dinner the past four nights, you and most men would not find this an attractive site at all. read more

Make Your Move And Go For The Close Or You Will Be Filled With Regret

The final step to playing the game and by now I certainly hope you can see how much of a game this really is will be to close the deal. If this game has so far gotten your head spinning and in need of some headache medicine, maybe you should consider setting your bar much lower, like maybe you need to stay home and watch game shows with your mother on TV.

However, if that does not sound appealing to you at all, there are couple different ways you are going to be able to close the deal and at the very least set a date to go out with this lovely young woman who you have had your eye on for so long. The first possibility is you will approach her to have a second conversation with her.

In this instance, if your first conversation was a one on one interaction, or you simply spent some time dancing on the dance floor with her, you can invite her to sit down at a table with you, or to a quieter place at the party and start to have a great conversation. Now it is time to allow her to get to know you, talk about your interests, ask her about hers, and be certain not to monopolize the conversation. read more