Fun Negative Remarks Are Just To Gain Her Attention

In the opposite realm of excluding a girl and making sure she knows you think you are too good for her.  At least you want her to think that you think you are too good for her, but in reality you don’t think you are too good for her, you just want her to think that. I think that was way too much think for me or anyone else.

At any rate, you now have excluded her from your conversation, or insulted her or done something to make her chase you down ready to throw a drink in your face, slap you across the face, or God forbid place a knee in a very tender location on your body. No matter what, when she does have that reaction it is time to take that table you just flipped completely over and use it to your advantage.

When she gets to you, be ready to let her know you were not serious about the remarks you made earlier, all you wanted to accomplish was to gain her attention and look you have it now. Hopefully when you point this obvious fact out to her she will smile a bit sheepishly, realizing you have just played a game and won with her.

In order to completely get back in her good graces it’s time to pay her a compliment. I am not talking about the simple and easy compliments about how she looks but rather you need to actually compliment her character in some way. This means you will have to already know something about how she interacts with others that are at the same event as the two of you.

Remember earlier during our sponsor’s words, you should have already worked the room and have the compliment prepared to give out, so now is the time before you end up with a martini all over your face. The idea is to give a very nice, character based compliment that shows her you have noticed her and have given her plenty of attention tonight, but not in the way she is used to.

In a way, this could be one of the biggest compliments this lovely lady has ever received. Who else has taken the time during an event such as this one to go to the trouble of giving an insult or saying something negative or simply ignoring her only to show they had been watching her all along? It might seem strange, drawn out and very risky, but remember the greater the risk, the greater the reward will be.

Don’t Go Stale

In order to ensure the conversation gets going and you have her undivided attention, you will actually need to keep going back and forth between a bit of teasing and some good compliments. Once you two have actually started talking, maybe just small talk at this point, there is nothing wrong with the teasing at all.

Keep the teasing playful at this point, you have her attention, don’t ruin it by acting like Steve Martin in The Jerk. Maybe tease her about her crooked smile, the way she stands, or something else that shows a bit of flirtation along with once again showing you have given her a lot of attention tonight.

Some of the preparation for the teasing and flirting can be done during your reconnaissance mission from earlier, also known as working the room. If you watch and see something you know will be a good item to give her a small tease with later go ahead and log it into your memory so you have it ready when the time comes.

In addition to the teasing, I said you also need to have some compliments, maybe her pretty eyes, how nice she smells, or how unique and beautiful she has gotten her hair done will all be great subjects for a nice compliment.

Demonstrating Your Added Value When Conversing With Women

How much are you bringing to this conversation? Are you only telling stories that make you seem like a laughingstock, or have you found a way to add some variety to the story telling? What I am talking about here is adding value.

The value I mention is not in how much money you make, what kind of car you drive, or where you live, but rather what do your stories tell the woman you are spending time with. Are you telling her you are a clumsy buffoon who needs a ton of extra life insurance to make sure someone gets rich when you finally fall to your death?  Or are you telling her you take risks you really shouldn’t in life?

The point here is simple, yes you need to have some funny, self-deprecating stories to tell, but you also need to talk about times you were a hero in a story, trips you have taken, occasions that have broken your heart, and others that have warmed your heart. I know that sounds like a lot, but you should have lots of time.

One thing to remember here is to work the stories in somewhat naturally. If you aren’t sure how to do that, have a friend or relative help you by role playing and working on it at home. Once again I am not guaranteeing any kind of success when you go out, but if you at least participate in some active role playing exercises and get the stories basically in the order you want to tell them, you should be more confident that you are prepared to deliver them properly.

This is all going to take quite a bit of work on your part ahead of time. You need to reach back in your memories and remember stories that fit all these categories. Think of a time when you came through for a friend in need, that’s your hero story. Think back to a trip that you really enjoyed and why you enjoyed it, that your vacation story. Another for when your heart was broken, whether it was by a woman or when a death occurred in your family or to someone close to you, and one more about a time that warmed your heart, maybe a holiday, or a visit from a relative you hadn’t seen in a while.

Once you have your stories and the proper order, and you have met a woman that is spending time with you alone on a walk, or at a nearby café, make good use of them. Don’t get so caught up in your stories though that you forget to ask her about herself. If she for some reason doesn’t simply offer up stories willingly, ask her a couple of questions, but don’t turn into the interrogator from the last segment, besides I’m sure you left your fedora at home anyway.

Another fantastic way to spend some “get to know you” time is to display a skill you might have. No it’s not a good idea to bring the swords and show her how many you can swallow, leave that act at the circus. But it is a good idea to have a simple skill such as palm reading that you could easily share with her.

This might be a little tricky to insert into your conversation, but if the two of you are spending time alternating stories and having a great time, you should be able to add this to the mix. All you need to do is let her know you have a special talent for reading palms and would like to show her. The worst she could say is “no”, so give it a try.

Of course, in order to demonstrate your skill, you will actually have to learn how to do something like reading palms, which thankfully you can easily look up online, or learn from a book and it might take one day of your time to learn it. Make sure you practice this skill while working on your story order with your friend or relative, no reason to end up fumbling over a bit of palm reading when your stories have been so great.

If you think palm reading is kind of cheesy, try and think of another small, easily demonstrated skill you can share. The point is, by using palm reading you get to touch her hands. Now we have moved the quiet somewhat private time from just a conversation to something a little more intimate with some touching of the hands, and so easily by telling her you are going to read her palm, which you actually will do, so again we have not tricked her at all.

Why didn’t I discount our wonderful “dating doctors” in this section; because they don’t ever tell you anything about sharing of yourself? If they knew how important it is to actually open yourself up and allow someone else to share a bit of you, they might actually have some real success, but they don’t.

Remember, the only person you actually have control over is yourself, so make sure you have your stories and skill ready before you go out to the club and maybe some lucky lady will get to see you show off your talent for palm reading.

Growing Confidence to Make Every Woman Want You

Remember those jerks that seem to get every hot woman on the market? Wondering what it is that they have that you don’t have? They’ve got confidence. They don’t worry about what’s going on inside her head.

Those jerk guys know that women want them. Instead of watching and being envious, you need to understand what it is that makes them so confident that women can’t get enough of them and why they have more women waiting in the wings than they could possibly satisfy in a lifetime.

You have to learn that confidence isn’t cockiness. It’s not acting arrogant toward women. It’s an inner self-knowledge that you are the one. Here’s something about women that most men who want to get laid and are failing at it don’t know.

Women always want the man that’s in high demand. This is because they know if other women want what he’s delivering, then he’s obviously worth the pursuit. That’s the way that the woman’s emotional mind thinks – and it’s not logical, but it gets that guy in high demand laid ten times over before it does the average guy who doesn’t know this.

What it is about this guy is not so much that women actually see other women giving chase. They don’t see any physical evidence that other women want this guy.

So where did they get that idea? They got it from him. He knew a technique that he used to make women think that other women pursued him. This works because women are into what’s called “pre-selection” and you’ll learn more about that in the teachings by seduction experts so that you can make it work for your own life.

Tapping Into Her Subconscious Mind to Close the Deal

A woman’s willingness to engage in a sexual encounter begins in her subconscious mind and you have to know how to tap into that realm. There are four ways that gets you laid and you have to know how to work each of these areas.

First, you have to know how to get and keep confidence. No confidence, no sex. It’s that simple. Secondly, know how to get her to lower her guard. You can bet that the majority of women have their guard up.

They do this because of all of the lines they’ve heard before, or because they’ve encountered a guy who cheated or otherwise hurt them emotionally. You make her put up red flags and it’s over before it even starts.

Third, you have to know how to capture their attraction. Women are attracted to a myriad of things – and much of it stems from their mind. Men, on the other hand, are very visual creatures – being attracted to specific body types and looks.

And finally, you have to know when to close the deal. Closing the deal means you’re ending up in bed together. Or maybe you want more – true love that lasts forever – you can have either one if you learn the right system.

Approaching A Woman Who Is Alone Is A Great Opportunity To Hone Your Skills

Get yourself out from under your bed, this isn’t that scary, it’s simple really, and you have learned how to talk to people you deal with all the time in public already, so why not a stranger that is not your clerk or bank teller, it’s time to test those skills.

A great place to start would be on a bus or subway; many people use public transportation daily and end up spending quite a bit of time on the bus or on a subway quietly with no one to talk to. Even if you have your own vehicle and don’t usually take public transportation, make yourself do it just to practice talking to women in a public setting.

The advantage is the fact the woman you are going to start a conversation with is stuck with you at least until the next stop so try it out and hone your conversation skills to a sharp point. The start here might be as simple as asking if the seat next to her is taken and if not sitting down. Once accepted, introduce yourself to her and shake her hand, be sure to smile and make good eye contact as well.

Just as you did in your group setting at work, compliment her on some item of clothing or her hair, or even her eyes, but keep it clean. If you compliment a woman you just met on her large breasts, you are really asking for trouble and a bag of frozen peas to calm the searing pain between your legs.  But otherwise, just make a nice simple compliment to her.

Try and notice if she is reading a book, looking through a magazine or some other form of reading material and ask her about what she is reading. This should be an easy conversation starter. If however she is not reading anything, talk about the weather, or about her destination. All of this is really not too difficult, but remember this is the next step for you to get over your anxiety.

If you feel up to the challenge, once you get past the small talk, see if she will engage in a conversation about something more personal. What she does for a living, her views on certain topics that have been in the news, or even what her political affiliations.

Once you feel you have mastered the art of conversation with a stranger on public transportation, and have taken way too many bus rides for your own comfort. Besides, the bus driver is starting to know you by name and you actually miss your vehicle, it is time for you to try and talk to a random woman in another setting.

A great place to go is a bar, choose one that has a restaurant attached to it, and try and go when it’s not a feeding frenzy of angry hormones just trying to attach themselves to each other. It would be better to pick dinner time, or even a little before, like happy hour, when people have just gotten off work.

Some of the differences with this scenario compared to our bus scenario is in this scenario you will have competition for her attention, she most likely won’t be reading or holding anything you can use as a prop, and she will be able to get away much easier than our trapped victim from the bus. Make sure you go wearing your suit and watch from the previous chapter, but not the prop item.

This approach may take quite a few tries because you might not find a woman who is at the bar by herself on your first couple tries. Once you do see a woman who is alone at the bar, it’s time for you to make your approach. The routine is the same as it was before, ask if the seat next to her is taken, compliment her, and start some small talk.

It is actually possible at this point to strike a good dating relationship with the woman you meet at the bar and have you forgetting about the woman you saw at the party, however if that doesn’t happen you should practice this approach a few times until you feel you are comfortable meeting women at bars and other public places.

On the off chance you haven’t found success with this approach and maybe feel you don’t want another wine spritzer in your face or have to put another bag of frozen vegetables between your legs you might try to meet a girl at a shopping mall or shopping center before going to the bar.

The same approach applies, you might find a woman taking a rest outside a store, or possibly find someone shopping in the same section you are, either way, try to go to the woman and start a conversation. Many times these conversations are only going to contain small talk and not have any real depth, but that’s ok, this is just to get your confidence up so you can go try the bar again, or for the first time.

After perfecting your shopping center approach to women, you should hopefully be ready to try the bar scene and if you have tried it before, have much more confidence than before. But there are a set of rules you need to follow when it comes to approaching a woman that we must cover first before you go after the gorgeous woman you saw at the party.

How To Get Women To Open Up During Conversations

I have always love that line form Ali Baba where Aladdin says “Open Sesame” and growing up watching Sesame Street on TV when I was a kid I thought the word street should have been added to the end of it, but I digress.

Our “relationship guru” colleagues would tell you once you have the woman alone, not in the back of you panel van taped up you sicko. Geez, that guy needs some help. Rather once you have her alone on your walk or in private; the “experts” would say you need to ask her a lot of questions.

Their thinking regarding the questions is if you ask about her, she will feel you are really very interested in her and want to know all about her. Obviously there is some truth to that, but not enough for you to simply ask her a bunch of questions and never do any opening up yourself. Any woman I have ever talked to about this particular subject says they want to know about the man just as much as they want to tell about themselves.

Also, how do you think it would feel to you if someone you met only a couple hours before started shooting question after question your way? Most likely you would feel a lot like a criminal under investigation in one of those dark, damp, moldy rooms with one light bulb handing from the ceiling and strapped down to a chair. Ok, maybe I have seen too many old police or war movies, but you get the idea.

Actually, what you should be doing once you get the woman alone is simply having a conversation. Unfortunately, if you are nervous or unsure how to begin a conversation with a woman, you will have to learn to do this, another item you need to work on for yourself before you would have even come out to the club tonight. But, if you are somewhat comfortable with having a conversation, one of the best things to do is start with a funny story about yourself.

I would suggest you have these ready ahead of time, sometimes when the moment strikes the mind goes blank, so be prepared to talk about yourself. If your story is funny, and you happen to actually be the punch line, that makes for an even better story. By telling stories where you were embarrassed, or a little humiliated, you show her that you are confident enough to share this with her.

By sharing such an embarrassing moment with her, you also get to show her that you don’t mind laughing at yourself and can find the humor in your own pitfall. Hopefully, she will offer up a story that is just as funny and the two of you can share stories in your quiet area of the café, or on the walk home together.

Once you have shared a couple funny stories, you can alternate between funny, serious or even talk about your likes, dislikes, and views.  Remember this time together is all about getting to know each other. Don’t be afraid to comment on what she has to say, that is as important actually more important than the stories you have to tell.

When you are able to comment on her input in the conversation, you are telling the woman that she is valuable and you are listening to what she is saying, and not just trying to get her into bed. There is no limit to the comfort and pride a woman can feel when they know a man, especially one whom they met only a little while earlier, actually sees and treats them as an equal, so make sure you add some value to her inputs as well as telling your own stories.

Basic Grooming Tips You Must Embrace Before Going Out To Meet Women

Take a look in the mirror and tell yourself what you see. Be honest with yourself, it won’t do you any good to lie to yourself, because only you know yourself as well as you do. Please someone try and say that five times fast, I got dizzy just writing it.

If you see a guy who could use a shave, needs a haircut, could stand to lose a few pounds, or just a plain, ordinary looking guy, well join the club. That speaks for a majority of the men in this world, but now that you know this needs to be changed, what are you

My first suggestion is going to be to get a shave. If you don’t like to shave, or you really like your beard, that’s ok, just get it trimmed and keep it well groomed.  Having a clean looking face or a well groomed beard tells a woman that you care about how you look. That is really important to her in many ways.

First, if you have kept your beard or shave well groomed, you take pride in your appearance. Compared with so many other men who think they might get along without grooming this will go a long way. If you took the time to care about your appearance, generally a small item on the list, you must have a well put together lifestyle and have your life on track.

The reason I said you should take care of your shave or beard grooming first is because it is something you can do right away. I already have you staring at yourself in the mirror, you might as well get out the old razor and give it a go right there.  How about your hair though, what does it look like?

Let me tell you, if your hair looks like an 80’s rock band, you are really in trouble unless you have kept it clean and neat, like Fabio’s. However, if it more closely resembles a nesting place for local birds and you reach up their periodically to get your morning eggs, we have a lot of work to do.

Your haircut, style, and how well maintained it is says even more about how you take care of yourself, even more so than the beard grooming/shave does. The only real worry is how often you should get your hair cut and what style to choose from.

First, find a stylist, yes I said stylist, I did not say barber, who will help you pick out a good look for you. You don’t need the next hottest trend, but one that works well with your face and makes you look somewhat up to date. If you stylist suggests a 1960’s Beatles cut, or a 1990’s boy band hair style, go running for the door as fast as you can and on to the next place.

Choose a hair style that fits your personality and is somewhat conservative, remember in this case you aren’t just trying to win over the lovely lady; a hair style is something you have to live with all day every day. Once you have picked out a nice style that fits your personality and doesn’t make you look like you have come out of a science fiction novel, how often should you get it cut?

I would recommend having your hair cut about once a month. This will keep it well styled and be easier for you to maintain.  You can have it cut a little less or more depending on how fast your hair grows, but a general rule is once a month. If you are getting ready to attend a party or other function where the woman you are trying to meet will attend, get your hair cut about a week prior to the event.

The last item on the list as far as your physical appearance is weight. Another saying goes “I may be fat, but you’re ugly and I can lose weight”, not a very nice saying, but true enough. If you see a few extra pounds have crept in over the years, now is the time to try and get rid of them.  You might not be able to have them completely gone before the next party, but some diet and exercise won’t hurt either.

If you happen to have a gym membership, but simply have not been going to the gym, it’s time to dust off the membership card, get your workout clothes out of mothballs and get to the gym. Usually there will be a good list of classes you can take if you are unsure where to start, and most gyms have trainers on staff to help you out.

Once you have committed to being a regular at the gym and getting your money’s worth from that membership you meant to cancel a year ago and just forgot the next part of losing some weight is to watch what you eat. Find a sensible diet that fits into your lifestyle and stick to it.

It’s amazing how quickly you will physically feel more confident just by drinking more water, eating few more vegetables, and working out at the gym.  All of this, the gym, the haircut, the grooming will help you to get ready to meet the lovely lady, but that is just the beginning.