Play Possible Scenarios In your Head To Prepare Your Game

How do you get yourself to the head of the pack and stay there? What do you need to do in order to catch her attention and make sure she isn’t searching somewhere else for someone else? That is really the trick here isn’t it, you want her attention to be on you, while you ensure she won’t be looking anywhere else.

With this in mind you must understand it will be extremely important you give her a first impression she will remember, and one that makes her wanting more from you. Your goofy prop item is there to help you do some of that, although, this item should bring you some attention throughout the room and not just with her.

Remember, at this point you have planned your approach, you have your list of questions you might be able to go up to her and ask, and have it narrowed down to just a few rather than a list that would give the book War and Peace a run for its money. You have also worked the room and scouted out how she is mingling with other guests, so now a few more questions.

Who is she mingling with? Does she seem to be staying with one group, especially of women, or is she working the room as well, like you did, talking to everyone in the room a bit, but not staying with one or two people for very long? Does she seem to be having a good time, or appear to be bored? Remember you studied body language, what does hers say to you?

All of these questions and knowing how she is feeling at the party are going to help you when you actually make your approach and are ready to actually engage your target and move in for the kill. Well, let’s not call it a kill, how about when you move in and start a conversation with her, remember that is ultimately the goal tonight anyway.

The (Much Needed) Scenarios

Let’s spend some time setting up a few scenarios for you and allow you to think how you might handle them along with the why or why not to take certain actions. It will be like taking an open book test, you will have the answers and when you add this to your already hefty arsenal of weapons; she simply won’t stand a chance when you finally make your move.

In our first scenario, the woman you have your eye on moved to the buffet line and starts selecting a nice plate of food and a drink.  You decide this is a great time to go up and meet her for the first time and you get into the line right next to her, not approaching from behind, because we no better than to do that, and start to select a few items. You choose to accidentally on purpose reach for the same dish that she is reaching for and what happens?

If you and her are both reaching for the same dish, the best thing to do in this case is to excuse yourself and let her get at the dish first, when you do excuse yourself, be sure to smile and keep eye contact. Maybe you could say some lame joke like “great minds think alike” or compliment the dish itself saying how tasty it appears to be.

It is possible you might have time to make an actual introduction, she is in the line next to you and the two of you can move through the line and chat just a bit. If you do get to make your introduction and compliment her on something she is wearing or her hair, don’t follow her to her table after the conversation.

Why not follow her to her table or group of friends, wasn’t that the idea anyway? Not just yet. First of all, you have just accomplished two things when chatting her up in the buffet line. The first thing you were able to accomplish in line was to talk to her over your shoulder, not directly face to face, which ensures she feels you are not there to bother her, just to get a bit of food to eat.

The second accomplishment with the actions you have just taken is much more important and so subtly simple it’s almost in need of a Staples Easy Button. You just showed her you aren’t really interested in her; that your interests are completely different than just in her for this event and she was just someone you met in line.

Because you used this approach to her and you were able to leave her at the buffet after chatting her up a bit, she is going to be more interested in you. Besides, she has to find out why you are wearing a cowboy hat at a dressy party, or why you are wearing sunglasses at night, do you get the point? She has to ask about the crazy, goofy gadget you chose to wear out in front of everyone at this party, you have piqued her interest.

You may not feel as if you have accomplished your task with this scenario, but the reality is you have done so more than if you walked up to her and dragged her off to your white work van and stuffed her in the back drugged and bound. Besides, you want her to choose you freely, not have to be forced, and I’m pretty sure the drugged and bound scene will get you a date in prison rather than the one you actually want.

In our next scenario, let’s pretend she is at the bar, by herself, holding her drink and looking pretty bored. No one is actually talking to her so you decide it’s time to make your move. She is facing you directly at this point, even though she isn’t looking right at you, how do you make your move and do it right?

In this case you need to first make sure your path doesn’t take you directly in front of her, but rather come in from the side, where she can still see you coming, but doesn’t really think anything of it. If you have ever taken a walk at night and seen how a rabbit will run off if it sees you walking directly towards it, but not as much if you approach from behind, this is similar, but I doubt the woman is going to run off into the woods.

Once you get to the bar and are standing next to her, order a drink, even if you don’t really want a drink order one anyway to show the only intention you had coming up to the bar was to get a fresh drink. This will send her the signal to start with you had no intention of meeting up with her on purpose.

Because you have previously worked the room, you should have noticed if she was wearing a watch, or maybe she smokes, or maybe some other useful piece of information. To get your ice breaker going and start your conversation, you can ask her the time if she has on a nice watch, or ask if she has a light if you noticed she smokes.

Be sure if your piece of jewelry you chose to go with your dashing suit was a watch, you don’t ask her the time. This just makes you look really stupid and will turn her off quickly. The point is, find a way to start the conversation by asking for assistance with something. You could even ask her what her drink is and order the same saying it really looked like a tasty drink and you wanted to try one.

After getting your ice breaker out, make sure you introduce yourself, but do so just with you head, don’t completely turn your whole body, just turning your head and making good eye contact with a nice smile. This will give her the impression you have someone else to go talk to once you have your drink in hand.

Go ahead and have a nice conversation with some small talk, compliment her hair, or her smile, or something else that is pretty obvious. If you did order the same drink she did, take a sip and let her know what you think of it. If you don’t like it, be honest about it, but not brutally so, however, if you really like it, let her know that as well.

After a bit of small talk and once you have your drink, simply walk away. Go find a friend to talk to or maybe even your host or hostess.  Either way you want to walk away from her at this point and make her want to come after you and talk to you more.

With this scenario, you again accomplished both of the items from the first scenario, you talked to her indirectly over your shoulder which shows her you don’t have any intentions for her, and you walked away after some small talk leaving her wanting more. In this case we actually accomplished one more item, with letting her know you weren’t there to get sex from her, just a drink at the bar.

In both of the previous scenarios, you had to wait or hope she would be alone, but really we are at a function, event or party, and if she caught your eye, most likely she won’t be alone. She will probably be with friends, in a group, or getting some attention from other men and how you approach her is going to be even more important.

8 Places To Work Your Flirting Game While At The Shopping Mall

Setting the Scene

Understand first of all, there is an unbelievable amount of opportunity to win a first date with a woman out there; it is really up to you to get out of your own way and actually make contact with a woman in what might seem like an unusual place.

The bars and clubs are all so overdone and really are kind of a safe haven of overconfident men and women, most of the time you would be competing with several other men for just one woman, and what sets you apart from the other guys at a bar… not much really.

However, in some everyday settings, most you probably would never have thought of, you can actually make a connection with a woman in a personal way and hopefully leave the scene having set a date for at least a phone call or coffee.

1) Coffee Shop

Now maybe on our short journey on the bus, there wasn’t a woman who struck your fancy, not to worry, there are plenty more places and approaches coming up.

Let’s say you got off the bus at a coffee shop; this is a great place to at least get a conversation started. Coffee shops have turned into work zones for many young professionals who enjoy getting some early morning work or reading done while drinking their daily cup of coffee, but you can certainly interrupt this a bit to strike up a conversation.

Once in the coffee shop, and having ordered and received your coffee, you don’t want to seem like a stalker by not ordering, if you see a woman who seems to pique your interest, but she is busy reading a book or looking at her computer the simplest approach is to walk up, excuse yourself and ask about the item she seems so interested in.

Be sure to inform her you saw how interested in the item she is and are looking to buy a gift for a friend or relative and just wanted to get an opinion. This approach should get the conversation started and shows her that you are shopping smart, trying to get some first-hand information before buying. This may also get her thinking, your friend or relative must have similar tastes to hers that you were able to see just by looking at her.

If luck has it that you have arrived at the coffee shop while it is very busy, the first question should of course be whether or not you can share her table. If accepted, this puts you right in front of her to start up a conversation and hopefully leave with her phone number or possibly a date set up for the very near future.

Scared yet? You shouldn’t be, this is easy stuff and the key here is the difference between the locations I am giving you and approaches and the bar/club scene is really two things; 1) the quantity of competition, in these scenarios there is none, and 2) the ability to make a personal connection, in the bar/club scene there is none. Let’s continue our bus tour to a different location, all aboard, wait, that’s for trains, oh well it applies here too, toot toot.

2) Clothing Store

How about if you took your bus ride and stopped off at a clothing store, what should be your approach? First, I hope you didn’t choose a discount clothing store like Wal-Mart or K-Mart; a great place would be a local mall that has several middle to upper scale stores inside. If you did choose a discount store, turn around, get back on the bus and go home, you are done for the day.

However, if you chose wisely, a nice scale store with good quality clothes you may continue. Once inside the store maybe you spot a woman, who again, instantly makes you want to get to know her better, one of the quickest approaches and surefire ways to start a conversation would be to ask her about fashion. Don’t just walk through the doors bolt up to her and say “What do you know about fashion?”, then its pepper spray time for you my friend, let’s be a little smoother than that.

First look at some of the selections of clothing and choose a few you actually might be interested in, then work your way toward her, not directly but checking out a few items along the way, and when she is very nearby then ask her what she thinks of the selections you have made. Hopefully she will give you some good advice and start up a conversation with you about how you would look in particular items. If luck has it that you have chosen a store clerk as the woman of interest, make sure you actually buy something that she suggests.

3) Post Office or Bank and Long Lines

So far our bus hasn’t really taken us to any “errand” type locations, but how about we travel to a post office or bank for our next stop. How do you really approach a woman there, wouldn’t they think you are just being a bother since most people going to the post office or bank are really just there to do their business and move on? Almost sounds like using the restroom, but a bit nicer.

There is at least one good suggestion I can make, because, as a hopeless romantic would say, you never really know where you will meet the right person. One thing you can do is ask the woman you want to talk to for some assistance with your task at hand. If you are mailing something that needs a box, maybe ask for help finding the right size, or at the bank finding the generic deposit slips. Many times she will offer to help you which gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself and start a conversation. It may seem a bit lame, but an opportunity wasted is an opportunity lost, so give it a shot.

Another possibility in the post office or bank, really anywhere that requires a person to wait in a line, and the line has gotten long is to jokingly complain about long lines. Don’t be obnoxious about it to the point of making the clerks working there uncomfortable, but lightly talk about how many people must be out performing that particular task at the same time.

Something that takes the attention off the business for having the long line and puts it on the line itself will do the trick, and hopefully she will get a bit of a chuckle out of your comments on the line. Again, don’t go overboard with it, just enough to get a conversation and introductions started.

4) Elevator

Many people find elevators uncomfortable and tedious, so starting a conversation in an elevator will need to include how you feel about them. Don’t be afraid to offer maybe that you are afraid, or just really don’t like the close proximity, especially if someone who enters smells bad or, God forbid, passes gas. This will give you a great opportunity to compliment her on how nice she smells and hopefully share a few laughs about elevator stories.

Before you reach the floor either of you will be exiting the elevator at, you should have her laughing and hoping to enjoy another elevator ride with you. You will most likely have to make a few of these conversations with her in  the elevator in order to set up a date or get her phone number, but a little work can be worth it in the long run, and you will be able to accomplish your mission.

Are you getting the idea now of how many real possibilities are presented to you daily if only you take a chance, aren’t afraid to put yourself out there, and hopefully use a few of these suggestions? The opportunities are endless, but we are going to explore some more, so hang on to your hats, we’re going for a bit more of a ride.

5) Organic Food Store

Let me preface this one by saying if you don’t normally shop at organic food stores going there just to meet a woman is a bad idea. People who frequent organic food stores usually know what they are doing and why they are there, so if you are not a regular shopper, don’t go, it will only lead to embarrassment and disaster.

However, if you are a normal connoisseur of organic food and know how to shop at an organic food store, it can be a fantastic place to meet a woman. One thing you can be sure of, if she is shopping at an organic food store she already shares a quality that you value, eating organically.

What is the approach here, can you approach a woman in the food store and not look like a stalker? Absolutely; one way to begin a conversation is to make sure you are close by and compliment some of the choices she is making. That doesn’t mean hover over her every move, store security will surely be called on you then, but at least act like you are shopping in the same aisle and make a few positive comments.

Another approach here would be to ask her how to prepare something that is a bit unusual. In the organic food stores there will be a wide variety of unusual items to try and prepare different ways. Hopefully she will know how to make something you have chosen. A clue to success here would be to discreetly peek in her basket, then choose the same item she has there.  Most likely if she picked it out she will know how to make something with that food.

Both of these approaches may seem a little far-fetched, but certainly worth a shot and who knows, you might surprise yourself and complete the mission at hand by asking a couple questions.

Are we done yet? Not even close. Like I said earlier there are an infinite number of places and situations where you can meet a woman, you just have to have an open mind and realize most of them are everyday situations that you are in all the time. Get back on that bus and enjoy the ride some more.

6) Hair Salon

Are you crazy enough to try and meet a woman where you get your haircut? Why not? Just keep a few things in mind. First of all, if you normally get your hair cut at a shop geared mostly toward men, you are probably not going to meet a woman there, and conversely you will stick out like a sore thumb at a salon that usually caters to women. However, if your regular place, or even if you choose to try a new place, is generally unisex in nature your chances are pretty good.

Similar to the laundromat, when in a hair salon you are kind of trapped there until the service is completed. This has been an advantage for you throughout our mission so far, so why not keep working with it.

Make sure you sit down next to the woman who strikes your fancy and pick up a magazine. Introduce yourself to her and start browsing the magazine for hair styles. Make a few comments on some, and if she responds to your comments be sure to ask her a few questions. You could ask how she thinks you should cut your hair, and give advice on hair care. Be sure to compliment her hair style, and if she is planning a change make positive comments regarding how you feel the change will make her look.

There will be lots of time for conversation so there really is no reason you won’t leave with a phone number or a first date set for a meal or coffee; mission accomplished. Does this seem to be getting any easier; are you seeing a pattern to the approaches? I have more for you though so get back on the bus and let’s head out for some more.

7) Bookstore or Record Store

Along our bus route, we decide to depart the vehicle at a bookstore or record store, and you see a beautiful young lady you would like to get to know much better. Starting a conversation in either location is fairly similar. In both cases you need to ask for advice. As in earlier scenes, do not act like an oversexed, or in your case maybe undersexed, crazy person, browse the shelves, notice what she is looking at and make your move.

In the bookstore one of the best approaches is to ask for advice on buying a book for a girl. Mention the girl in mind is a relative, a sister, niece, or cousin of some sort, and mention the relative has great taste in books just like the woman you are talking to at that moment. This is a great way to pay a compliment indirectly so she doesn’t put up her guard against you. Make sure you make some nice conversation, and you can even make a date to have coffee later in the week.

At the record store, you can absolutely use the same approach as at the bookstore, but there is another option I would like to advise on.  Again you are not to act like the crazy stalker that brings out the pepper spray party, but browse a little first. Once you are near your intended target, you can ask her what she thinks would be a good selection of music for a party. Compliment her selections, and if you feel you have spent enough time with her during your conversation, invite her to the party, of course you are going to have a party, and that will be your first date with her.

8) Flea Market

If you decide our bus ride journey should bring you to a flea market for the day, enjoy the day. Enjoy the interesting array of items available, the people as they look for great deals on unusual items, and take it all in. If you do spot an interesting woman who you want to meet, the approach is similar to the record or book stores.

Browse a little, check out what she is looking at and make some interesting comments about it. If she happens to have an item in her hands she has purchased at another booth, ask her where she found it. Make some positive comments about how nice or unique the item is, and how much you would like one for yourself.

Maybe she will actually show you where it was she found it, and you will then have your opportunity to begin a conversation, and maybe even a shopping partner for the day. If that’s the case, bravo, mission accomplished, just make sure you get her phone number when you part ways for the day, along with an appointment for another date.

Being A Man And Be The One In Control

For all of the feminist and women’s lib stuff out there, women still want a man who acts like a man and isn’t afraid to treat her like a woman. She doesn’t want some guy she can walk on.

She doesn’t want some guy who’ll act like a lap dog and will follow her every command. Too many men make the mistake of treating a woman like a sounding board.

These men want to feel better about whatever issue they have going on in their lives. So they spill their guts. They talk about their families, their jobs, their ex-girlfriends and all the ways that life has screwed them over.

These guys are seeking comfort, thinking that it will trigger a woman’s emotional care factor and make her care. Even to the point where she might sleep with him. You might think or maybe you were taught that women really want a man who isn’t afraid to open up and “share his feelings.”

But it doesn’t work, because before you know it, if you behave like this, you cross a line. You go from that mysterious guy she wants to sleep with to the guy that gets firmly put in the friend zone.

And friend, you’re not getting laid there.

So avoid the temptation to treat women like someone you can unload on. Save that for a therapist you don’t want to sleep with. Because women want a man that they don’t everything about.

In your relationship with a woman, especially during the phase before she sleeps with you, you have to be the one in control. You have to call every single one of the shots or what happens is you come across as whipped.

Why do you think it is that women like the bad boy characters? These men act like jerks, treat them like jerks and every woman in the world wants to sleep with one.

Because right or wrong with the stuff they do, these guys act like men who are in control. Being the one in control means knowing who has the power in the relationship.

This is a mistake that men make – and it’s a reason they don’t get laid as much as they want to. You must know that you’re the one with the power.

The One With the Power Owns the Relationship

There are techniques that every man has to learn when it comes to dealing with women. Unless of course, these men don’t mind being thought of as a wuss. You know where most men go wrong when they’re first working on getting a woman to go to bed with them?

They believe that she’s the one with all the power. They think that it’s up to her to decide if the men are good enough for her. That’s a bad idea right from the start and here’s why.

When you believe a woman has all the power, that means that she can take it or leave it. The “it,” in this situation means you. She can take or leave you because she’s the one with the power.

She’s the deciding factor. When a woman’s the one with all the power, you find yourself busting your butt to try to please her. Because deep down, you really do feel that she’s above you or too good for you and you worry that maybe she’s going to end up leaving you one day.

Men who live under this mistaken belief that women have all the power do it because they set themselves up. They did it to themselves. From the very beginning when they first set eyes on that woman and realized that they wanted her, they started working hard to impress her.

When you bust your butt to get a woman to want you and you work to get her to be impressed, you just handed over the reins of the relationship right there. When you do that, you’ve set the stage for how that relationship is going to play out for the duration of the time that you’re with that woman.

What you want is to be the one with the power. You want to be the man that makes her want you so badly that she’s the one coming on to you. She’s the one working her butt off to impress you.

She’s coming up to you at the bar or wherever you are and she’s the one that’s trying to talk you into having sex instead of the other way around. A man with the power in a relationship gets to decide who he sleeps with – and when – because there’s always another woman waiting to take the place of the girl he’s currently banging.

Is Flirting A Two Way Street?

It is very likely while you are teasing and complimenting her, being as flirtatious as you can be she will also begin to do the same with you.  She may or may not have worked the room as you did, and quite honestly you probably were not the first man she targeted so her flirting might be a bit less prepared than yours. How could she be prepared, she didn’t have the information contained in these pages, so make sure you even tease her about her ability to flirt, or lack thereof.

What I am getting at really here though is you will have her giving you little insults and hopefully compliments as well, be prepared to take the insults in stride and laugh at them. With the compliments give a genuine thank you, don’t shake it off like it isn’t true, sometimes the hardest thing for a person to do is compliment another so be gracious about it.

The bottom line here is to have some fun, a good back and forth banter between the two of you which should lead us directly into our next section if you play your cards right. If you don’t, and your insults have landed you back at home with a bag of frozen vegetables on your once proud family jewels, you will simply need to hone your skills and read the signs better next time.

Of course if you do end up having gone too far and excused from the event, it will most likely be a long time before you are invited to any such function again. With that in mind you will need to do two things, work on your skills, and find a different woman to go after.

On the other hand, if you were completely successful all around, it’s time to finally move on to the very last key to success, isolate. Sit back, relax, and read on to see what you now need to do to actually have the conversation you have been trying to have all night.

The Art Of Attractive Teasing And How To Do It Right

What is it?  Simple once again, the it I refer to is teasing. Teasing is absolutely the heart and foundation of flirting and if there is any real attraction between you and the lovely lady you have the pleasure of spending time with it will be very necessary.

What is important to remember is there is nothing wrong with a bit of teasing or flirting with each other. Giving each other a hard time about your stories, about what you are wearing, or even how you eat or walk is all natural. Flirting and teasing are so ingrained in human nature we often do it without knowing it.

If you remember when you were a youngster, when a girl liked you, and didn’t know how to show it she might come up to you and punch you. Strangely enough this is actually the most basic and primitive form of flirting. Your reaction at that age might even be to put her down to your friends, she might actually do the same to you, but in reality, you both liked each other but were so young and immature you didn’t know how to show it at all.

Now that we are much more grown up and hopefully more mature, maybe not in all cases, but most, the flirting and teasing should be much less physical, and much more along the lines of being light hearted. We have hopefully learned that it would be detrimental to a conversation or relationship to bring out those really bad skeletons we all have hidden in our proverbial closets so when flirting or teasing try and stick to something simple and easy to accept.

Our wonderful friends, “the dating books” would never stoop to teasing or flirting would they?  No, they always tell you to treat her like a queen or a princess; put her on a pedestal and keep her there.  By doing this they tell you she will eternally be yours.

In reality treating a woman this way will often bore her to death. She will most likely be more attracted to a man who challenges her mentally as well as emotionally and does not just let her get away with acting like a princess around them. What is going to happen to the guy who did with the dating books said to do; he will be her doormat for as long as she wants him to.  Is this what you want to be, a doormat?

So, if we don’t want you to be a doormat, but we also know the flirting and teasing must be somewhat mature, well timed, and appropriate, how do we accomplish this feat? Once again we need to seek out our friend or relative and practice on them. Be daring in your approach, and make sure they understand it is very important they give you honest feedback. Try a few actual insults and see how they will be received, also try and work on reading the other person so you know when the flirting is appropriate and when it is not.

There is a better than average chance when you two are trading stories she might actually begin the flirting first. If that happens remember this is a really great thing, that means she really does like you and you should take this as a vote of confidence it is ok for you to flirt with her as well. On the other hand, if she doesn’t start the flirting, when you do start, keep it simple and light to begin with.

Avoid insulting her stories to start with; if you insult or make fun of something in her stories, she might not share any more of herself, which is a complete backfire of what we wanted to happen here. Instead try and find something that is obvious about her she might have been made fun of for all her life.

The reason to find something that is really obvious is she has most likely already been teased about it her whole life and has developed a barrier to the teasing and might even have a great comeback prepared. This would be called an ice breaker, but instead of needing to break the ice to start the conversation, we had to break the ice to start the flirting and teasing. Hopefully your practice with your friend or relative will help keep you under control in this stage of the conversation; you certainly don’t want to end up hurting her feelings.

Another value to the light teasing is you are sending her the message that she is not better than you. If you follow the advice books again on this, they never tell you to play hard to get, in fact it’s such a pursuit until surrender strategy I’m certain some was hardened Generals are using the books for strategy to pursue and conquer their enemies as well.

By sending the message to her she is not better than you are, you are playing a bit of hard to get, and will retain her interest in you much longer than if you are a doormat at her beck and call. You need to send the message with you stories and your flirting that you know the value of yourself and that you have a life.

Letting her know this will not turn her off, rather it should make her even more interested and wanting to become a part of your life. If it doesn’t she was probably not the woman you really were looking for anyway, remember she needs to fit into your life, not have you give up your life in order to be hers all the time.