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Play Possible Scenarios In your Head To Prepare Your Game

How do you get yourself to the head of the pack and stay there? What do you need to do in order to catch her attention and make sure she isn’t searching somewhere else for someone else? That is really the trick here isn’t it, you want her attention to be on you, while you ensure she won’t be looking anywhere else.

With this in mind you must understand it will be extremely important you give her a first impression she will remember, and one that makes her wanting more from you. Your goofy prop item is there to help you do some of that, although, this item should bring you some attention throughout the room and not just with her.

Remember, at this point you have planned your approach, you have your list of questions you might be able to go up to her and ask, and have it narrowed down to just a few rather than a list that would give the book War and Peace a run for its money. You have also worked the room and scouted out how she is mingling with other guests, so now a few more questions. read more

8 Places To Work Your Flirting Game While At The Shopping Mall

Setting the Scene

Understand first of all, there is an unbelievable amount of opportunity to win a first date with a woman out there; it is really up to you to get out of your own way and actually make contact with a woman in what might seem like an unusual place.

The bars and clubs are all so overdone and really are kind of a safe haven of overconfident men and women, most of the time you would be competing with several other men for just one woman, and what sets you apart from the other guys at a bar… not much really. read more

Being A Man And Be The One In Control

For all of the feminist and women’s lib stuff out there, women still want a man who acts like a man and isn’t afraid to treat her like a woman. She doesn’t want some guy she can walk on.

She doesn’t want some guy who’ll act like a lap dog and will follow her every command. Too many men make the mistake of treating a woman like a sounding board.

These men want to feel better about whatever issue they have going on in their lives. So they spill their guts. They talk about their families, their jobs, their ex-girlfriends and all the ways that life has screwed them over. read more

Is Flirting A Two Way Street?

It is very likely while you are teasing and complimenting her, being as flirtatious as you can be she will also begin to do the same with you.  She may or may not have worked the room as you did, and quite honestly you probably were not the first man she targeted so her flirting might be a bit less prepared than yours. How could she be prepared, she didn’t have the information contained in these pages, so make sure you even tease her about her ability to flirt, or lack thereof.

What I am getting at really here though is you will have her giving you little insults and hopefully compliments as well, be prepared to take the insults in stride and laugh at them. With the compliments give a genuine thank you, don’t shake it off like it isn’t true, sometimes the hardest thing for a person to do is compliment another so be gracious about it.

The bottom line here is to have some fun, a good back and forth banter between the two of you which should lead us directly into our next section if you play your cards right. If you don’t, and your insults have landed you back at home with a bag of frozen vegetables on your once proud family jewels, you will simply need to hone your skills and read the signs better next time. read more

The Art Of Attractive Teasing And How To Do It Right

What is it?  Simple once again, the it I refer to is teasing. Teasing is absolutely the heart and foundation of flirting and if there is any real attraction between you and the lovely lady you have the pleasure of spending time with it will be very necessary.

What is important to remember is there is nothing wrong with a bit of teasing or flirting with each other. Giving each other a hard time about your stories, about what you are wearing, or even how you eat or walk is all natural. Flirting and teasing are so ingrained in human nature we often do it without knowing it.

If you remember when you were a youngster, when a girl liked you, and didn’t know how to show it she might come up to you and punch you. Strangely enough this is actually the most basic and primitive form of flirting. Your reaction at that age might even be to put her down to your friends, she might actually do the same to you, but in reality, you both liked each other but were so young and immature you didn’t know how to show it at all. read more