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Giving Her The Gift Of Missing You

Once you have successfully had a bit of flirting with the lovely lady, you need to be sure to excuse yourself for a little while. Find someone else to talk to go get a drink, or even a bite to eat. This will give her time to let her friends know what she thinks and about the interesting interaction she had with you and also allow you to be able to create the right situation for the last key; isolation.

In order to isolate her and have her all to yourself for a while, you first have to let her go mingle again and get sucked back into the crowd. It may seem this is counterproductive at best, but in reality this is the right move and will work to your advantage.

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9 Unlikely Places That Are Great Scences To Meet Women

1) The Bus Ride

There are tons of locations to chose from, but many people overlook the opportunities presented to them, because they are too busy worrying about the destination at that moment and forget to enjoy the journey.

So to set the stage for our first few locations; let’s say you are a busy professional in a large city and use public transportation most days for commuting either for work, or for errands. read more

The Way to Show Interest That Leads to Bed

Believe it or not, there’s a right way and a wrong way to show that you’re interested in a woman. If you do it the wrong way, you’re going home alone and you can forget about getting laid.

But if you do it the right way, you’ll be able to have your pick among the women that you meet. When a man shows interest in a woman, it can turn her off. Here’s why:

That hot girl knows that you want you when you show interest. What this does is to put the ball firmly in her court. She then controls the game play and decides if you’re worth allowing to get close to her. read more

Get Really Good At Conversational Skills By Just Talking To People

This sounds easy to some and not so much to others. Have you ever noticed in some groups you have people who don’t shut up and others who barely talk?  You would think the quiet ones are full of social anxiety, but in reality they both are anxious about the social setting.

The person who can’t shut up is in fear that if they were to stop talking they wouldn’t know what to do, they haven’t figured out their own listening skills to ensure others can contribute to the conversation equally. On the other hand the quiet person has the opposite problem; they aren’t very sure of how to add to the conversation so they sit back quietly and listen. We want to be somewhere in between. With this said, our first exercise is simply to talk to people. I don’t care who, just get out there and talk to them, introduce yourself, say “Hi” and let the world know who you are.  It’s really simple once you get the hang of it, but you have to actually put yourself out there and get the conversation started so people can talk back with you.

Unsure where to start? Let me get you started. Let’s say you need to go to the bank today, no doubt you are going to have to see a bank teller who is going to ask you about your account and what your business is, that’s all fine and good, you’ve done that a thousand times, but how about an actual conversation with the bank teller, especially if she’s a woman. read more