Giving Her The Gift Of Missing You

Once you have successfully had a bit of flirting with the lovely lady, you need to be sure to excuse yourself for a little while. Find someone else to talk to go get a drink, or even a bite to eat. This will give her time to let her friends know what she thinks and about the interesting interaction she had with you and also allow you to be able to create the right situation for the last key; isolation.

In order to isolate her and have her all to yourself for a while, you first have to let her go mingle again and get sucked back into the crowd. It may seem this is counterproductive at best, but in reality this is the right move and will work to your advantage.

Are You Crazy?

I’m sure by now, if you didn’t already think it, you think I am a bit nuts and should be taken away in the white coat that makes a person hug themselves that I spoke of earlier, but no, in this case I am not actually crazy. Allowing the woman to go back into the fray will give her time to think about what just happened.

“I’ve got the woman all to myself and you want me to release her back to the pack of ravenous dogs?” is certainly the next thought going through your mind, but again the answer is yes. When she starts to think about how she enjoyed the flirting with you, and the way you set it up and spent so much time and energy on just being able to meet her she will be easier for you to get by herself to have your actual conversation.

In fact what is really going to happen is some of the ravenous dogs are going to try and hit on her and buy her drinks or other dumb obvious things, but none of them will have taken the time you took to make sure her attention and thoughts are on them. Why is that? Simply because instead of finding a great way to play a game with the woman, they only have one thing on their mind and no real plan; they are relying on their looks or charm but that won’t do it for them tonight.

Bide Your Time

What are you supposed to do once you have released this fox back to the hounds? You need to appear to still be enjoying the party.  Talk to some other people, another woman or two would not at all be a bad move here, grab a drink or a bite to eat. The reason to talk to other women is to have the woman you have your eye on realize once again that you are in control and desirable and she needs to come to you.

Try not to flirt with these other women, just have some nice conversation, if they are ladies you know already from work or are even relatives that works really well. Tell them a couple of your great stories, especially funny ones. By telling a couple funny stories to these other women, the woman you were flirting with will see you are the center of the group’s attention and making everyone laugh, she will want to know why they are all laughing and find out what story it is you told.

9 Unlikely Places That Are Great Scences To Meet Women

1) The Bus Ride

There are tons of locations to chose from, but many people overlook the opportunities presented to them, because they are too busy worrying about the destination at that moment and forget to enjoy the journey.

So to set the stage for our first few locations; let’s say you are a busy professional in a large city and use public transportation most days for commuting either for work, or for errands.

How often do you notice the people on the bus with you?

Of course you would notice if a woman came onto the bus whom you were instantly attracted to, at least I hope so. If not, you might need more than this book to help you.

Anyway, how do you approach her on the bus? What will you say? What if you try to talk to her and words just won’t come out?

Slow down…too many worries. Here is an approach that will help get things started.

First, go sit down next to her, or if there isn’t much room and you are sitting, offer her your seat while you stand in close proximity. This shows a sense of being which is always great.

Ok, so now you have her close to you that you want to engage and possibly complete your mission with, but…

…what to say?

How about asking her for directions somewhere in town? Simple. Just ask where a particular restaurant is, or maybe a nearby business, this will show you are “not afraid to ask directions” an old male cliché, and shows a small sense of vulnerability.

Another possibility would be to notice what she is wearing and ask where she may have gotten it, be sure to compliment her on the item first. Both these approaches are simply conversation starters, from there you need to keep the conversation going with her in order to complete you mission before the bus ride is over.

2) Museum or Gallery

How about an art museum or a gallery? This would be a fantastic opportunity to engage a woman whom you find attractive. First of all, most people who attend openings at art museums and galleries will be well dressed and on their best behavior, a good chance for you to pull out your inner James Bond and put him on the outside. Or, if just visiting as a casual visit, they are usually somewhat quiet places where a conversation can easily be had without having to shout.

Either way one of the easiest approaches to getting a woman’s attention in this setting would be to share an opinion on a piece of art. Make sure you start off by asking her opinion and validate her opinion if you agree, or if not, politely have a good back and forth conversation about the piece of art.

It helps if you know a bit of something about the artist, or the type of work in the gallery, but it is not a must. This approach could actually lead to an entire afternoon of an art tour with the woman of your interest; amazingly you would have completed your mission just by approaching and sharing an opinion.

3) Taking a Class

Another such venue for our bus to drop you off would be a class, especially one that would have an interest for both men and women, such as cooking, dance, writing, or a language class. Please don’t take a class to meet women, that won’t end well because if you are taking a class you should be genuinely interested in the subject matter of the class first. However, if you signed up for the class because you are interested, and find there is a woman in the class you want to get to know better here are some great ideas to approach her.

First, try and situate your seat so you are next to her in some way, obviously this will make having a conversation that much easier. During the class ask her opinion on some topics, or how to complete some of the class work. Share opinions on the topics of discussion and make sure you compliment her on her opinions and work. Surely you will at least make a friend in the class this way and this should make it easier to find yourself able to complete your mission.

4) The Gym

Even though there has been a movement toward women’s gyms and heightened awareness against men who frequent gyms just to hit on women, this is still a good place to find a date and make a connection. Similar to the organic food store, if she is at the gym, she has exhibited some quality you find valuable, trying to keep fit or get into shape, so there is nothing wrong with harmless conversation.

How do you approach a woman at the gym and not seem like one of the above mentioned men who are only there to hit on a woman and not make an actual connection? It’s pretty simple really, especially if you are new to the gym; ask for advice.

If you see a piece of equipment you want to use, and notice she is either using it or has just finished with it, ask her how to use it. Most likely she will either demonstrate it for you, giving you an opportunity to pay her a compliment on her form or stamina, or she will have you get on the equipment and walk you through it.  If she has you on the equipment you can of course compliment her instruction.

The gym approach might take a few visits before you are able to complete your mission, but the work is well worth it, and you can buff up or get your Arnold on while trying to gain that first date. You can ask questions about equipment, or workout routines, or anything else at the gym, but keep in mind not to be so intrusive so she can complete her workout.

After a few visits, and receiving her advice, you should be able to exchange phone numbers or ask her out on a date, thus completing your mission. If nothing else at least you will be getting some hopefully valuable workout tips from her and getting into better shape yourself.

5) Yoga Class

Similar to the gym, but thankfully a class setting, you can make a great connection with a woman in yoga class. One advantage for you is the fact that a class starts at a specific time each week so you already know when the rest of the class should arrive to workout. Another great item to point out is your skill level is not important here either; whether a beginner or expert you can take the class and not look out of place.

You will have to take more than one class in order to strike any kind of connection, but being in a class for the duration gives you an opportunity to have a conversation throughout that time. After spotting your intended target, the first thing you need to do is get to the next class early so you can get your choice of spots to workout, which in this case needs to be right next to her.

After you have your spot on the floor, start up a conversation regarding the previous class, the routine, or advice on particular parts of the class. Make sure you compliment her on her form and maybe even make a self-deprecating comment about your own lack of flexibility or stamina. Surely after a nice conversation you will have set up a date, possibly for after class to get some coffee or a quick bite to eat.

By now I’m sure you are thinking, “Is this ride over yet?” or “My head is spinning can I get off the bus yet?” Not just yet, my job is to help you complete your mission of securing a first date, and we have a few more places to explore so sit back and enjoy the rest of the ride.

6) Dog Park

The dog park can be a fantastic place to meet a nice woman. Who doesn’t love a dog? At least you know if she is there with her dog, she is an animal lover like you, or at least a dog lover. Like I have advised with other scenarios, have an invested interest, please don’t go to the dog park without your own dog. You will also look awkward and a bit silly if you bring a friend’s dog, so make sure it is your own.

If you fit the right mold above, a dog owner, of an actual dog, please not a stuffed or toy dog, then by all means bring the dog to the dog park and see what happens. If you see a woman there who you want to meet, try and have your dog playing near her and her dog, maybe even with her dog.

The ice breaking conversation starter in this case is super simple; introduce yourself then ask her what breed her dog is. If it’s obvious what the breed is, ask anyway, sometimes there are interesting mixes that are not so obvious. You also should ask the dog’s name and start to share information about your dog. Hopefully this will lead to some conversation regarding what it’s like being a dog parent, and some of the fun things they each do.

You can make a date to meet again at the dog park and trade phone numbers. Mission accomplished; how simple was that one? Make sure you give your dog a treat when you get home for being probably the best wingman a guy could ever ask for.

7) Church

Meeting a woman at church is usually pretty easy, but you need to be genuinely interested in being at church and sharing your beliefs and sometimes your personal story. These are both really great things to share, and many women like to know more about a man before they agree to any kind of date, so that part sort of gets the ball rolling for you.  However, be real; don’t go for the reason of just meeting women.

If you have been a regular at a church, or even just starting to go, one way to meet women and other people at the church is by getting involved in different activities the church puts on. If you spot a woman you are interested in, you can ask her what activities she participates in and what she likes about them, especially if the church is having a sign up weekend.

It should be obvious you will have to put in some time to get a first date and some continued time at the church in order to keep a relationship going, however if she is there and you enjoy each other’s company that should really be the easy part.

8) The Laundromat

One location you may have never thought of but can be a great place to get a nice conversation going is a laundromat. Think about the situation, if you are doing laundry at the laundromat, you are kind of trapped there while your clothes are either washing or drying. Lots of people will bring a book or a computer to work on while there; instant conversation item, and what better way to pass the time than to have someone nice, interesting, and engaging to talk to while you wait.

If you happen to see a woman of interest at the laundromat, under no circumstances do you approach her while she is handling her clothes. This can be embarrassing for both of you and make you look more like a stalker than a genuinely interested party. However, while the clothes are in the machines is the perfect time to approach her and start a conversation. Like I said in the last paragraph, she will probably have a book or computer, and you can approach her much like you would have in the coffee shop.

The great thing about this situation is she will probably welcome some conversation, because she is “trapped” at the laundromat while her clothes are washing and drying. The simple approach in the laundromat would be to ask for some help, either with what soap to use, when to put in fabric softener, anything related to laundry, and hopefully she will assist you or at least offer some advice. Once the conversation gets started; keep it going you both will be there a while together. Be sure to leave a phone number with her and set that first date; boom, mission accomplished, way to go.

9) Neighbourhood

Hey, we have a scene that doesn’t require our bus to drop us off; why not meet interesting and fascinating women in your own neighbourhood? Close proximity can absolutely be your friend in this case as she will be easier for your to see on a regular basis, so the approach is pretty simple here.

If she lives very nearby, or in your building, and you have maybe had a few conversations with her during the time the two of you have lived near each other, one option would be to ask her a favor while you are traveling. Ask if she would mind helping with your dog, or collecting your mail, or even just keeping an eye on your place while you are gone. She would be doing you a huge favor, and you can take this opportunity to make sure she knows this before you head out on your trip. You will actually have to go on a trip of some sort, which could be a great conversation topic as well.

Once you have arrived back from your trip, offer to pay her, mostly she may decline, but at least offer to take her out to dinner as a payment for taking care of your place while you were gone. Make sure you don’t set this as a date; the actual first date should be made while on this dinner.

Another approach with your attractive female neighbor is to invite her to a neighbourhood party you are throwing. Make sure you invite all your neighbors as well, and while at the party be sure to get to know lots of your neighbors while paying her special attention. Be sure not to ignore your other guests, be an excellent host, but be sure to get her to agree to a date before the evening is over.

The Ride is Over; or Just Beginning

Our mission impossible bus ride of everyday destinations has finally come to an end, sorry to kick you off so soon, but I have a date. Do you have a date? Do you see how easy this can become mission possible for you? Hopefully after reading and applying some of the suggestions contained here, if not a date, at least hopefully I have opened your eyes to the possibilities around you every day. Take advantage of the opportunities when they present themselves and you too will find yourself mission complete.

The Way to Show Interest That Leads to Bed

Believe it or not, there’s a right way and a wrong way to show that you’re interested in a woman. If you do it the wrong way, you’re going home alone and you can forget about getting laid.

But if you do it the right way, you’ll be able to have your pick among the women that you meet. When a man shows interest in a woman, it can turn her off. Here’s why:

That hot girl knows that you want you when you show interest. What this does is to put the ball firmly in her court. She then controls the game play and decides if you’re worth allowing to get close to her.

You don’t ever want to give up control when it comes to showing interest in a woman. You have to show interest, but you have to do it in such a way that the control never leaves your hand.

You do this by taking control in a genuine way. Yes, the goal is to get laid – but you don’t have to be a jerk to accomplish that goal. Too many men believe that if they act arrogant, women will fall at their feet.

Reality is that the woman is thinking what a jerk this guy is. Wanting to get laid does not make you a jerk. But thinking that it’s all she’s good for does. Plus, that kind of thinking will come out in the way that you interact with her.

You can use a technique and that’s fine but you have to be genuine with the way that you handle your approach. This is especially important if the woman has a high hotness factor because beautiful women can be very picky.

There are some things that are okay to do and other things are not okay. It’s okay and even encouraged that you let her know that other women want you. This behavior ups her interest in you.

Now if you come right out and say that other women want you, she’s going to think it’s ego talking. You always have to have the proof. You do this by making sure that your online life has plenty of evidence of that.

On your social media sites, have pictures that show you interacting with and having fun with beautiful women. Dating photos, hanging out at the beach photos or having drinks at a bar with a beautiful woman are great pre-selection hooks.

So use plenty of those. Make sure that your online life shows that women everywhere are interested in you. Have photos of you interacting with other women on your cell phone photo log.

This shows the woman you want to have sex with that you’re the kind of guy that other beautiful women find desirable. You should also make sure that you show her that you’re not a one-dimension kind of guy.

You do this by showing an interest in her life outside of the bedroom. While this might seem like a bore to you, showing interest outside the bedroom leads to going into the bedroom.

You should ask questions about what she does for work, and what she enjoys doing in her off time. You should ask her favorite places to hang out and what her favorite foods are.

You can do this and not have her think you’re being too eager. This is simply conversation that’s focused on her and it makes her think that you’re genuinely interested in her as more than a body – even if you’re not really.

Get Really Good At Conversational Skills By Just Talking To People

This sounds easy to some and not so much to others. Have you ever noticed in some groups you have people who don’t shut up and others who barely talk?  You would think the quiet ones are full of social anxiety, but in reality they both are anxious about the social setting.

The person who can’t shut up is in fear that if they were to stop talking they wouldn’t know what to do, they haven’t figured out their own listening skills to ensure others can contribute to the conversation equally. On the other hand the quiet person has the opposite problem; they aren’t very sure of how to add to the conversation so they sit back quietly and listen. We want to be somewhere in between. With this said, our first exercise is simply to talk to people. I don’t care who, just get out there and talk to them, introduce yourself, say “Hi” and let the world know who you are.  It’s really simple once you get the hang of it, but you have to actually put yourself out there and get the conversation started so people can talk back with you.

Unsure where to start? Let me get you started. Let’s say you need to go to the bank today, no doubt you are going to have to see a bank teller who is going to ask you about your account and what your business is, that’s all fine and good, you’ve done that a thousand times, but how about an actual conversation with the bank teller, especially if she’s a woman.

One nice thing I have experience when visiting a bank is most of the times the tellers get to make their station a bit personal. They put up pictures of kids, spouses, pets, or other little things, they have their name placard out in front of the teller station which means you already know their name.

Because of all these personal items around the teller, it should be easy to strike up a conversation. If you see the teller has a picture of her dog at a dog park and you happen to own or like dogs yourself, ask about her dog. Most dog owner will gush over their pet as if it was a child who saved them from a burning building, so this should be a simple conversation to start up.

No matter what the topic of conversation becomes, keep good eye contact, ask open ended questions, that means questions that can’t be answered with yes or no, and smile. Listen carefully to what she says to you and respond appropriately. Because this is such a safe setting you are expected to be fairly successful right away talking to your bank teller.

The same approach can be taken with other clerks at many places you visit every single day. Grocery clerks, hair stylists, especially while getting that necessary new hair style, people who are in lines with you, and maybe even people riding in the elevator with you at work.

The idea itself is really very simple, start a conversation. It can start with the usual mundane work and business stuff, but try and find a way to make it somewhat personal. Introduce yourself, especially if it’s someone at work who you have never introduced yourself to, and make some type of conversation.

Ask questions, I know not everyone is going to have their pictures and name out for you to see as easy as our friendly bank teller, but you need to find a way to make it personal? If you like a person’s hair style say so and ask where they get it done. If you see a woman who appears to have just had her nails done ask about her nails, or if you see a man wearing a nice watch ask what style it is and where he bought it.

It doesn’t really matter too much what you are noticing and asking, just keep the questions open ended. However, don’t end the conversation with a question and them giving you one answer and that’s it. What comes next a long pause of awkward silence where the person you were talking to might think you are a bit strange for asking only one question. You can keep the conversation going by asking if they saw a particular show the night before or caught a sporting event.

The point is it’s up to you to get over the anxiety of talking to strangers in public about personal items or issues. Once you get past some of the trivial conversation, the small objects, shows on TV or sports, all of this is called small talk, it’s time to tackle something a bit larger.

Hopefully as you are going through the exercise of talking to strangers in public, even though you might have slipped along the way and asked a woman when she was due to have her baby even though she wasn’t pregnant, you are learning to get comfortable with people and maybe developed a friend or two along the way.

Now it’s time to try and dig into some deeper issues, next time you see some of your new acquaintances it’s time to ask them about their views on different topics. Start with something simple such as do they see themselves having children and when, do they feel there is someone out there for everyone, maybe a political or religious discussion, the point is very simple. Get used to talking to people.

You may be asking yourself, why did this guy have me talking to strangers? I only really want to talk to one stranger and that is the nice young woman from the party, so what is the point in all of this? Just like the character played by Ralph Macchio in the first Karate Kid, you must learn before you can act. Just as he had to learn and repeat each karate move many times, you need to practice talking to strangers in public, and not just about business.

By talking to people who you run into daily we are using a somewhat comfortable environment to have you perform a task that might be not as comfortable. You aren’t comfortable and confident enough to talk to a beautiful woman at a party, which is both an uncomfortable environment and action, so to help this we kept you in your comfort zone so far, now it’s time to break out a bit.

Are you ready to go to another party and talk to the lovely lady yet? Not hardly. You need to complete the next part of the confidence building first. Everything I am telling you is building on what came before. The next thing you need to do is approach a woman or group of women in public and start the conversation as soon as you get to the group.