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The Wrong And Right Way To Text Messaging Women

You want this woman, so when you feel that she’s closing the window, you think the smart thing to do is to text her. Keep the connection there and keep the hope alive and surely that’ll change her mind is how many men think.

The truth about messaging with a woman that you want to sleep with is that there’s a right and a wrong way to do it. The right way will get you into her life and into her bed.

In fact, it can change her mind about you even if she blew you off in the past. If you text her the wrong way, you could possibly end up as joke material making the rounds between her and her friends. read more

Create Circumstances To Go For The Kill

We are not actually going to kill anything here, let me make that perfectly clear. If you thought reading that subtitle I was going to instruct you on how to get this woman in the back of your van so you can wear her skin like the serial killer did in Silence of the Lambs you are very mistaken. I realize this section of the booklet is all about isolation, but that is not the kind of isolation we are after here.

What we are actually going to do is continue to gain the upper hand by inviting her to join you for a little quiet time. One of the easiest and most time honored ways to get a woman somewhat alone and be allowed to have some quiet conversation is to ask her to dance. This might be a bit awkward if there is no music playing, no dance floor, and no one else dancing.

If in fact there is a dance floor, people are dancing, and there is music playing (I certainly hope so or we are going to need a lot of those lovely white self-hugger jackets) pick a slow song and ask her to dance with you. You already laid the ground work by flirting with her in a way she probably has never been flirted with before, and you kept her interest by walking away for a while, so most likely she will easily allow you to lead her away for a dance. read more

Getting To The Finish Line In A Classic Pickup

It’s not really a race, but there is a goal in mind when you meet a woman you are attracted to and have a great conversation with and that goal is a kiss. Depending on the setting, how private the area you are at and the amount of attraction will determine what kind of kiss is really appropriate. You might not want to dive in tongue hanging out and slobber all over her like a Saint Bernard who hasn’t seen its owner in a month. Nor do you want to have your first kiss be the kind you might give to your Grandmother who smells funny either.

The important part of this section isn’t really the type of kiss, although you should be looking for a nice easy soft kiss and let her take charge of the duration and intensity, but rather your focus needs to be more along the lines of when is it appropriate to kiss her.

Setting the scene back up, you have spent all evening with this lovely woman, you have laughed, shared stories, flirted some, and have been holding hands together ever since you told her you could read her palm, how do you ask her for a kiss without sounding like a fool? The other question to this is, do you just go in for a kiss or should you ask? read more

Planning Your Moves Before Approching A Group Of Women

How are you going to approach the young woman who you want to talk to when she is in a group of friends? What should you say and how are you going to make sure you win her attention? There again are several rules to this approach, much as any other approach and we are going to cover them here, but let’s discuss the friends first.

Why should you care about her friends? Because they will help to shape her opinion of you; you at some point are going to walk away from the group and you want to have made a great impression on everyone in the group, not just her. There are several ways to accomplish this, and we are going to discuss a few, but keep in mind your ability to win her friends over will go a long way.

By now you must be putting it all together and understanding why I had you trying your approach on strangers in groups at work and at the shopping center, all because you are more likely to encounter your intended woman in a group and not alone. If you haven’t noticed already, women tend to travel in packs when out in public and the protection of the herd has to be won in order to join. read more