7 Simple Ways To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Come Crawling Back

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It was blissful while it lasted, right? You met the only woman who stood out among all the other women in that crowd, had her in your arms, and then one day, you lost her. What happened? Well, it was mostly your fault. Apparently, you’ve taken her granted and you’ve done quite a number of things that offended your relationship. At first, it was all just a blur, but as days passed, the gruesome reality hit you—she’s gone.

One morning, you realize that you cannot make it without her anymore. You want her back, but is it even possible? Fortunately, it is. All you have to do is pay attention and take note of the following ways to make your ex girlfriend come crawling back:

1. Never become a friend to her.

If you allow yourself to become her friend, then there is no chance you can get her back. Women have the ability to see men as mere comrades and nothing more. If you want her in your arms again, do not be the shoulder to cry on.

2. Stop checking up on her.

Calling her every five to ten minutes is not a great idea either. Missing her makes you have that urge to see how she is doing all the time. You find yourself calling her number several times a day. This won’t win her heart back. Instead, it suffocates her. Give her time to think things over.

3. Make sure you respect her privacy.

Stalking your ex girlfriend is never a good idea. She and her friends will notice it right away. Even if you make your monitoring discreet, she will find out because women can sense when someone watches them. Do not even consider cyber stalking. In cyber stalking, you check her social network profiles constantly and like all of her posts. Please avoid doing this because it is really unsettling.

4. Be patient.

Give your ex girlfriend time to herself. Allow her to recuperate from the breakup. You cannot consider forcing her to be with you again. Never be aggressive in getting her back or you will just scare her away. Being forceful only reminds her of the reasons why she broke up with you in the first place.

5. Take care of yourself.

Remember that women are easily attracted by men who look good. After the break up, make sure you go to the gym, get a new haircut, and purchase new clothes. Looking good not only attracts other women. It also makes your ex wonder what is going on in your life. She’ll definitely notice you when you look so much more handsome when the two of you parted ways.

6. Have fun.

Spend time with your friends. Have fun and strike conversations with other women. Once your ex finds out that you’re going out with friends, she could make an effort in joining you some time.

It’s never easy to get your ex girlfriend back. You have to make an extra effort in making her see how different you are, and how willing you are to make changes, just to have her by your side again.

7. And if you are truly ready to bring out the arsenal, There’s nothing more powerful than jealousy when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Jealousy is often seen as a negative emotion. Many people don’t cherish the idea that another person doesn’t trust them with the opposite sex. For men like you, who have just broken up with their girlfriends, jealousy can be a positive thing. You can use jealousy to even get your ex girlfriend back.

Some people see jealousy as a gauge of their partners’ love for them. The greater the degree of jealousy, the happier they are. To them, if their partners are jealous, their partners really love them. So, how can you make your ex girlfriend jealous, now that it’s over between the two of you?

Take note that if you do succeed in making her jealous, there is a possibility for the two of you to rekindle your relationship. They say that love is sweeter the second time. Maybe this can prove true for you. Check out these tricks in making your ex girlfriend jealous:

1. Completely ignore her.

This is very challenging to do because if you want her back, then all you can think of is her. Try to overcome the urge to text, greet, email, or call her. Suck it up and just do what you do without her in your life. When you do this, your ex will wonder why you suddenly decided to stop reaching out to her. Wonder turns into jealousy because what seems to be a loss in interest in her could mean that another woman has won your heart already.

2. Tag her in your FB photos.

If you’re still friends in Facebook, see to it that you tag her in your photos. Concentrate on those that have you posing with other women. When your ex sees the photos, she will wonder if any of those women has already won your affections. If your ex still has feelings for you, then jealousy can spark easily.

Also tag her in your photos that show how much fun you’re having with friends or in certain activities. Take note that women, in general, do not respond to pity parties. Once your ex sees how happy and carefree you are, she will be interested in you again.

3. Call her occasionally.

After ignoring her for a time, call her. This lets her know that you are open to catching up with her. Never cry over the phone. Never tell her how much you love her. Just call her because you’re in good spirits. Your cheery voice will show her how okay you are. This will make her wonder why you’re not missing her at all.

4. Talk to other women.

It is best to do this when you know that your ex will be at the same place as you are—It may be a small gathering or a party. If she is there, then always talk to other women. This will make her think about how to catch your attention. Maybe she’ll end up with you by the end of the party.

If you succeed in making your ex girlfriend jealous, then there is a chance for you to get her back. When this pulls through, make the second time count.

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