A Fine Line Between Playful Teasing And Being A Jerk

With our next section, teasing, upon us how do we actually tease this lovely woman without being so rude as to turn her off? There is a fine line between playfully teasing a woman and coming off as a complete rude asshole, so make sure you are able to read the signs and come off on the right side of things. Here are some suggestions that should help you along the way.

First of all, in order to even get to the teasing, also known as flirting, part of any conversation or situation with a woman you have to have had some conversation and show an ability to read her body language. Also, if this is the first night you have ever met this woman, keep your teasing to very light hearted subjects, remember if you go overboard you are going to come off as a pompous jackass and that is not fun at all.

Our friends, oh the “dating experts” are so loving me throughout this booklet aren’t they?  Actually just the opposite, but I simply don’t care what they think. They will tell you, as I stated in the previous section, you shouldn’t tease a woman you are pursuing. Instead you need to put her on a pedestal and worship her. If you are doing anything short of adorning her with gifts and showering her with your attention you are wrong. Well, they are wrong, by doing that you only become yesterday’s news to this woman and she will find someone who actually presents her with a challenge.

The reality of this situation is the flirting and teasing is a wonderful way to show interest in a woman. It also gives her the chance to challenge you back with her own variety of flirting and teasing that lets you know she is interested as well. I know, it’s a bit if a complicated game we play with the playful banter and back and forth remarks, but in the end it can be well worth it, and lots of fun as well.

What qualifies as proper flirting and what doesn’t?  The ideal tease or flirt will show a woman you are somewhat interested, but also let her know you think you can do better at the same time. It also won’t be so degrading as to have her running off in tears and you being thrown out of the place; we certainly wouldn’t want that.

Once again, if you have just met this woman for the first time using teases that are personal really should be off limits. Even if she teases you on a personal level, don’t turn it on her, not everyone can handle having their own words or actions turned on them, and we are trying to attract her, not repel her. Using something as simple as “You like that restaurant? I thought the food there was dreadful; there is no way I would go there again. I can’t believe you like it” or “You enjoyed that movie? I thought it was awful and boring. That’s a deal breaker, I guess we can’t go out at all.”

Hopefully you get the idea with the teasing now. You are giving off the message that she isn’t good enough for you in a playful way, without getting personal. Unless she is the owner of the restaurant, or participated in the movies personally, she really won’t be too offended by the comments suggested above, and it gives her a chance to come back at you with a couple of her own insults.