Are Pickup And Flirting About Tricking Women Into Bed?

Are you tired of all the so-called dating advice experts telling you what you should do in order to “trick” a woman into spending time with you? Have you spent a ton of your hard earned money buying books, video, and cd’s that are supposed to help you find “the one” woman out there for you? Have you had to put frozen vegetables on your face or your more tender regions so many times you have lost count?

If all or any of the above is true of you, it’s time to throw away all that garbage those “love doctors” have fed you in so many different ways and actually focus on what you should be focused on; you. You actually are the most important part of the equation between the two of you getting together, and quite honestly, you are the only part that you can have any control over.

Certainly taking certain actions and having confidence and caring for your appearance are important. You wouldn’t find yourself attracted to a woman who was unkempt. If she strolled around town with last Thursday’s makeup on, a hair so messy birds are mistaking it for their next, and wearing dirty sweat pants and t-shirts with so many stains that you can tell what she had for dinner the past four nights, you and most men would not find this an attractive site at all.

However, even if this woman were to dress herself up and look absolutely beautiful to you, there is no guarantee she is who you would be looking for anyway, but, you on the other hand can make yourself be more attractive to women, and that is what you should be working on. If you find a way to work on yourself, when you do find a woman who is worth your time and possesses qualities that are attractive to you, then the work you put in to making yourself more attractive will pay off.

I am not talking about tricking a woman either. I am talking about doing things for you to ensure self-improvement. During the course of this booklet we are going to talk a lot about scenarios and how you should react to what is going on in them as well and what you can do to help make sure you can find yourself in a positive scenario.

What we are not going to talk about is doing the things our “expert” friends want us to do. You are not going to shower her with gifts, do some crazy things that are only going to backfire and embarrass you, and you are absolutely not going to pine over one woman without ever actually meeting her.

It’s time to allow the beauties out there to see the beauty that is within you. It does not matter what size man you are on the outside, what does matter is what size heart you have on the inside. What are you going to bring to the table that offers any woman the opportunity to get to know you better?  Can you bring it with confidence that you are fun, interesting, worth it and desirable? That is our aim in the book today.