Basic Grooming Tips You Must Embrace Before Going Out To Meet Women

Take a look in the mirror and tell yourself what you see. Be honest with yourself, it won’t do you any good to lie to yourself, because only you know yourself as well as you do. Please someone try and say that five times fast, I got dizzy just writing it.

If you see a guy who could use a shave, needs a haircut, could stand to lose a few pounds, or just a plain, ordinary looking guy, well join the club. That speaks for a majority of the men in this world, but now that you know this needs to be changed, what are you

My first suggestion is going to be to get a shave. If you don’t like to shave, or you really like your beard, that’s ok, just get it trimmed and keep it well groomed.  Having a clean looking face or a well groomed beard tells a woman that you care about how you look. That is really important to her in many ways.

First, if you have kept your beard or shave well groomed, you take pride in your appearance. Compared with so many other men who think they might get along without grooming this will go a long way. If you took the time to care about your appearance, generally a small item on the list, you must have a well put together lifestyle and have your life on track.

The reason I said you should take care of your shave or beard grooming first is because it is something you can do right away. I already have you staring at yourself in the mirror, you might as well get out the old razor and give it a go right there.  How about your hair though, what does it look like?

Let me tell you, if your hair looks like an 80’s rock band, you are really in trouble unless you have kept it clean and neat, like Fabio’s. However, if it more closely resembles a nesting place for local birds and you reach up their periodically to get your morning eggs, we have a lot of work to do.

Your haircut, style, and how well maintained it is says even more about how you take care of yourself, even more so than the beard grooming/shave does. The only real worry is how often you should get your hair cut and what style to choose from.

First, find a stylist, yes I said stylist, I did not say barber, who will help you pick out a good look for you. You don’t need the next hottest trend, but one that works well with your face and makes you look somewhat up to date. If you stylist suggests a 1960’s Beatles cut, or a 1990’s boy band hair style, go running for the door as fast as you can and on to the next place.

Choose a hair style that fits your personality and is somewhat conservative, remember in this case you aren’t just trying to win over the lovely lady; a hair style is something you have to live with all day every day. Once you have picked out a nice style that fits your personality and doesn’t make you look like you have come out of a science fiction novel, how often should you get it cut?

I would recommend having your hair cut about once a month. This will keep it well styled and be easier for you to maintain.  You can have it cut a little less or more depending on how fast your hair grows, but a general rule is once a month. If you are getting ready to attend a party or other function where the woman you are trying to meet will attend, get your hair cut about a week prior to the event.

The last item on the list as far as your physical appearance is weight. Another saying goes “I may be fat, but you’re ugly and I can lose weight”, not a very nice saying, but true enough. If you see a few extra pounds have crept in over the years, now is the time to try and get rid of them.  You might not be able to have them completely gone before the next party, but some diet and exercise won’t hurt either.

If you happen to have a gym membership, but simply have not been going to the gym, it’s time to dust off the membership card, get your workout clothes out of mothballs and get to the gym. Usually there will be a good list of classes you can take if you are unsure where to start, and most gyms have trainers on staff to help you out.

Once you have committed to being a regular at the gym and getting your money’s worth from that membership you meant to cancel a year ago and just forgot the next part of losing some weight is to watch what you eat. Find a sensible diet that fits into your lifestyle and stick to it.

It’s amazing how quickly you will physically feel more confident just by drinking more water, eating few more vegetables, and working out at the gym.  All of this, the gym, the haircut, the grooming will help you to get ready to meet the lovely lady, but that is just the beginning.