Basics Of Phone Gaming

It happens time after time. You’re out at the bar with your buddies and across the room, you spot a knockout hot chick. You know that you want to end up in that woman’s bed, but you’ve also learned enough to know it’s not only stupid, but downright creepy to walk up to her and tell her you’d like to sleep with her.

That’s moving way too fast for a woman. So, you have to follow a few unspoken dating rules. Topping off these rules is that when you want to get to know a woman – even if to you that purpose is just to get into her bed – you have to ask her for her phone number.

Most women will gladly scribble down their number on a napkin or write it down for you and hand it over. This is where it can get really confusing for a guy. Hey, she gave you her number.

Score for you, right? With your ego swelling up a bit, you show your buddies that the hot chick gave you her number. Now here comes the confusing part. Just because she gave you her number doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to you getting laid.

That’s not how it works. You might be one of the guys who got a woman’s number and she even suggested that you call her. Surely that means you’re in, right?

Wrong. Don’t take that to heart either. You might have even gotten past that first phone call to an actual date. You had a nice dinner, took in a movie, had some lively conversation and got to kiss her goodnight.

When you think about how that went, you just know that she’s a sure thing and that if you play your cards right, she’s going to end up putting out for you. If you think that, you’re going to be in for a rude surprise.

Remember how quickly a woman’s mind can change? How she’s led by her emotions? Guys, that means that just because you got a foot in the door, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get to keep it there.

That door can and has slammed in the face of many a man. You might be scratching your head, wondering what went wrong, what more you could have done.

Well, there is more that you can do like what’s taught in many dating books today but what you need to know right now is that you have a shot to make what you want to happen occur.

>Opportunity For Emotional Chemistry

When a woman gives you her phone number, she’s made the decision right there that she feels something. She might not even be able to completely define it. She just knows it’s there.

Now men, because of their logical brain, the one that they process every aspect of life with, including women, once we have that number, we plan our course of action which means conquer.

That’s a man’s natural drive. With a woman, conquer means win her affection and get into her bed. Some guys plan what they’re going to say, what avenue they’ll take to get her to give it up.

It’s their battle plan. Other men just sort of wing it. Both can backfire without any warning at all. Because while men are busy planning or not planning, what she felt for the man at that first interaction is dissipating faster than dew on grass after the sun rises.

This is because although a woman does have a slow meter when it comes to getting it in gear for sex, they don’t when it comes to beginning an interaction with a guy.

When she first meets a guy, that slow motor changes. It’s now revved up and she’s ready to be amazed by you because this is her emotional brain guiding her reactions.

Like it or not, her emotional side hungers for the stuff that chick flicks all tout. She’s looking for that fairy tale experience. Something fantastic, wonderful, something so great that she can’t stop thinking about or talking about with her friends.

This is natural for a woman to feel this way. She wants Prince Charming and not Mr. Get-Me-Laid. When you don’t deliver that amazing feeling she’s looking for, something starts to happen inside a woman’s emotional chemistry.

She begins to think about that interaction she had with you. She figures, because she’s disappointed and her motor was running while yours was parked, that she was completely wrong about you and that’s all it was.

A mistake. So the next thing you know, she’s changed her mind. When she changes her mind, she’s decided that any more interaction will be as just friends. You will not get a date.

You will not get a kiss. You sure as hell won’t get laid. Because you really, really want to sleep with this hot, amazing woman, you start making the mistakes that put the nail in the coffin of that opportunity.