Being A Man And Be The One In Control

For all of the feminist and women’s lib stuff out there, women still want a man who acts like a man and isn’t afraid to treat her like a woman. She doesn’t want some guy she can walk on.

She doesn’t want some guy who’ll act like a lap dog and will follow her every command. Too many men make the mistake of treating a woman like a sounding board.

These men want to feel better about whatever issue they have going on in their lives. So they spill their guts. They talk about their families, their jobs, their ex-girlfriends and all the ways that life has screwed them over.

These guys are seeking comfort, thinking that it will trigger a woman’s emotional care factor and make her care. Even to the point where she might sleep with him. You might think or maybe you were taught that women really want a man who isn’t afraid to open up and “share his feelings.”

But it doesn’t work, because before you know it, if you behave like this, you cross a line. You go from that mysterious guy she wants to sleep with to the guy that gets firmly put in the friend zone.

And friend, you’re not getting laid there.

So avoid the temptation to treat women like someone you can unload on. Save that for a therapist you don’t want to sleep with. Because women want a man that they don’t everything about.

In your relationship with a woman, especially during the phase before she sleeps with you, you have to be the one in control. You have to call every single one of the shots or what happens is you come across as whipped.

Why do you think it is that women like the bad boy characters? These men act like jerks, treat them like jerks and every woman in the world wants to sleep with one.

Because right or wrong with the stuff they do, these guys act like men who are in control. Being the one in control means knowing who has the power in the relationship.

This is a mistake that men make – and it’s a reason they don’t get laid as much as they want to. You must know that you’re the one with the power.

The One With the Power Owns the Relationship

There are techniques that every man has to learn when it comes to dealing with women. Unless of course, these men don’t mind being thought of as a wuss. You know where most men go wrong when they’re first working on getting a woman to go to bed with them?

They believe that she’s the one with all the power. They think that it’s up to her to decide if the men are good enough for her. That’s a bad idea right from the start and here’s why.

When you believe a woman has all the power, that means that she can take it or leave it. The “it,” in this situation means you. She can take or leave you because she’s the one with the power.

She’s the deciding factor. When a woman’s the one with all the power, you find yourself busting your butt to try to please her. Because deep down, you really do feel that she’s above you or too good for you and you worry that maybe she’s going to end up leaving you one day.

Men who live under this mistaken belief that women have all the power do it because they set themselves up. They did it to themselves. From the very beginning when they first set eyes on that woman and realized that they wanted her, they started working hard to impress her.

When you bust your butt to get a woman to want you and you work to get her to be impressed, you just handed over the reins of the relationship right there. When you do that, you’ve set the stage for how that relationship is going to play out for the duration of the time that you’re with that woman.

What you want is to be the one with the power. You want to be the man that makes her want you so badly that she’s the one coming on to you. She’s the one working her butt off to impress you.

She’s coming up to you at the bar or wherever you are and she’s the one that’s trying to talk you into having sex instead of the other way around. A man with the power in a relationship gets to decide who he sleeps with – and when – because there’s always another woman waiting to take the place of the girl he’s currently banging.