Frame Your Intentions To Go Under The Radar

It is extremely important you make your intentions clear to any woman, especially in a social setting with everyone dressed up and looking their best; you don’t want to come on too strong. Remember you are a stranger to this woman; she is going to have her guard up and think your entire intention in meeting her is to get her into bed as quickly as possible, so it really is important you put her worries to rest.

Because you have your goofy, crazy, or just funny prop with you at the party, hopefully this might help to break the ice and get your conversation started, but until you actually let her know your intentions are honorable, she will not trust your motives at all. There are a few ways to make this an easy part of your conversation with her and ease her worries.

Again, this is going to depend on the situation, if it’s a party with lots of dancing and you notice she is sitting by herself while most people are dancing, you can simply introduce yourself and ask her to dance. Don’t start by asking during a slow song, this screams “I want to take you to bed” rather, pick something with a fast beat and maybe even a group dance, such as a line dance.

By asking during one of these faster songs, and dancing as a group, you allow her the comfort of being with other people and not just you on the dance floor. This gives her the idea that your intentions are innocent enough, and shows her how much fun you can be, as if she wasn’t convinced of this with your goofy prop.

On the other hand, if the party is more of a stand around, or sit around party, one way to make sure she thinks your intentions are not to take her to bed for the night of her life, you have to make sure you include more than just her in your conversation. You will have to ease into conversation, include others around you, and keep your body language neutral so she doesn’t put her guard up.

Another  trick to make her think your intentions are honorable if she is not sitting or standing in any type of group will be to keep the conversation very light, friendly and not too deep. Periodically get up and excuse yourself to talk to other people, this allows her to think you are not just giving her all your attention and puts her more at ease.

If all else fails, you can simply come out and tell her as part of your conversation, you have no intention of trying to take her to bed. The reality is you saw her at another party and have wanted to meet her ever since. This is both flattering to her and shows her you have a shy side, which many women find attractive in a man.

Now you have planned your approach, you have the correct wardrobe, and you have visited the shopping center and met so many strangers that you have been invited to join a mall walking group, what else do you need to do? Now you need to learn how to play the game. This is the icing on the cake for you and your approach, allowing you to separate yourself from the rest of the hungry wolves at the party.