Fun Negative Remarks Are Just To Gain Her Attention

In the opposite realm of excluding a girl and making sure she knows you think you are too good for her.  At least you want her to think that you think you are too good for her, but in reality you don’t think you are too good for her, you just want her to think that. I think that was way too much think for me or anyone else.

At any rate, you now have excluded her from your conversation, or insulted her or done something to make her chase you down ready to throw a drink in your face, slap you across the face, or God forbid place a knee in a very tender location on your body. No matter what, when she does have that reaction it is time to take that table you just flipped completely over and use it to your advantage.

When she gets to you, be ready to let her know you were not serious about the remarks you made earlier, all you wanted to accomplish was to gain her attention and look you have it now. Hopefully when you point this obvious fact out to her she will smile a bit sheepishly, realizing you have just played a game and won with her.

In order to completely get back in her good graces it’s time to pay her a compliment. I am not talking about the simple and easy compliments about how she looks but rather you need to actually compliment her character in some way. This means you will have to already know something about how she interacts with others that are at the same event as the two of you.

Remember earlier during our sponsor’s words, you should have already worked the room and have the compliment prepared to give out, so now is the time before you end up with a martini all over your face. The idea is to give a very nice, character based compliment that shows her you have noticed her and have given her plenty of attention tonight, but not in the way she is used to.

In a way, this could be one of the biggest compliments this lovely lady has ever received. Who else has taken the time during an event such as this one to go to the trouble of giving an insult or saying something negative or simply ignoring her only to show they had been watching her all along? It might seem strange, drawn out and very risky, but remember the greater the risk, the greater the reward will be.

Don’t Go Stale

In order to ensure the conversation gets going and you have her undivided attention, you will actually need to keep going back and forth between a bit of teasing and some good compliments. Once you two have actually started talking, maybe just small talk at this point, there is nothing wrong with the teasing at all.

Keep the teasing playful at this point, you have her attention, don’t ruin it by acting like Steve Martin in The Jerk. Maybe tease her about her crooked smile, the way she stands, or something else that shows a bit of flirtation along with once again showing you have given her a lot of attention tonight.

Some of the preparation for the teasing and flirting can be done during your reconnaissance mission from earlier, also known as working the room. If you watch and see something you know will be a good item to give her a small tease with later go ahead and log it into your memory so you have it ready when the time comes.

In addition to the teasing, I said you also need to have some compliments, maybe her pretty eyes, how nice she smells, or how unique and beautiful she has gotten her hair done will all be great subjects for a nice compliment.