Getting Her Used To Your Touch Is Critical For Success With Wowmen

For lack of a more clever title for this section, we will just call it what it is, touch. If our hide, tease, show technique from the previous sections has worked, you should be engaged in a fun and interesting conversation with this lovely lady. The next way you are going to show interest in her is going to be to touch her.

The touch section is set up so you can get to the next section so it’s really important you get a positive reception when trying to touch this beautiful young woman. If you reach for her hand and she pulls it away like you were a crocodile about to snatch it off, well, you didn’t read her correctly and timing wasn’t right, so make sure you know the timing is right to get her to let you touch her.

Of course you can employ the tactic used during the first portion of the book, if you took the time to learn how to read palms, there is nothing wrong with telling her you know how to read palms and would like to show her your skill. It is at the very lease more mature than asking her to engage in a game of rock, paper, scissors, and you get to hold her hand, not so in the rock, paper, scissors game.

If you did not take the time to learn the palm reading from the first part of the booklet, shame on you go back and learn it now, don’t come back until you have mastered the fine art of palm reading. Of course I am kidding; you need to find a way for this woman to allow you to grasp her hand in yours. Sometimes this can be a natural occurrence if you are both looking at each other across the table and you simply reach out and take her hand in yours, or it might take a little bit more work.

One way to get her to hold your hand is to take it in yours and say something like “Let me show you something” or if someone is walking up to the area you two are in and will need a clear passage grabbing her hand and moving her out of the way. Either way, once you have her hand, if she allows you to, don’t let go of her hand.

If she does take her hand back, you will have to try to regain contact at some point in the conversation. The whole point of trying to hold her hand is to increase the intimacy between the two of you in preparation for our last section.

Why do you need to prepare for that last section? You need to get her to be used to you touching her, and you need to gain her trust in you before you can successfully move on to anything that might seem more intimate at all. That is why something as simple as holding her hand can be one of the biggest steps of the night for both of you.

In fact, the fact that she allows you to hold her hand send a signal to you that she is interested in you, not just biding time with you because of your witty and charming conversation. Make sure you take this as a very good sign that she really likes you and is attracted to you that certainly means your method of hide, tease, and show worked how you intended it to, and didn’t backfire for once.

As a word of warning, if she does not allow you to hold her hand, or after the palm reading has taken her hand back, don’t get too pushy. She might just not be ready to have that close intimacy of touching just yet and the two of you just met anyway. Just make sure you continue to have a nice conversation together, because you aren’t out of the game just yet.

Conversely, if you have now been holding hands and talking for a while it really is time to move on to the last section of the showing interest section of our booklet, good luck and have fun.