Getting Some Time Alone With Her And Moving From Place To Place

As a word of warning you should not be taking action in this section of the booklet unless you were successful in physical escalation. However, if you in fact were successful, bravo to you and welcome to the final section of the showing interest part, it has been a long journey so far.

This final section will hopefully not start to sound like a harlequin romance novel, or some cheesy movie where you spend half the movie watching two people holding hands and talking with no real movement, but in a way that is what should take place between you two at this point.

So far you have gotten this woman to allow you to hold her hand, and had some nice conversation with light teasing; it’s time for you to take this to the next level. If you haven’t already taken her somewhere private or at least quieter than where you were now is the time to do so.

If you are at a party, choose a nearby room, or a table away from the crowd. The idea is that you aren’t actually leaving the party, and you are keeping her in view of the rest of the party guests, which will give her a sense of security. Also, when sitting and talking, make sure she is closest to the exit, allowing her to leave the easiest if she decides that is what she wants to do.

Of course, if you are planning to kidnap this woman and tie her up in the back of your vans then put this booklet down and seek some help, that isn’t funny or kind at all. But if you only have the best of intentions then let me tell you why you need to situate yourself away from the exit. In reality this is a basic security you are allowing this lovely lady.

Her security and safety are of utmost important to her, as it is to all women, and she needs to know you are aware of this and take it seriously. Showing her this by having her seated closer to the exit, or making sure the two of you are still in view or possibly earshot of the other party guests is one way to accomplish this.

In another scenario, if you have met at a club, the best thing to do to get somewhat alone is to go to a restaurant for a sandwich or pizza, or offer to walk her home if she is ready to go home. By doing this you are taking her away from the crowd of strangers, but also out in public view so she can maintain her sense of security.

Once you have the location figured out and the two of you are together, holding hands looking into each other’s eyes and talking about life, and interests, what do you do? Many people who read that last sentence would simply say “kiss her you fool” but it’s still too early for that. What you need to do is make a triangle like you did as a kid in school, but with your eyes, not drawing it on paper.

How you make this triangle is by looking from one eye to the next and then down to her lips, and repeat. Keep changing which eye or her lips you are looking at while still talking and listening to her together. All during this time you should still be holding hands, either on the table together looking deep into one another’s eyes, or sitting side by side but facing each other.

Can you feel the passion mounting yet, have you started thinking now is the time for the kiss, it’s getting closer let me tell you. Keep working your eyes around hers and back to her lips performing your triangle. Please do this slowly, you don’t need to make yourself dizzy, or her by having your eye darting around like someone who just robbed a bank.

Remember the steps to getting a kiss from the last section was to ask her, not just go in for the kill. Our wonderful “experts” would tell you when you feel it go in and take the plunge and get that kiss, but if you remember I told you not to do this. Simply ask her if she would like to kiss you, or ask if you can kiss her.

I would really be shocked if this woman, who has allowed you to hold her hand for a long time, and look into her eyes while having such a nice conversation where the two of you are getting to know each other, is going to turn you down at this point in the night. Besides, the looking into her eyes and around to her lips has increased the sexual tension to a point that is simply unbearable so don’t be surprised if your kiss becomes something more like making out.

Please keep in mind to allow the woman the control of the kiss. It should be up to her how long, and how strong this kiss is, unless of course she starts to choke you with her tongue, then you might want to stop for a minute to catch your breath. Otherwise let her be in charge, this lets her know you think of her as worthy of your time and as an equal.