Getting That Involuntary Response For Women

More than relaxing on a boat in the middle of a lake fishing, and more than watching sports, men want to get laid. If that sounds like you, it means you’re a normal guy.

But wanting something and getting it are two different matters. Just because you want something is no guarantee that you’ll get it – unless you know the techniques that can help you achieve your goal of getting that hot chick and getting laid.

If you check out classic dating courses, you’ll see the techniques that you can learn to become a highly sought after man around town. You have to understand what you’ve been doing wrong and what you need to do in order to get it right.

First, look at how women react when it comes to the steps that lead up to her making up her mind on whether she’s putting out or not.

The Involuntary Response

Women don’t just have sex with you because you want to. That’s one of the biggest lies that you’ll ever believe. In fact, women have a healthy lust factor the same way that men do.

The difference with women, though, is found in the way that the connection is approached. You have to make that connection first and believe it or not, that connection isn’t a physical one.

You need to know how you can create a connection with a woman if you want to get into her pants. This connection is not physical or visual. This connection is an involuntary one from her.

With an involuntary response, that means that you have to know how to trip a response in her that’s chemical based. Inside her emotional brain, a woman has a chemical response when it comes to the opposite sex.

This chemical response is your golden ticket to sex, but most men don’t know about this response. This response is everything that’s important because it’s this response that you can use that will cause you to get laid by the hottest girls around.

If you think that she doesn’t have the same deep drive as a man, you’d be wrong. She can be just as driven by desire as a man can – but not too many men grasp this because they’ve never been taught.

Tapping into this chemical response leads you to a well of want in a woman. When you tap into that chemical response, a woman loses the ability to not want you back in return.

She won’t be able to help herself because her brain is throwing out all sorts of responses that lead her straight to you. In fact, she’ll be so hot for you that she’ll be the one doing the chasing and you’ll end up having to juggle your sex calendar so that you can fit all the women you’ll have into the lineup.

Best of all about this chemical response in her brain is that it makes her a sure thing regardless of you. You don’t have a thing to do with it. That means no rejection, and no going home unfulfilled.

When you unleash this chemical response in a woman, nothing about you will matter to tip the scales unfavorably. That means that you don’t have to be a good looking guy.

You don’t have to have a fat bank account. You don’t even have to be her type. In fact, you can bring zero to the table and you’re still going to end up causing her to want to spread those formerly off limits legs just for you.