Giving Her The Gift Of Missing You

Once you have successfully had a bit of flirting with the lovely lady, you need to be sure to excuse yourself for a little while. Find someone else to talk to go get a drink, or even a bite to eat. This will give her time to let her friends know what she thinks and about the interesting interaction she had with you and also allow you to be able to create the right situation for the last key; isolation.

In order to isolate her and have her all to yourself for a while, you first have to let her go mingle again and get sucked back into the crowd. It may seem this is counterproductive at best, but in reality this is the right move and will work to your advantage.

Are You Crazy?

I’m sure by now, if you didn’t already think it, you think I am a bit nuts and should be taken away in the white coat that makes a person hug themselves that I spoke of earlier, but no, in this case I am not actually crazy. Allowing the woman to go back into the fray will give her time to think about what just happened.

“I’ve got the woman all to myself and you want me to release her back to the pack of ravenous dogs?” is certainly the next thought going through your mind, but again the answer is yes. When she starts to think about how she enjoyed the flirting with you, and the way you set it up and spent so much time and energy on just being able to meet her she will be easier for you to get by herself to have your actual conversation.

In fact what is really going to happen is some of the ravenous dogs are going to try and hit on her and buy her drinks or other dumb obvious things, but none of them will have taken the time you took to make sure her attention and thoughts are on them. Why is that? Simply because instead of finding a great way to play a game with the woman, they only have one thing on their mind and no real plan; they are relying on their looks or charm but that won’t do it for them tonight.

Bide Your Time

What are you supposed to do once you have released this fox back to the hounds? You need to appear to still be enjoying the party.  Talk to some other people, another woman or two would not at all be a bad move here, grab a drink or a bite to eat. The reason to talk to other women is to have the woman you have your eye on realize once again that you are in control and desirable and she needs to come to you.

Try not to flirt with these other women, just have some nice conversation, if they are ladies you know already from work or are even relatives that works really well. Tell them a couple of your great stories, especially funny ones. By telling a couple funny stories to these other women, the woman you were flirting with will see you are the center of the group’s attention and making everyone laugh, she will want to know why they are all laughing and find out what story it is you told.