How Do You Know If You’ve Found the One? – 7 Signs

You’ve been dating for a while. You think it might be getting serious. The two of you spend a lot of time together, know each other pretty well, and have a better time together than apart.

But is this it? Have you found “The One”?

Every relationship is different. What makes a person “The One” will vary from one relationship to another, but there are some common signs that what you’ve found is the real deal. If you can answer yes to most of these questions, you may have the person you’ll be spending the future with.

1. Can you talk to her about anything or nothing at all? You tell this person your deepest secrets or a silly cat story without worrying that she’ll think less of you. You can always find something to talk about with this person. You also don’t get bored listening to her. Well, okay, maybe the tenth time she told that story about the matching socks. But you’ll listen anyway because she always listens to your stories even when you’ve told them before.

2. Can you be silent with her? When you’re truly comfortable with someone, you don’t always have to be talking. You can sit in silence without feeling awkward.

3. Does she “get” you? She knows when you’re joking and laughs with you. She can follow your train of thought even if it jumped the track three stations back. She understands that the first scent of fall makes you a little sad, and she knows a hug goes a long way to make you happy again. She knows your sister makes you madder than anyone else on the planet. She knows you love her anyway. She loves her too, because you do.

4. Do you know that she’ll be there for you during, and after, an emergency? One true test of a relationship is how the couple acts when things go wrong. Do you pull together or push each other away? If you’re better able to deal with stress when you’re together, that’s a sign your relationship is strong.

5. Is she as proud of your accomplishments as you are?ÿ”The One” will cheer you on when you do something great, and push you to do better when you’re not at your best. She won’t be threatened or jealous when you succeed. She’ll feel like she’s succeeded, too.

6. Does she make an effort to connect with your family and friends? People who are important to you are important to her, too. She treats your family like family and your friends like friends. You do the same for her. Yes, even her crazy Aunt Sally, the one who knits you cat sweaters at Christmas.

7. Do you miss her when she’s not around? Are you happier with her than when she’s gone?

It’s important to remember that things don’t have to be perfect. You may disagree or need some space from time to time. But if you genuinely feel like you’re a better person when they’re around, and you trust that as you grow, they’ll grow with you, you’ve found your “One.”