How Staring With Your Eyes Can Make Or Break Your Game

When a person shows and interest in you what do they do? Do they sit and stare at you and make you uncomfortable wondering if you have something stuck in your teeth or on your clothes? In fact staring is obviously one way to show interest in another person, but really it’s one of the worst ways you could.

If you sit too long anywhere and stare at someone, sooner or later you might have to have conversation with the boys in blue as to why you seem to be stalking someone. That doesn’t make for a very nice first impression at all.  It would be much better for you to learn the best ways to show interest in a person, and there are quite a few.

Our lovely friends, the “dating doctors” once again might tell you to look at the woman you are interested in and eventually she is going to look back. This much might be true, but what sort of vibe are you putting off by doing this and what sort of feeling are you creating in her?

Try an experiment, go to a café and just stare at people until they leave. If they notice you are staring you probably will see them squirm, look uncomfortable, and even inspect themselves to try and figure out what you are staring at. There is also a chance some people might confront you, or ask the café manager to do so. All of these reactions are unpleasant and not way we are aiming for when we want to spend time and attract a woman.

We are going to cover five ways to show a woman you are interested in them during this next section of the booklet, and hopefully help you see what is appropriate and what is not. These five different ways of expressing interest are: hide, tease, show, touch and look. Each one has its own merits and value and will be useful to you going forward.

Do you see that lovely looking woman over by the food court, well, stop staring at her and start reading how best to show your interest before she has you removed from the shopping center.

Peek A Boo

I know, this is a game we play with infants hiding behind our hands and then showing them our face and saying playfully “peek a boo” expecting them to giggle with delight. It might be a bit juvenile for a men’s advice and dating booklet, but bring the point across. The first part of showing a woman you are interested in her is to hide.

Even as I wrote that line I said to myself, “that sounds stupid” so I’m not surprised if you feel the same way, but give it a chance and let me show you what I’m talking about. What we are discussing during this section is hiding the fact that you are interested in her. What you really are trying to do is get her to be interested in you and there are a few ways to accomplish this.

Of course what you need to understand first of all is getting control of your body language. If you are so off the charts by waving your hands around and can’t keep a straight face, that will be where you need to work first, not try simply hiding your interest. However, if you have pretty good control of your body, facial expressions, and especially those crazy hands of yours, keep on reading and see what is in store for you.

You are going to need a full length mirror and to perform some practice on your own in order to perfect the body language you need in order to send off the right message with your body. Remember, we actually communicate more with our face and body than we do with the words we speak so this will be key to send the right message.

You will want to practice standing with your body facing away from another person. In this case you don’t need to employ the help of your friends or relatives, but just pretend another person is there and stand so that you never actually face them directly at all. You should also pretend to have a conversation with someone else and only address the person you are trying to not face directly when they are speaking.

When you go to the club, or a party, this is exactly what you are going to do, when you are in a group with a woman you feel attracted to. Make sure you never directly face her at all, the more of your back she sees the better. When she does speak, you can respond and turn a little toward her, but turn back away fairly quickly.
The message you are trying to give off by having your body away from her is that you are not interested in her, or she is not your type. In fact, if she confronts you about why you aren’t facing her, go ahead and tell her directly she isn’t your type. This might just get her interest level in you raised up very quickly, especially if she is a really stunning woman.

Once you have successfully given off the message that she isn’t your type, you are also telling her, with your body language that you can do better than her. Nothing makes a woman gain interest faster than thinking there is another woman who can gain a man’s attention better than she can. She will very likely start to show an interest in you instead of you having to pursue her as much and in doing so you will have turned the table on her to where she is actually chasing you.

If you now have this stunningly beautiful woman now chasing you and wanting to talk to you what is your best course of action at this point? Do you hide some more, do you leave the party altogether, or do you actually allow her to catch you? This is the easiest one of all, you let her catch you.

Once you let her catch you and start a conversation, you can employ the methods from the earlier sections to take her somewhere private and have a nice long meaningful “get to know you” conversation that hopefully will end in a kiss.