How To Ask A Girl Out? – 10 Easy Tips For Success

If you don’t know how to ask a girl out, just thinking about it makes you cringe.

Fortunately, there are some very effective tips that will help you avoid these negative feelings and do it ‘right’ virtually every time.

If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life waiting for girls to make the first move, it’s time to take your dating life in your own hands.

Here’s how to kill rejection once and for all.

1. Be aware of your surroundings.

When you’re the one who’s about to ask the question, you have the advantage of planning your move in advance.

Use that time to consider your options. Every location has its own rules, and they may change depending on how well you know the girl.

Try to wait until she’s alone or with a close group of friends, and don’t make her uncomfortable by doing it at a place where she can’t get away. Even if she has no plans of running away, it’s best to approach girls in a relaxed environment.

2. Evaluate your chances.

Sometimes, the girl you’re after might give you some signals that will tell you she’s into you as well. Whether it’s a quick glance you exchanged at the bar or information transferred through friends, it can give you an idea of how likely she is to go out with you.

Feel free to evaluate your chances before talking to her, as long as you don’t let lack of absolute proof hold you back. Even the slightest hint of interest from her is good enough to make a move, especially since you can sneak your question in under the disguise of a friendly chit-chat.

3. Have a conversation.

Don’t just approach the girl and blurt out your intentions. Try to ease into it by making comfortable small talk, joking around and sharing a few good laughs. If it’s your first time seeing each other, you need to get her attention with something that will make her want to see you again.

Maybe the conversation alone won’t change her answer, but at least you won’t catch her off guard and will be in a less awkward position if she declines.

4. Be direct and confident.

It’s fine to approach the subject delicately, but make sure not to confuse her with uncertain signals.

She should be completely aware of your intentions to avoid any possible misunderstandings. If she asks you if it’s going to be a date, answer her truthfully and confidently. That question alone most likely means that she’s interested anyway, so there’s no need for backing out at that point.

5. Know how to take a hint.

Once you’ve actually asked the girl out, you have to respect her answer no matter what it is.

There are numerous different ways in which a girl can say “no” to a date, and almost none of them will include that particular word if she’s kind and polite.

Basically, any excuse or attempt to change the topic on the girl’s part can be considered a definite “no” and you can ease off, possibly exchanging a few more friendly words before going your separate ways.

If she’s interested, you will know by the way she smiles and flirts with you, even if it’s very subtle, so her verbal answer will serve merely as icing on the cake.

6. Have good timing.

You usually don’t want to ask her out at a bad time or when she’s preoccupied with something.

A simple conversation is a great way to find out if she’s busy and drop hints about your intentions so that your question doesn’t catch her by surprise.

7. Find out about her interests.

Even though there’s nothing wrong with deciding right then and there where you two want to go, it’s best to lead your date proposal with some suggestions. If you know a place she likes or have tickets to her favorite band’s concert, this will become much easier.

8. Keep it simple.

You don’t have to plan an amazing dinner at an expensive restaurant or a romantic getaway for your date to be a success. The key to having a good time with a girl is finding a comfortable environment where you two can get to know each other without too many distractions.

9. Don’t back out of it.

Are you having cold feet? Did you pick up hints of her not being interested before you even asked the question? Don’t let that discourage you.

The decision should’ve already been made before you approached her, so you can’t go back on it now. Ask her and see what comes out of it, or you will end up spending hours trying to figure out what she would have said.

10. Prepare for rejection.

One of the most important parts of dealing with fear of rejection is facing it head on. Yes, the girl that you’re asking out on a date with you can say “no”. It’s a real possibility, but there’s no need to blow that scenario out of proportions. It doesn’t mean anything more than the fact that you two are not compatible and wouldn’t have a good time together anyway.

Don’t waste your time trying to prove the opposite and just take one of the hundreds of other dating opportunities that life throws at you. The faster you move on from rejection, the quicker you will go on a date with a girl that’s actually interested in you.

Go ahead and apply these tips, and you’ll slash your rejection rate significantly, and even if you do get turned down, it will not be much of a problem.