How To Frame Your Own Mind Before Making An Approach

When you get ready to have a conversation with a beautiful woman you are going to be best served not only by your new and improved voice and body language, but also by being prepared.  Having a planned way to start you conversation with a woman will bring you ever closer to actually speaking with her.

How should you plan the beginning of your conversation?  What do you need to know and be ready to say when you have the conversation starters ready to go?   You need to figure this out way ahead of time because you certainly don’t want to be the fool who approached the group and went away stuttering and wetting his pants.
Let’s just hope it wouldn’t come to that anyway, but some of the best advice I can give as far as starting and conversation and being prepared is to think, imagine, practice, and act.  These will be the four combinations to open this particular lock; yes in this case you need more than just the one key.

What’s in Your Head?

The first combination to go with this key is to think.  If you find yourself as someone who has to remind yourself to breathe in and breathe out, this step is going to be next to impossible, but for the rest of us it should be pretty simple really.  What you need to do is try and figure out what kind of opening lines you are going to need at the next party or function you attend.

In order to start the old think tank going some research may be in order.  Try and find out as much as you can about the next function you and the woman you seek are going to attend.  Is it going to be a fairly formal party, or will it be a bit more casual, are you going to a function that has a theme or benefit attached to it, all these are pretty important to help you come up with opening lines.

Once you have found out what type of function you and the woman you want to talk to will be attending you need to think of what other people will be wearing.  If it is a more formal affair, everyone will be dressed up in their very best and fanciest attire.  On the other hand if you are attending a casual setting such as a backyard barbeque, most people will be dressed in shorts and t-shirts.

How people are dressed will help determine what you need to think about as far as what kind of compliments will be able to be used.  An example would be if the party is somewhat formal, you will know you can compliment a dress, necklace, shoes, or some other item a woman might be wearing.  On the other hand at a casual affair you might be more inclined to compliment a woman on how comfortable she looks or for doing well during an activity during the party.

You will gain an advantage if the event comes with a theme or supports a cause.  This will make things a bit easier as you can come up with ways to compliment a woman on how well she supported the cause or theme of the party, and if it’s a masquerade or costume party things will suddenly become even simpler for you to come up with great compliments.

With all these scenarios presented to you now it’s time for you to think of some great opening lines, but wait, in order to really be successful with this particular combination to the lock you are going to need to pair it up with our next combination, imagine.