How to Tell If a Girl Is Into You Before You Ever Talk To Her?

Picture this: you’re out at a club or hanging out with some of your friends. A girl catches your eye. You’re interested – but is she? The question of how to tell if a girl is into you is one that confuses guys all over the planet. Luckily, there are signals a girl sends that tells you if you’re on her radar or not.

Let’s start with the pre-approach sign. You see her across the room, and you can tell she’s noticed you. How do you know if she’ll welcome your approach? Most of it comes down to body language. If she’s into you, she’ll do some or all of these things:

-Hold your gaze longer than normal for strangers. Normal manners say that you look at a stranger for a second or two, then look away. Staring is a sign of interest or aggression. So as long as she’s not baring her teeth or holding up a can of mace, there’s a good chance she’s into you if she doesn’t look away after a few seconds.

-Looking down or to the side, then back up at you. This may happen in place of holding your gaze, or it may happen after she’s sure she has your attention. Either way, it’s a classic flirting move.

-Smile. This is obvious, but obvious is a good thing in this situation. If she’s smile at you, she’s at least not telling you to back off. If the smile is combined with holding your gaze, or if she’s smiling while she looks away and then looks back to see if you’re still watching her, she’s definitely interested.

-Brush or flip her hair back away from her neck. This is an almost instinctive gesture. It says “I’m available” by exposing a vulnerable part of her body. It also allows pheromones to be released that attract men.

If you’re seeing those signs, she’d probably welcome you talking to her. Once you’ve started the conversation, you’ll see the same kinds of body language and more if she’s interested. She’s also likely to:

-Lean forward a little when you’re talking. This is basic body language that shows you’re interested in someone.

-Keep her eyes on you. Again, if you’re interested in someone, you’ll pay attention to them when they talk. If they’re boring you, you’ll look around for a distraction. If her eyes stay mostly on your face, she’s got some interest in you.

-Laugh at your jokes. One way women communicate interest is by laughing at a man’s jokes. If she’s not interested, she won’t find him funny at all.

-Mirror your actions. This is subtle, so you have to watch for it. If you take a drink and she takes one too, or you touch your hair and she touches hers, that’s mirroring. It’s a classic attraction behavior that men and women both use.

-Remember things you’ve said, including your name. As the conversation progresses, notice if she brings up something you told her a while ago or says your name more than once. If she does, that’s a sign that she thinks you’re worth paying attention to.

As the conversation ends, it’s time to try the ultimate test of whether she’s into you. Ask for her number. If she’s attracted to you, she’ll give you some way to get in contact with her again. Make sure you follow up in the next few days to keep the attraction building.

Even though reading a woman’s signals can be confusing, knowing the signs of attraction will help you to figuring out if she’s interested in you. By watching body language and how she talks to you, you can quickly figure out if an attraction is building between you.