Is Flirting A Two Way Street?

It is very likely while you are teasing and complimenting her, being as flirtatious as you can be she will also begin to do the same with you.  She may or may not have worked the room as you did, and quite honestly you probably were not the first man she targeted so her flirting might be a bit less prepared than yours. How could she be prepared, she didn’t have the information contained in these pages, so make sure you even tease her about her ability to flirt, or lack thereof.

What I am getting at really here though is you will have her giving you little insults and hopefully compliments as well, be prepared to take the insults in stride and laugh at them. With the compliments give a genuine thank you, don’t shake it off like it isn’t true, sometimes the hardest thing for a person to do is compliment another so be gracious about it.

The bottom line here is to have some fun, a good back and forth banter between the two of you which should lead us directly into our next section if you play your cards right. If you don’t, and your insults have landed you back at home with a bag of frozen vegetables on your once proud family jewels, you will simply need to hone your skills and read the signs better next time.

Of course if you do end up having gone too far and excused from the event, it will most likely be a long time before you are invited to any such function again. With that in mind you will need to do two things, work on your skills, and find a different woman to go after.

On the other hand, if you were completely successful all around, it’s time to finally move on to the very last key to success, isolate. Sit back, relax, and read on to see what you now need to do to actually have the conversation you have been trying to have all night.