Is Having My Own Car Essential In Dating Successfully?

I would imagine if you are able to go to events, functions, and parties you own a vehicle of some sort. If not, you can skip this part for now, but if you do, I am not going to tell you to go buy a sports car to impress the young lady, but I am going to tell you it is very important to have a clean vehicle.

Any woman, although if you have a sports car it helps, is not so much going to be impressed by what kind of car you drive, but more by how you take care of that car. Think of it this way, if you take care of yourself, you show pride in your own appearance, but can you take care of something else or someone else?

Many women, whether they want to admit it or not, would love to have a man who can take care of them, not only financially, but also have pride in the woman and who she is, what she does, help maintain her a bit, and they can see this in your vehicle. In this case it truly does not matter if the only vehicle you have is your work truck for your construction job, what matters is, how does it run, and is it clean.

This should be easy enough for you to take care of, part of the preparation for this event needs to include a good wash and clean out of the vehicle prior to heading to the party. Make sure along the way you have kept up with the maintenance and it sounds like it is running very nicely.

Obviously we are assuming your intended target has agreed to ride in your vehicle, so really do you want her riding in a mess?  Simply get it clean, keep in maintained, and make sure the gas tank is full. All three of these things will help show her you can take care of something other than just yourself, and this will make her feel a bit more secure with you.

Now you are physically ready to go to your party, event, function, or whatever has been planned where you can hopefully make a connection with the lady who caught your eye at the first party, or maybe a different lady, who knows. Either way, you are ready, you have a fresh haircut, have shaved or trimmed your beard, the suit is in the closet ready to go with your new ring or watch on the dresser, you found your crazy item to start the conversation, and you have a clean car with a full tank of gas, so let’s get to that party.

Hold on a bit there, just wait a minute. Just because you are prepared to go to the party doesn’t mean you know what to do. Remember last time, you were that wall flower with sweaty palms, how are you going to make sure that doesn’t happen again? What can you do to ensure your will come off confident and charming instead of stupid and babbling?