Make Your Move And Go For The Close Or You Will Be Filled With Regret

The final step to playing the game and by now I certainly hope you can see how much of a game this really is will be to close the deal. If this game has so far gotten your head spinning and in need of some headache medicine, maybe you should consider setting your bar much lower, like maybe you need to stay home and watch game shows with your mother on TV.

However, if that does not sound appealing to you at all, there are couple different ways you are going to be able to close the deal and at the very least set a date to go out with this lovely young woman who you have had your eye on for so long. The first possibility is you will approach her to have a second conversation with her.

In this instance, if your first conversation was a one on one interaction, or you simply spent some time dancing on the dance floor with her, you can invite her to sit down at a table with you, or to a quieter place at the party and start to have a great conversation. Now it is time to allow her to get to know you, talk about your interests, ask her about hers, and be certain not to monopolize the conversation.

If she wants to do a lot of the talking, let her, the fact that a woman wants to talk and let you know a lot about her is great, that means she trusts you and feels comfortable with you at this point. Make sure you pay close attention to what she is saying so you can properly respond to her questions or comments, and have a great time enjoying the conversation.

On the other hand, if your first conversation with her was in a group setting, wait until the group has disbanded so you can speak with her alone. The same rules apply, invite her to sit down or go somewhere a little quieter to talk, and have a great time talking and getting to know each other.

One word of caution though, when I say somewhere a bit quieter, doesn’t mean take her into a room all by herself. When you do this all of a sudden all her guards will go up and she might think you are only there to get her alone and do vile things to her, not a thought you want in her head at all.

Be sure when you do go somewhere a little quieter, or to a table with just the two of you, that you are still within view of other party guests, and make sure your body language is very relaxed and comfortable. If there is dancing, you can at this point ask her to dance to a slow or face paced song, it really doesn’t matter at this point, she is already trusting you enough to be somewhat alone with you.

The ideal scenario for starting the second conversation with the gorgeous young lady would be if she actually pursued you. This really isn’t quite as likely as the first two, however still very much a possibility. If she does come after you to spend more time with you, approach this the same way as before, but allow her to take the lead.

Many times it is very difficult for a woman to be forward with a man, especially beautiful women are used to having men pursue them and being the object of attraction, but if you have made such a great impression she wants to come after you, let her do so. It can actually be a lot of fun to be the one that is chased and not doing the chasing for once as well, so enjoy it.

Finally, once you have both enjoyed each other’s company, make sure you try to set a date to go out on later in the week or month. Once a date has been set, it is ok to part ways and enjoy your friends and group, or it may even be time to go home for the evening, but either way you have found a way to gain the attention and an actual date with the woman you have had your eye on.

In only a few cases and this is something you will have to play by feel or listen to her carefully, she might ask you to give her a ride home after the party, good thing you had the car cleaned before coming out. She might otherwise ask you to escort her to her home if she lives in walking distance, which can be very nice and romantic.

Not matter what, if either scenario a ride or walk home, takes place, it really needs to be her idea and up to her to initiate. It is very important to a woman to feel as if she is in control of what is taking place and not feel coerced or forced into any actions at all. Because of this, you must continue to read her body language, and listen carefully to whatever she says to you so you can properly respond to her.

Once again, you can obviously see why this section was called Playing the Game, it has been a game of cat and mouse played together with one goal in mind for you and that was to get her attention and hopefully a date.