Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In The Game Of Dating

You know what a lot of systems that don’t work to get you laid have in common? They all talk about how to approach a woman. In fact, they give you lines to memorize that you’re supposed to parrot back to a woman.

These lines backfire and you end up going home alone – yet again. In fact, you should throw out any lines that you’ve learned about approaching women. They’re not working for you and you need something that works that’s a natural method.

The most natural method in the world is important because women accept or reject a man based on how he conducts his approach. Pick up lines don’t work because you can bet that she’s heard it all before – especially if she’s on the hot end of the scale.

And by the way, guys, she should be on the hot end of the scale. Don’t settle because you really don’t have to. Another reason that pick up lines don’t work is that they’re usually someone else’s words.

It’s not something that you’d normally say and because the words aren’t normally something you’d say, they come across like you’re a used car salesman hoping to close a deal.

She picks up on that, she walks away and you strike out. You might not know that your chances of getting sex from a woman is less than ten percent because of something you’ve verbally said.

Believe it or not, what women pay attention to more than anything is body language. She’s reading you and she understands what you’re not saying as much as what you are saying with your body.

The problem with a woman ensues because most men have no idea how to read a woman’s body language in return and it’s important that you grasp it. The reason that it’s important is because this is the gate that opens the door to let you in places where you want to be.

If you can’t find the door, you certainly can’t knock on it. A woman uses body language to express interest and she reads your body language to see if you’re someone worth being interested in.

You might have heard of or even taken a course that teaches what to look for when it comes to a woman’s body language. These signs might include the way that she angles her body so that it’s facing you.

The way that she touches her hair or her lips or her face is something else that men are taught to look out for that means a woman is showing interest. A woman smiling means she’s showing interest is something that’s taught in many courses for men when it comes to getting laid.

But think about something for a minute. The women that you run into during the course of the day, the woman working at the bank, the woman working at the grocery store – just because they’re smiling at you, doesn’t mean they’re interested.

They’re just showing friendliness because it’s part of their job to be polite. What all of this means is that you can’t rely on certain body language movements as a definitive invitation to pursue that woman into bed.

You have to stop wondering, stop guessing about the ways that women send out signals. There are other, clearer methods that you need to learn that take the guesswork out of knowing whether or not a woman is interest.

There are clues that you need to know. One of the clues about women has nothing to do with women. That sounds strange, but it’s true. It has to do with you.

But you can learn how to use body language to your advantage. You do this by letting them be sexual triggers. For example, did you know that if you allow your gaze to drop to a woman’s lips and you let her see your gaze drop, that it causes her emotional mind to immediately jump to the idea of having sex with you?

It does, but you have to have the confidence to even get to this point.