Planning To Approach Women With The Best Chance Of Success

How do you plan an approach? All this preparation, practice and now it’s time for the big game, you must enter with a great game plan. In order to do just that, you need to know what you should not do as much as what you should do. On the playing field, you learn how to avoid the other team’s best player, or where to hit the ball, this isn’t a whole lot different, so here is what you need to avoid.

You don’t want to appear to be any kind of threat. This means when you get to the party or event you are going to have to work your way around the room before you ever approach your intended target. Certainly you were invited by people you know so make sure you talk to them, be sure to thank your host or hostess, and sample the buffet and the drink bar a bit.

If you go to the function and bolt right toward the lovely woman who you wanted to meet since the last party, and appear to be an overaggressive, hungry lion, intent on mating in a very aggressive fashion, not only is she going to turn you down, chances are your host or hostess might escort you to the door rather abruptly and very physically. This is not what we want to happen at all.

For this reason, ease into the party, take your time, be patient, and while doing so, read the people around you. Enjoy the folks you know and even strike up a few conversations with other people so you may get a few new friends or business contacts. All this time, watch, without staring, the body language of the woman you are there to try and meet.

The next thing you need to avoid is approaching her from behind. That is and can be threatening to anyone, especially a woman, and in most cases the only person who should approach any woman from behind is her boyfriend spouse or a close personal friend. The best way to avoid this and continue to be non-threatening is to approach her from where she can see you but maybe not directly.

The last avoidance you must engage is to make sure you have a plan as to what you are going to say when you actually meet the woman you have had your eye on. What question are you going to ask her, how are you going to ask, what if your question sounds stupid or you start to stutter?

Get back out from under your bed, it really isn’t that bad. There is again an easy way to take care of this problem, make sure you have a list of possible questions you might want to ask. Remember all your practice with small talk, same situation here; you are going to start with some small talk when you meet her.

While you are “working the room” really in your case just going around the room waiting for the right time to approach your intended target, you should try and figure out what the best question you can ask her is. If you see that there are a lot of people dancing, maybe you ask her to dance, but after you get to talk to her for a little bit, or if everyone is sitting at tables and just enjoying the conversations with each other, you will attempt to join her table.

No matter what your approach needs to be, you have time while you are going around the room talking to your friends and acquaintances, to figure out what the correct approach you should use. This will actually boost your confidence and should make it easier to make your actual approach.