Play Possible Scenarios In your Head To Prepare Your Game

How do you get yourself to the head of the pack and stay there? What do you need to do in order to catch her attention and make sure she isn’t searching somewhere else for someone else? That is really the trick here isn’t it, you want her attention to be on you, while you ensure she won’t be looking anywhere else.

With this in mind you must understand it will be extremely important you give her a first impression she will remember, and one that makes her wanting more from you. Your goofy prop item is there to help you do some of that, although, this item should bring you some attention throughout the room and not just with her.

Remember, at this point you have planned your approach, you have your list of questions you might be able to go up to her and ask, and have it narrowed down to just a few rather than a list that would give the book War and Peace a run for its money. You have also worked the room and scouted out how she is mingling with other guests, so now a few more questions.

Who is she mingling with? Does she seem to be staying with one group, especially of women, or is she working the room as well, like you did, talking to everyone in the room a bit, but not staying with one or two people for very long? Does she seem to be having a good time, or appear to be bored? Remember you studied body language, what does hers say to you?

All of these questions and knowing how she is feeling at the party are going to help you when you actually make your approach and are ready to actually engage your target and move in for the kill. Well, let’s not call it a kill, how about when you move in and start a conversation with her, remember that is ultimately the goal tonight anyway.

The (Much Needed) Scenarios

Let’s spend some time setting up a few scenarios for you and allow you to think how you might handle them along with the why or why not to take certain actions. It will be like taking an open book test, you will have the answers and when you add this to your already hefty arsenal of weapons; she simply won’t stand a chance when you finally make your move.

In our first scenario, the woman you have your eye on moved to the buffet line and starts selecting a nice plate of food and a drink.  You decide this is a great time to go up and meet her for the first time and you get into the line right next to her, not approaching from behind, because we no better than to do that, and start to select a few items. You choose to accidentally on purpose reach for the same dish that she is reaching for and what happens?

If you and her are both reaching for the same dish, the best thing to do in this case is to excuse yourself and let her get at the dish first, when you do excuse yourself, be sure to smile and keep eye contact. Maybe you could say some lame joke like “great minds think alike” or compliment the dish itself saying how tasty it appears to be.

It is possible you might have time to make an actual introduction, she is in the line next to you and the two of you can move through the line and chat just a bit. If you do get to make your introduction and compliment her on something she is wearing or her hair, don’t follow her to her table after the conversation.

Why not follow her to her table or group of friends, wasn’t that the idea anyway? Not just yet. First of all, you have just accomplished two things when chatting her up in the buffet line. The first thing you were able to accomplish in line was to talk to her over your shoulder, not directly face to face, which ensures she feels you are not there to bother her, just to get a bit of food to eat.

The second accomplishment with the actions you have just taken is much more important and so subtly simple it’s almost in need of a Staples Easy Button. You just showed her you aren’t really interested in her; that your interests are completely different than just in her for this event and she was just someone you met in line.

Because you used this approach to her and you were able to leave her at the buffet after chatting her up a bit, she is going to be more interested in you. Besides, she has to find out why you are wearing a cowboy hat at a dressy party, or why you are wearing sunglasses at night, do you get the point? She has to ask about the crazy, goofy gadget you chose to wear out in front of everyone at this party, you have piqued her interest.

You may not feel as if you have accomplished your task with this scenario, but the reality is you have done so more than if you walked up to her and dragged her off to your white work van and stuffed her in the back drugged and bound. Besides, you want her to choose you freely, not have to be forced, and I’m pretty sure the drugged and bound scene will get you a date in prison rather than the one you actually want.

In our next scenario, let’s pretend she is at the bar, by herself, holding her drink and looking pretty bored. No one is actually talking to her so you decide it’s time to make your move. She is facing you directly at this point, even though she isn’t looking right at you, how do you make your move and do it right?

In this case you need to first make sure your path doesn’t take you directly in front of her, but rather come in from the side, where she can still see you coming, but doesn’t really think anything of it. If you have ever taken a walk at night and seen how a rabbit will run off if it sees you walking directly towards it, but not as much if you approach from behind, this is similar, but I doubt the woman is going to run off into the woods.

Once you get to the bar and are standing next to her, order a drink, even if you don’t really want a drink order one anyway to show the only intention you had coming up to the bar was to get a fresh drink. This will send her the signal to start with you had no intention of meeting up with her on purpose.

Because you have previously worked the room, you should have noticed if she was wearing a watch, or maybe she smokes, or maybe some other useful piece of information. To get your ice breaker going and start your conversation, you can ask her the time if she has on a nice watch, or ask if she has a light if you noticed she smokes.

Be sure if your piece of jewelry you chose to go with your dashing suit was a watch, you don’t ask her the time. This just makes you look really stupid and will turn her off quickly. The point is, find a way to start the conversation by asking for assistance with something. You could even ask her what her drink is and order the same saying it really looked like a tasty drink and you wanted to try one.

After getting your ice breaker out, make sure you introduce yourself, but do so just with you head, don’t completely turn your whole body, just turning your head and making good eye contact with a nice smile. This will give her the impression you have someone else to go talk to once you have your drink in hand.

Go ahead and have a nice conversation with some small talk, compliment her hair, or her smile, or something else that is pretty obvious. If you did order the same drink she did, take a sip and let her know what you think of it. If you don’t like it, be honest about it, but not brutally so, however, if you really like it, let her know that as well.

After a bit of small talk and once you have your drink, simply walk away. Go find a friend to talk to or maybe even your host or hostess.  Either way you want to walk away from her at this point and make her want to come after you and talk to you more.

With this scenario, you again accomplished both of the items from the first scenario, you talked to her indirectly over your shoulder which shows her you don’t have any intentions for her, and you walked away after some small talk leaving her wanting more. In this case we actually accomplished one more item, with letting her know you weren’t there to get sex from her, just a drink at the bar.

In both of the previous scenarios, you had to wait or hope she would be alone, but really we are at a function, event or party, and if she caught your eye, most likely she won’t be alone. She will probably be with friends, in a group, or getting some attention from other men and how you approach her is going to be even more important.