Preparation Is Essential Whether You Are A Newbie Or Dating God

Preparation in any facet of our lives is really the key to success. Great athletes are born with talent and gifts, but most work tirelessly long hours in a gym or on the practice field to hone their skills so when game day arrives, they can perform at their very best. The same goes for businessmen, they have to work for years, trial and error, deals that work and don’t work to learn what the best approach is so they can get the big deals and make more money.

Just as the athlete isn’t born great, and the businessman isn’t born successful, neither is anyone else just born ready for any part of their lives. We all must work at every part of life in order to find the success or dream we are trying to accomplish. In the case of our subject today, that is simply winning the favor and desire of a beautiful woman.

As the old saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but the reality is there are some people who simply stand out with physical beauty and confidence in their appearance and personality more than others. Those people are a small minority of the world and believe me, they have serious insecurities just the same as you and I do.

It would amaze many people to find out how many super models think they are fat, or look at their face and don’t see a perfect symmetry the modeling agency hired them for. Or on the other hand, review the statistics of Hollywood stars that kill themselves, or go on depression riddled binges of alcohol and drugs. Here are highly successful people, acting out their insecurities.

I digress however, the point is we are all human and all have a need for attention from someone we are attracted to. It doesn’t always have to be a physical attraction, you may have many friends who you hang out with and go places, you are attracted to them by a common bond, whether it is similar interests or competition, and you share time because of that attraction.

This is what we are after in this booklet. But first, the preparation, how do you prepare yourself to go back to that party and actually walk up to the girl who is an absolute ten and start a conversation? That is where it has to begin, with a conversation. Unless you are one who enjoys blind dates, most don’t, you will not be going to a woman asking her to have your babies expecting any type of positive reaction.

How do we get you prepared to win over that gorgeous woman who you want to get to know much better?