Talking and Flirting To Get Laid – Is it just theory?

We’ve all seen an example of the smooth operator who can bang any girl he wants. He’s got them all panting after him. Homely girls, hot girls – they all want him.

These kinds of guys seem to have been born with the ability of knowing exactly how to talk to women. They know what to say to have a never-ending line of girls to have sex with.

The rest of us are pretty inept when it comes to women. We don’t know the right way to talk to them or flirt with them much less get them to want to jump into bed with us.

Unlike the smooth operator, the average man struggles when it comes to socializing with women. The reason is because we work on different psychological levels.

A woman looks at a man and she’s wondering if he’ll be a good partner or a good father if they have any children. Meanwhile, he’s looking at her and wondering if he can get her into bed, how soon and if she’d be any good at it.

It’s just the way the sexes are wired, so it’s no wonder that there’s this communication divide that women complain about. We just operate on two separate levels.

Unfortunately, because we’re not given the ability to communicate effectively with women at birth, we lack the polish we need to have when it comes to interacting with women.

That’s bad – because it means we screw up, often right at the beginning of a conversation with a woman – and we nix our chances of getting laid. There are some common mistakes that guys make when talking to women.

You have to avoid these, but besides avoiding the mistakes, you have to know how to talk to them – and there is a technique for that. Men tend to talk fast, especially when they’re interested in a woman and they want to get her into bed.

It’s the hope and excitement that makes a guy tend to run off at the mouth. This is our sales approach and we talk fast because we’re trying to impress her. Talking fast backfires because what happens is the guy comes across as too overeager and the woman is thinking he’s too eager, so he must be anxious because he’s not getting any.

If he’s not getting any, it means other women don’t want it – which means there must be something wrong with him – that’s what’s going on in a woman’s mind when a man is talking too fast.

Another way that a guy screws up when talking to a woman is he focuses the conversation on himself. Again, he’s just trying to impress her so that he can get her into bed.

But the woman is thinking about what a self-centered, boring guy he is and she’s wondering how to make an excuse and slip away. You have to learn how to talk and flirt with women in a way that paves the way to get them into your bed.