The Best Way To Conquer Your Fear Of Women

Are you a shut in?  Do you hide under the bed at the thought of having to talk to another person?  If so, seek professional help, the articles in this website won’t help you at all, you need a nice soft spoken person with a notepad and comfy couch that call themselves doctor.  However, if you generally don’t mind talking to others, but simply have trouble starting and keeping conversation with women, you will find help here.

Having a conversation with a woman is very possibly the most mind boggling activity any man can attempt.  The reason is simple really, women are simply wired completely differently than we are.  Add to that the way they get themselves dolled up, dressed up, and spray on some perfume and the most eloquent man will become a blubbering idiot.

Because women will come out in public armed to the teeth to not only attract the men all around them, but also make men putty in their hands, we men must find a way to stick together and make sure we all are able to talk to women when it’s our turn.  Where do you think the term “wingman” came from, it wasn’t simply a reference made in the movie Top Gun to describe the other pilot, but rather that extra guy there to help you get the girl.

However, if you are not a fan of having another man to help you, or if you have tried to use a wingman in the past and the wingman actually got the girl instead of you (this is called the classic cock block) you might be better off by yourself, but how?  How are we going to turn a blubbering, stuttering fool into a smooth and sophisticated man of the world who can talk to women and hold the conversation?

One of the first steps to correcting this problem will be to expel the fear factor.  I’m not talking about the TV show where you have to put your hand or other body part in a vat full of creepy crawly vermin, but it really is about the same thing.  In this case however, the creepy crawly vermin is the beautiful, sexy woman whom you would like to be able to talk to, but are afraid to do so.

The best way to conquer your fear of women is going to be to learn how you need to control yourself and your mannerisms to give you confidence and the ability to directly approach a woman and speak to her.  There are simply several parts to a conversation with anyone, especially a woman that you need to know how to be aware of and master so that you are ready to go.

Because there are so many parts to being able to actually have a simple conversation with a woman we are going to call them our seven keys to success.  I know it sounds cliché, and I might be stealing a line from a motivational book, but the simple reality is these seven items will make it possible for you to be able to speak to women and know they are responding to you in a positive manner.

The seven keys will be voice, body language, starting line, value, exclude, notice, and isolate.  You will have to learn a lot about how best to start and keep a conversation, regardless of what you look like, if you have the confidence you need and have your fears put aside you will be successful.