The Direct Relation Between Confidence And Body Language

Body language is something people always talk about, but few go the trouble to learn. With women, it’s extremely important – not just in how you project your body to her, but in how you’re able to read her own body language and the signals she’s giving you.

You have to learn how to read the non verbal (body) language a woman has. Every time you talk to a woman, she’s not simply using verbal communication. She’s throwing off silent clues left and right – and it’s up to you to pick up on those to make your next move.

It’s easy to tell when a woman is angry simply by checking out her body language. If she’s got her hands on her hips, her eyes are narrowed and her mouth is drawn into a thin line, those are all good indicators about what’s going on with her emotionally.

In The Tao of Badass, the author (Joshua Pellicer), introduces you to an entire system of reading her body language – so that you can instantly tell which of you is dominant,

You’re going to be studying his lessons on eye contact, the way she sits, the way she talks, and the way she walks. All of these provide subtle insight into what kind of thoughts are going through her mind so that you can easily provide what she needs to hear (and see) from you to make a connection.

Pay attention to barrier body language. Barrier body language usually means she’s not receptive to the conversation. An example of barrier body language would be when a woman crosses her arms in front of her chest. It’s her way of saying she’s not interested, she’s upset and back off.

Body language will often say what she won’t verbally express. You have to remember though, just as you can learn to read her body language, she can read yours, too.

A woman reads a man’s body language through the way he crowds her – or doesn’t – and by the way he stands, sits and walks. You’ll want to avoid standing, sitting or walking in such a way that it makes you come across as wanting to fill a submissive place in the relationship.

Knowing how to read and understand a woman’s body language is what Tao of Badass can teach you. But knowing how to project your own body language is just as important and the guide covers that, too – as well as how to move in a way that commands the attention and respect you need as a man.

Don’t assume you know anything about body language – like simple hair flipping flirty stuff that’s common knowledge. Josh goes into some specific cues you won’t have heard about – that will blow your mind when you see how specific women are getting with their body just to invite or rebuff you in an instant!