The Perfect Gift To Get A Girl For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is like the Super Bowl of gift-giving holidays if you’re in a relationship. You have one chance to win or lose. It all comes down to one thing: did you get the perfect gift?ÿ

The good news is, you’re not alone. Guys all over the world are wondering what to get their girl for Valentine’s Day. They’re feeling the same pressure you are to get it right. But you have a better chance of getting that touchdown because you’re reading this article with tips on how to find the perfect gift.ÿ

One thing to keep in mind: girls communicate differently than guys. To a guy, a gift is a cool thing you give someone and hopefully they enjoy it. To a girl, it’s a statement of where you are in the relationship. They can and will read an entire novel into what you thought was a simple present. Getting the right gift for the stage your relationship is in will help make sure Valentine’s Day is happy for both of you.

A few rules of thumb to follow: women like thoughtful gifts. If it took you a little bit of time or effort to get or make the gift, she’ll appreciate it more. Practical gifts aren’t usually the best for Valentine’s Day. Yes, she might actually need a tire pump for her car. That doesn’t mean she’s going to appreciate one on what’s supposed to be a romantic holiday. Or, if you know her well enough to be sure that she truly does prefer a practical gift, include a card with a message you wrote or some flowers to give the gift that romantic feel.

Here are some more ideas based on where you’re at in your relationship:

It’s all new:ÿYou just started dating, you’re still deciding if this thing is going anywhere, and you’re wanting to keep things casual. At the same time, you want a gift that she’ll really like, something a few steps up from a scented air freshener for her car. Try giving her:

-A CD (or downloadable album) by an artist she likes. If you’re not sure about her taste, listen to some music while she’s around, mention that you love/hate a song that comes on, and use that to lead into what she likes.

-A scented candle in a scent she likes. Again, you can do some recon by walking through a candle aisle in a store when she’s with you. Mention one of the scents (for example, if you see one that’s a food scent, like apple, cinnamon, etc. you can say it’s making you hungry). Steer the conversation to which ones she likes. This is also a good way to make sure she’s not allergic!

-Chocolate or other Valentine’s treats like small stuffed animals, etc.


It’s getting more serious:ÿYou’re at the boyfriend/girlfriend stage. You’re definitely feeling things for each other. You’re not anywhere near ready for commitment yet, but you can handle going steady. You want a gift that makes her feel special and lets her know you care. You might get her:

-A romantic dinner. This could be something you cook yourself (remember, effort counts) or something at a nice restaurant.

-Some earrings/a necklace/a bracelet (if you want it more romantic, go for more elegant jewelry, possibly with a heart theme. If you want it more casual, go for more fun jewelry and avoid the hearts.)

-Some perfume in “her scent”.

Committed to each other:ÿYep, she’s yours, you’re hers, and you want a gift that shows how much you love her. You might get her:ÿ

-A romantic dinner. Yes, this was in the previous section, too, but a Valentine’s Day date is a pretty common way for couples to spend the holiday.

-Sexy lingerie (if you know she’d be comfortable with it).

-A gift card for a spa day or other activity she’d enjoy.

-Jewelry, but go for the more romantic choices, such as heart charms, her birthstone, or a charm that’s symbolic of your relationship in some way.

-A more personal gift like leaving love-notes where she’ll find them all day or recreating your first date (or any important and romantic moment in your history).

While it’s important to get the right balance between casual and personal based on where your relationship is at, you can’t go wrong by doing something thoughtful or including a card with a message you took the time to write. If your gift shows you were thinking about her, you’ll both be the winner on Valentine’s Day.