What Do I Do If I Can Tell She Likes Me?

Now, I am going to ask you to do a few things to have you trying to manipulate the situation in your favor, put certain feelings into the woman’s head and make it seem to her like you are more in control of the situation than you really are. Everything you have read so far will be extremely useful as you go down the road to exclude, notice, and isolate as your last keys to success.

If at this point you don’t feel you have mastered body language, go back and read that part again, because you are going to be asked to read the body language of the people around you more than yourself going forward.

Also, make sure you are very aware of what the feelings you will be trying to create will be as you work your way from the shadow in the corner to the life of the group and eventually having the ability to engage the woman you want to talk to in a conversation between just the two of you.

In addition to creating a certain set of feelings in the woman, you will need to spend some time with other groups just observing prior to engaging in the next three parts of the booklet so you know when the timing will be right.

I say this because when you are about to exclude the woman from your interests or conversation, your goal is to get her chasing after you, when she does this the next move is to show her you have noticed her. How are you going to be able to pull that off if you haven’t spent any time doing it yet?

What you need to do prior to ever going into the exclude portion of the evening is to work the room. You have to arrive, thank your hosts, get a couple drinks, maybe a few light snacks, and engage in conversation with several groups of people. While you are doing all this meeting and greeting you need to notice the woman you have your eye on and see what she is like.

Does she seem to lead a conversation in her group, does she seem to have lots of people migrating toward her, or is she a bit more shy and maybe seems to be a quiet person who listens to others but doesn’t necessarily say a lot unless she feels she needs to input?

After your careful observation, and having a good character based compliment ready to give to her, it is time to get on with the exclusion part of the evening, so let’s press on and learn a bit more about how else to make this conversation get going.

Actually, I do have one more bit of information while you are working the room. Remember the last key to success is called isolate, meaning you are going to need to get the woman alone with you to have the conversation you have so much desired since arrival. In order to do this smoothly and without having to find a ton of different places to do this you need to scope out the surroundings while you work the room.

Are there a lot of tables away from the main area where you could sit and talk and get to know one another without being bothered, or are there some quiet rooms not too far away from the crowd to take her as well? As a last option, how would about if you go outside, can you still see the party from outside and be able to continue to feel like part of the group?

Answer these questions and figure out where you plan to isolate the two of you for your conversation so you can be completely prepared when the time comes.