What Does Women Don’t Want?

I hate to tell you this, because you might have always thought something was true – ever since you hit puberty. This belief is made up of four lies. Not that this is your fault for believing any of these lies because the media hypes it in almost every magazine that you’ll see.

This lie is also taught in movies, and in television shows. Since seeing is believing, the majority of men have fallen for it and in turn have cut their chances of closing the deal with the hot women they want.

The first thing that women don’t require is a man with money. You’ll see this lie almost everywhere you turn. There’s an unspoken belief that money equals success with women.

While money certainly does equal a certain amount of financial success, it doesn’t translate into getting laid as much as you want with as many different women as you’d like to sleep with.

Surprisingly, despite all of the gold-digger jokes, the majority of women – especially the ones that are toned, tanned and stacked, don’t care about money. The emotional part of their brain does not link money and sex.

Before you roll your eyes and think, “Yeah, right…” consider how many financial disasters get hot women. There all sorts of guys who don’t dress well who you see picking up girls all the time. They have something you haven’t found yet – but it’s not a fat wallet.

The second thing that women don’t require are men that are muscled up and beefy looking. Check out any blockbuster film and you’ll see this lie being presented time and time again.

If you want that hot women, you have to step it up at the gym. You have to have the body of a superhero – that’s what these lies tell the average guy. And that’s all it is.

A lie.

The average man can beat out the muscle man every time if he just knows the system that works to make a woman want him rather than that muscular guy. And if you doubt that it’s a lie, think about the scrawny guys you see dating hot ladies. Oh, you probably assumed (wrongly) that they must be rich instead. Nope!

With all of the advertisements to “fix” this next thing women don’t require, you’d think that surely the mass market knows a woman’s mind. But this is a lie, too. This is an area where the media is playing into a man’s insecurity over this issue.

It’s not an issue for women when it comes to wanting to have sex with you. That belief is about hair. You might have believed for years that women want men with a full head of hair.

You believed that men who are losing their hair or going bald don’t have a chance with the women they want to sleep with. But you’ve bought into that line long enough.

The truth is that women think bald is sexy. They like men with the chrome dome. Take a look at men with bald heads and see just who they have hanging on their arms and you’ll see that baldness has nothing to do with attracting a woman.

In fact, some studies have shown that if you are balding or bald, your chances of getting sex are better than those of a man with a full head of hair. It can give you a real badass, strong look if you run with it!

The fourth lie you might have bought into has to deal with the way that a man looks. Again, this is a lie that the media has latched onto and run with – that in order to have women, you have to look a certain way.

You need to be handsome for a woman to want you – that is one of the biggest lies that’s out there. Ever see a hot woman with a guy that looks like he was smacked in the face with a double dose of ugly?

That right there is your proof that woman don’t choose the handsome man any more than they do the man who’s not that good looking. So then what’s going on with you?

Why is it that women aren’t flocking to you and giving it up? The reason is because you’re making the same mistakes that a lot of men who aren’t getting laid are making.