What If She Likes Me But Has A Boyfriend?

Generally speaking, women are more devoted to their partners compared to men.

So it must really be telling when one likes you but is still in a relationship.

There are some big reasons why a woman can allow herself to fall for you even though she has a boyfriend.

1) Her relationship is too boring

2) Her boyfriend is too boring

3) She honestly feels that she deserves a better man and will in fact end up with one

4) The relationship started at a time when all she wanted was a companion

5) Her boyfriend is abusive

6) Her boyfriend is having an affair

7) She has decided to break up and move on long ago and just waiting for new guy to show up

8) You are just too attractive physically, financially, or socially

No matter what the reason is, you have to make the decision to go for it or not.

At this stage, the ball is really in your court.

But remember that going for it can mean a number little headaches for yourself.

Some of these include confrontations with the boyfriend, emotional instability of the girl, living with guilt, or even worst living with her guilt. In mind of these potential banana skins, there are always 2 criteria that you have to access before making your decision to go for the kill.

1) Is she really worth it?

If you do not see a long term future with this girl and only want a quick couple of lays, the adult thing to do is to leave her alone.

Destroying other people’s relationships for your own sexual needs, ego boost and bragging rights is just not right.

Even if your previous girlfriend was stolen from you, it does not mean that you can get even by doing it to someone else.

But of course, if she is an exceptional woman and you think this is your one chance to get a woman of such quality in your life, you might just want to go for it.

2) Is the boyfriend treating her well?

Needless to say, a physically abusive boyfriend is something everyone should look down upon.

Many times, boyfriends are really decent people. Just that they are too boring and does not really add any value to the girl’s life.

She knows it, he knows it, and now you know it. In these cases, many boyfriends will let their girlfriends go willingly as they know that it is inevitable that the relationship will end.

Relationships come and go. It is just the way it is.

There is no need to feel guilty about anything. When she likes you but has a boyfriend, it is very clear that a decision has to be made by both of you.

This is a time where you can be frank and discuss your concerns since she has already indicated to you that she is into you.

The important thing is to make that decision and follow through on it whether it is one decision or the other.

If you are lucky she will end the relationship herself without even informing you and you will find that tomorrow is going to be one that you will remember for a while.